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Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/07/2018

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39 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/07/2018

  1. Been having trouble keeping my ass on the bench… You think having my lifting partner sit on my lap would help out?

  2. Take home race and inequality midterm, 13 essay question 2-3 paragraphs each, use the readings and quotes to support your answers. LETS FUCKIN GET THEM BRAIN GAINZ!!! Also if you’re white, you Ben Afleck.

  3. Hey any Engineering students bro that can help me out with something. I’m torn between two professores to choose to assist me with my senior project. One of them is a really smart guy that does research in some cool chemical stuff but almost never has time to give to his students while the other is this new professor that’s only been in the industry but that gives real attention to you when you need him and that does far more practical stuff than research. The first one will give you the chance to get a cool senior project that will last longer to do given his avaliablity while the second one will probably help you more with a more simple and practical project. Which one would you pick?

  4. So this is the first year since 2010 (when I had rotator cuff surgery) that I have been able to OHP consistently without pain.

    Upside is my shoulders look 20x better now, downside is my chest looks so much smaller despite my bench still going up.

    Still have pain in the back of my shoulder I cant get rid of though. Doing dumbell upright shoulder external rotations (had to look up that name) kills my right shoulder.

  5. For the first time in almost a year, I’m deviating from my usual gym schedule to study for two midterms on Tuesday. I used to feel like ass for doing so and that’s why I always forced myself to go even if I’m neck deep in exams, but finally making it out of the DYEL club this past year has given me a bit more confidence, as well as the knowledge that I’m not gonna shrink if I miss a couple of days. Might even need the rest anyway, I’ve been aching up lately. Need the pump going for Friday though, I’m going out to the club with my buds and need all the help with the grilly grills my autist ass can get xd

  6. Need some help asap. Need protein and I’m deciding between getting tacos or a teriyaki bowl. What do you think boyos?

  7. Watching cbum talk about clogging his shower drain with his ass hair. This is literally why i love chris and the way he talks about everything. My day is complete

  8. One regional champion made a workout for me 2 months ago, but meh, I think it isn’t optimal for me, since I don’t see any gains, while I was doing the fierce 5 found on bodybuilding{}com I was doing more than ok. I’m 32, 71 kgs, 174 cm

    Can you please check the [program]( out and evaluate it? ty



  9. I think I need to move low bar squats to shoulder day…

    Holy fuck I just did them for the first time and my shoulders are killing me. Felt a lot easier on my legs though, so my numbers should shoot up when I get used to it.

  10. I’m looking for a gym down in Atlanta. I’m sick of this lone wolf lifting shit. It’s tiring. Who else is in Atlanta over here?

  11. For Halloween, I’ve opted to wear something very revealing. Like, borderline inappropriate.

    All year long, I watch my diet and train hard. For this one night, I’m going to enjoy showing off, and I’m going to be shameless about it.

  12. Who is Mike Israetel’s practices supposed to be for? Is supposed to be only for the advanced intermediate to very advanced who can’t necessarily add weight and/or reps regularly? Or can beginners to intermediates train that way to? I’ve heard him mention how beginners and intermediates have very low MEV’s and very high MRV’s, but advanced lifters have very high MEV’s relative to their MRV’s.

    I’ve been lifting for about 7 years now, a majority of it was program hopping and screwing around without making any real progress. Only just this past year I started on a PPL and made some decent progress in strength AND size, and want to take it to the next level. Just wondered if his philosophies are appropriate for someone at my level

  13. Worked doing spray tans for a decent sized show this weekend. Absolutely hate seeing freaking marshmallows getting on stage. One girl told me she’s done 8 shows. She was easily 20 pounds over what she should have been. Shit just makes me straight angry. At least I was able to take it out on shoulders today.

  14. God I miss being on cycle. Haven’t had a real bicep pump since. They get nice and juicy, but the feeling isn’t there :'(

  15. I hit on a random girl while waiting for the train and it went amazing till I asked for her number and she said oh I’m waiting for my bf with these wide Bambi eyes. All I could do was smile and say oh ok and walk away but man it was an amazing 5-10 minute conversation. How a simple conversation with a random girl can make you so happy I’ll never know. If you’re out there somewhere Jenny you made my whole month

  16. New girl I’m talking to is an absolute freak and I’m kinda all for it. Never met anyone so…open so quickly before.

    I’m 6’3, she’s 4’11, though. Shiiiiiiiiet.

    One thing that’s holding me back is that she smokes whenever she drinks. Fuckin’ cigs are such a turnoff.

  17. Is there anything metabolicly different between eating maintenance and burning 500 cals in cardio vs eating 500 less cals?

  18. Need some relationship advice. Pretty weak shit to be honest so, there is your warning. About a year ago there was this woman i went on *five* dates with and didnt make a move on any of them. Why? Too nervous, i find her absolutly infatuating. I guess she had enough of my child like timidness after the fifth date and communicated to me over text that she’d like to progress as friends. I replied “sounds good to me =)” and that was the last we talked. For a year. Just this past week i noticed she was in one of my university classes so i texted her. I dont really know how to meet new people so i figured fuck it, round 2. To my surprise she actually was willing to get together so we arranged a time to study together, which went very well. The advice im asking is how do i progress? Im not sure where she stands on her previous statement of just being friends.

  19. One of those lonely nights where I’m missing my ex for who she is and her personality. Some days are hard bros.

  20. What’s up you joocy fuckers? I just downloaded bumble, also anatomy is hard.

    Hopefully I may find woman for “study anatomy” in hope of sweet release for stress decrease, my sweet bros (;

  21. I was in a car accident yesterday, (physically unscathed but nerves a bit shattered). Really puts shit into perspective when you’re wiping blood off your face and shaking glass out of your shoes on the side of the highway.

    Love hard. Lift hard. Life is precious.

  22. when you look at a lot of people side on their delts look flat. when you you look at the same person front on you can see they have some delt width.


    what helps give the appearance of actual delts when looking from the side ? Instead of just looking like they blend in to the rest of the arm

  23. If a person actually did what Arnold did in Conan where he pushed that mill stone every day as he grew up – assuming they got enough calories, protein and other nutrition – what do you think that person’s physique would end up looking like?

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