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Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/11/2018

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52 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/11/2018

  1. Hey bros, would love some advice.

    I met a girl back in April, we really hit it off, she was super fun, we both loved the same kinda music and she was actually a bit of a gym rat(amazing body). We banged a couple times, but this was shortly after my Ex broke up with me, and she hinted that she wanted something more serious. I just wasn’t ready for it, since I was still super heartbroken and in a bad place in general.

    She took it well, and we have seen each other a couple times since we have some mutual friends, but nothing worth noting happened.

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about her recently. You know how much fun we had and how I let my Ex ruin it.

    We’re on good terms, but I feel kinda weird about messaging her after basically having no contact for 6 months. What do you guys think?

  2. Getting proper sleep is 1/3 of the battle. I absolutely struggle with falling asleep at night, particularly after a workout. I’m more mindful about my bed routine like not staying up on my phone or anything like that. I just seem to lay there… any advice?

  3. Seriously what can I do about swamp ass? It hasn’t always been like this.

    Things I already do:

    wipe like a mad man each time. I also use one or two baby wipes to help. Often I’ll have a nice clean shit so there’s not much to deal with (this is only on bulks, before this bulk I would just do the classic Japanese flag wipe)

    Wash my ass crack every time I shower.

    Shower right after I lift.

    Don’t wear clothes (underwear) more than once (duh) without washing.

    I don’t trim down there, but that shouldn’t matter considering I’ve never trimmed, and haven’t always had this problem. I have no idea what changed to make it so much more frequent.

  4. So an update on this post

    We texted back and forth and arranged to go swimming today.

    Yesterday I texted her and asked her what time she wanted to go swimming today. She said “I’ll check my schedule and get back to you on that” I never responded after that. Its now almost 4:00 and radio silence.

    So I have multiple choices

    1. I say fuck it and ask her “nevermind on going swimming, you should come over to my place and watch a movie/cuddle with me” optionally following up with “cause like I’m tired of this hot and cold bullshit, if you genuinely like me and want to see me then come over and chill with me, otherwise I dont wanna waste my time playing games”

    2. I just leave it, dont text her again. I have a feeling she is going to text me with some lame excuse of why she flaked.

    3. Continue talking to her, try to arrange to go swimming another time.

    wat do r/bb?

  5. Sushi and gym date Saturday with the men’s physique pro I met at a show last week. Let’s see how I fuck this one up bois.

  6. Had a thing for this girl and always made an effort to do things with her. My effort wasn’t anywhere near reciprocated and I was tired of wasting my time so I stop talking to her. Yesterday she blows up my phone saying how I basically ghosted her and all this shit. I told her I wasn’t wasting my time & now she tells me she wants to go out sometime. I don’t get it man

  7. Was talking to a girl and things were going great. Said we both like each other and shit. Last night, out of the blue, she says that we’re never going to date ever. I told her that’s fine, but if that’s the case I’m gonna stop talking to her. Why invest so much time into someone that doesn’t want to be with me?

    She lost her shit. Told me I’m unreasonable, I’m crazy, that we can still flirt and talk but not date and I’m being stupid.

    I know the answer is she’s crazy and just wants attention, but I’m not being irrational by not wanting to flirt and talk and spend time with someone that doesn’t want to date me, right?

    Like she doesn’t want to be with me, but doesn’t want me to be with anyone else.

  8. Tinkered with manipulating carbs this week. Ran 300g of carbs Fri-Mon with the same cals I’ve been dropping weight on with the exception of maintenance on like usual then dropped them back to my usual 100-150. My chest looks to have leaned out and my stomach looks worse. Nice

  9. Looking for input from those who are either on a cycle or have done a cycle.

    So i’ve just reached 2 years of consistent bodybuilding. Planning on hopping on the bike around this time next year or a little after. That will be a total of 3 years in the gym (plus fooling around when I was younger) and i’ll be at a good point in my life where it should all work out on paper.

    Right now I am very happy with my shape and conditioning for the time spent in the gym. Just want to add size in the right places like everyone else.

    What do you think would be the best way to spend the year before hopping on?

    Right now i’m thinking just lean bulk for the next year and try to stay healthy.

    25 year old male. No health issues.

    Thanks boys.

  10. Anyone else hate fish sushi but love teriyaki beef/chicken sushi? I’m a bland-ass white “chicken tendies” man-child when it comes to a lot of food. I can’t do the seaweed or fish sushis but man do I love some cucumber, rice and chicken/beef.

    I fully accept the “it’s not real sushi” criticism, it just became my go-to when co-workers wanted to go for sushi and I didn’t want to not go.

  11. Life went and fucked me in the ass this year but things are finally looking up. I’m back babyyy let’s get it 😎💪🏼

  12. So i was talking about this roid group on fb that promotes/is obsessed with deca only cycle.

    Lol i found out that it’s basically bunch of trolls, trolling newbs.

    i can’t believe they got so many newbs to do 4-6 week deca only cycle, WITHOUT PCT

    they are basically ruining other ppls live lol

  13. The bigger my arms get, the smaller my already freakishly tiny hands look. Might need to stick to dyel status. Or join the circus.

  14. What is the worst misuse of equipment you’ve seen at the gym? I mean worse than the old curling the squat rack. I was thinking about this for a while, and then seeing a guy do some kind of pull-up variation in the squat rack with his foot against the barbell for stabilization prompted me to mention this.

    Some things I’ve seen:

    * Using the only flat barbell bench to do bodyweight (box?) squats, or to do abs
    * Abs in the squat rack with a bosu ball
    * Pull-ups on the Hammer strength squat rack aren’t that bad, but adjusting the position of the barbell to the outside of the rack to do this is
    * Bringing a bench into the squat rack to do **seated barbell curls** in the rack

  15. Going to a zombie themed pub crawl this weekend. What’s the best way to cut up a shirt so I can:

    – Show off gainz

    – Not look like I’m trying too hard

    – Not make it apparent that my and are hanging on for dear life

  16. Finally finally FINALLY squatted 4×3-5 squats for 275 comfortably!!! Every time I’ve been at this weight or higher, I’ve had shit form and/or came out of it totally dead, but after implementing what feels like the millionth tweak to my movement, ive finally stopped being a stubborn fuck and started actually bracing properly before going down, and whaddaya know, I shoot out of the hole like it’s nothing. Hopefully this is a sign that my poverty squats are about to eat.

  17. So I posted in the Training Thursday, but have yet to get anything so figured I’d try here… Do y’all have any recommendations for a new bodybuilder as far as a routine is concerned? I can workout M-F, and have a background in powerlifting and gym shit… Just not anything related to hypertrophy other than “hip dryve and 5s” please help. Just lookin for gainz

  18. Well I didn’t get the job and they had no feedback (which I find kind of shittt because I’d at least like to improve). Fml.

  19. Played myself yesterday. Did T bar rows with all the 10kg plates I could find in the gym on Tuesday (20s get in the way too much).

    After my set I put them all on the nearest rack. Looking for 10s the next day I got pissed off cause they were all on the rack in the back corner then I realised it was my fault.

  20. Man I’m so tired of bent barbells in the gym I go to. I don’t know if its from rack pulls or what, but recently 2 or 3 of the bars became noticeably bent to the point where it fucks up my bench sets and puts me at risk of injury. I didn’t pay attention before but now I have to look through the entire gym to find bars that aren’t bent every chest day

  21. what do you guys think about lifting the same body part twice in one day? I did shoulders earlier, going to go in on triceps and abs later, thinking about hitting shoulders again as well.

  22. Stoned and eating at the hotel a few days out.
    Pop on generation iron.
    God damn I forgot how funny watching Branch Warren fall off that horse is. Truly one of bodybuilding’s greatest moments

  23. Downsides to going to a powerlifting focused gym: when all the deadlift platforms are taken you know you’re not gonna be able to snag one for at least a few hours

  24. Squatted 315×8 yesterday. High bar of course, low bar is for squares. This was after leg curls and 3 sets of squats slowly ramping up as well. My pr is 315×10 but it was at about 40 pounds fatter than I am now. Think I might try and beat it next week fresh, throw in some caffeine and that pr is going down

  25. Don’t really have anywhere else to post this, just need to vent…
    I used to be really overweight (5’9 280) and I’ve gotten down to 195 in a year, I’ve always been in love with bodybuilding even though I was too depressed to participate but now I’m here and even though I’ve made a ton of progress I feel more fucked up mentally than ever. Trying to deal with knowing I’ll never have really tight skin and I just won’t have the right look is taking a toll mentally. Hug me bros

  26. This skinny dyel guy at the gym last night had a stringer he cut HIMSELF that showed his entire back accept for a tiny bit of string through the middle.

    He then proceeded to hit on a grill for a good 30 mins getting in everyones way (peak time) I wasnt even mad, I think I love this guy haha he wants all the fuck.

  27. If you are ever down about your lifts dig up an old training log.

    Seeing what I was lifting 14 years ago isn’t even my warmup today makes me feel pretty good.

  28. Hurt my back and can’t squat/deadlift for a bit. Could I go ham on just leg extensions, Curls, and cable pull throughs and expect any gains?

  29. Ever change something really small about your routine, but it drastically improves your life?

    Like recently, I started eating 4 whole eggs every morning instead of 6 and it’s great. Takes less time to prepare, easier to fit into a wrap, takes less time/effort to eat, I don’t feel gross and full for the first two hours at work, frees up some more protein that I can have after work when I’m actually hungry, and obviously I’m buying eggs less often.

    Is it sad that this is the kind of shit I get excited about now?

  30. Been cutting for a while. Always been a bit on the fluffier side, probably peaking at 24-25% body fat and the cuts been going nice and smooth. Haven’t gotten down to nice and visible abs yet but I saw my first bicep vein in the mirror without having lifted all day. LETS GOOOO

  31. *girl im interested is vigorously staring at me, can feel her gaze burning a hole into my shoulder*

    hmmm how should i react to display i also am interested in her, oh i know

    *blatantly glances at another girls ass as she passes*

    Yea, I’m retarded.

  32. every single flat bench (5 total) was taken and this guy was literally sitting on the bench with the barbell on the ground in front of him not using the bench whatsoever and this is how the interaction went.

    me- “hey are what are you doing on this”

    him- “rows” (keep in mind he has fucking 135 on the bar only lol)

    me- “can you do them somewhere else so I can use this bench?

    him- “where am I supposed to do them”

    me- *points* “5 feet over there”

    him- “well ok”

    In my head I was saying cmon brehhh

  33. “You have to be able to step back out of yourself and look at it, what you’re doing, and laugh at it. Because it’s so funny, being ‘the best built men in the world’, very funny.”

    Arnie quote from around the 1980 Mr. O that I liked. He knows that BBing is pretty ridiculous, and embraced it.

  34. So I put my cappuccino flavoured protein in a coffee thinking it would be a good idea. Tasted great but then I was stuck on the toilet for a little too long.

  35. braaaahs

    **October** – Red dead redemption 2

    **November** – Pokemon lets go pikachu

    **December** – Smash ultimate

    this is the fucking winter of no lifing!!!

  36. Are lat length genetics? I see some people it looks like their lats extend all the way down to their lower back.

    I know that probably is incorrect but it’s just what it looks like in pics. If it’s not genetic, which workout should i incorporate for that muscle at the bottom of the lats

  37. Those of you that have competed,

    1) How many years of lifting did it take for you to get to that stage?

    2) Any stage pics?

    3) What kind of a toll did it take on your body?

    4) Natty?

  38. Russle Orhii is lifting tomorrow for raw nationals in my city. Has anyone ever been to a powerlifting meet? I want to watch him lift but can’t find any info on when he’s lifting and if I need a ticket to get in.

  39. I’m cutting. My meals today:

    Meal 1: Triple whataburger with cheese

    Meal 2: Greek yogurt and carrots

    Meal 3: Two double quarter pounders with cheese

    I’m maybe 200-300kcal over my goal I estimate. Weigh in time tomorrow morning will be suspenseful.

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