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Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/11/2019

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23 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/11/2019

  1. Started cut a few days ago and already down ~5 lbs. i know its all water weight and not a good indicator for how the rest of it will go, but let me dream in bliss!

  2. Express is having a 40-50% off sale this weekend and THEY GOT ME. Ofc shipping is slow af so I won’t get these things for like two weeks smh.

    Also drink water u dehydrated slut.

  3. Behind the neck press is my new favorite lateral delt exercise and it doesn’t fuck with my shoulders like normal OHP does, try it out

  4. haven’t left the apartment since early september and im going fucking insane lol. job hunting but theres so many stages it takes like 2 months to get hired anywhere and im using my last $13 to buy a bottle of wine to split with a buddy

    then its rice and whatever bullshit i have in the pantry until i get a paycheck lol

    god i wish i had $50 for a gym membership at LEAST

  5. I’ve been training my roommate’s girlfriend who wants to drop some weight. She gets a weird ego about things she’s not good at and, a while back, argued that she would beat me in a sprint. I took her to warm up on the track yesterday and worked our way up to sprints. Then I absolutely fucking dusted her into last century.

    Excited to see what she develops an ego about next.

  6. Banged out a 25 page lab report, missed yesterday’s session as a result. Fuck it, short term school gains = long term gains

    Ready to smash it today

  7. Kept waking up at the same weight with all my meals so decided to kick up the calories with 2 big Costco muffins a day for the past 4 days (1 with breakfast, 1 pre workout + my normal pre workout meal) on top of all my same regular meals.

    Strength and endurance have gone up pretty noticeably in the gym which is no surprise but the big surprise is that all my poops the past 2 days have been absolutely immaculate. I am an efficient poop machine. Every single one has come out smooth and hasn’t required more than 1-2 wipes. I think I found my digestive sweet spot guys.

  8. Have any of you ever mentored a much younger guy and eventually thought I really Hope he isn’t gay cause this would turn south real quick. Nothing against it but in this situation i would have more than 99 problems

  9. is 3×3 deadlift enough volume to you guys? im not really a believer in high volume deadlifting perse, think it should stay as a power movement, but i also dont want to be spinning my wheels with my current 3×3 program lol

  10. Y’all ever just think about how amazing of a workout you’re having and all of the sudden you are horny as fuck? That’s me in the gym on this pull day right now.

  11. I am of the firm opinion that wiping your ass after a big arm day, requires the same level of motor skills needed to land an f22 on a moving aircraft carrier.

  12. Doing my first actual cut while tracking my calories and macros. Started at 210 real fat. Thought I could go down to 180 and be shredded. I’m down to 173 and I still need to lose ~10lbs. Feck was I wrong.

  13. Started following a girl from my gym back home a few weeks ago. (We both moved hundreds of miles from home but go to schools about an hour apart)

    She starts dming me, replying to my stories of shirtless pics. We’ve made plans to meet up one of these days. She goes back home and makes posts about her boyfriend.

    Oh well, no owes anyone anything when you’re just talking. On to the next.

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