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Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/06/2019

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38 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 10/06/2019

  1. My roommate wants to start tagging along with me to the gym more. I don’t mind showing him the ropes but the gym’s kind of my alone time and he’s not into working out as hard as I am

  2. Was playing football with my gf’s family yesterday. No idea why, honestly I just wanted to throw the football but whatever, they are competitive so I wasn’t going to not have a go. Second play I intercept a pass. Guess what it’s a tiny yard and I don’t think there’s any combination of QB and WR out there that is going to complete a pass anywhere on the field that I couldn’t get to beforehand near the end zone. Well I try to return it the 10 yards to the other side of the field. Avoiding a tackle I go from the grass to the sidewalk, start to lose my balance where my upper body is ahead of my lower body and my feet can’t catch up. End up going face first into the driveway. Blood everywhere, people are screaming. Someone says hospital and I’m like no I don’t like those I’ll just walk it off. Start having blurry vision. Keep walking around. Blood on shirt, blood on shorts, spitting blood from my mouth. End up with 4 stitches in my eyebrow, I think 3 broken bones in my cheek, scuffed up shoulder and elbow. Not sure why I didn’t try to catch myself, I think I tried to roll it out. It also might be that most sports I played you had a helmet on so that would have taken the impact and I wouldn’t have to risk broken arm or something.

    Cardio is gains goblins fam.

  3. It’s crazy how fast an alcohol addiction can form.

    Before I gotta as 21 I didn’t really bother to go out of my way to get alcohol But as I entered college it was getting offered more and more.

    Then I turned 21 and I was able to buy it myself. Now I find myself craving a drink every night. I’ve only been actually drinking regularly for a few months. It makes sense as 90% of the men in my extended family are alcoholics.

    I’m forcing myself to only drink on the weekends and only a couple beers at most.

  4. Who here takes their diet pretty seriously? I need some guidance on an upcoming cut and I feel like IIFYM has never worked for me. Should I just pay for the RP subscription? All advice welcome

    Edit: to clarify my IIFYM point, I feel that on a cut when I’ve tried it in the past I’ve been lazy about it and succumbed to “well this cheeseburger has 20g protein and 30g carbs, it fits my macros” and my weight loss was very minimal. I’m looking to consume “cleaner” food.

  5. Wanted everyone’s take on ab training – specifically, training frequency?

    I have been training hard, growing and seeing results. I am now 12%BF and starting to see ab definition. I know I need to continue to decrease bf% and I will but now that I am in the stage of really building a defined ab wall how frequent should I train?

    I’ve read people say only 3 days is fine and then have read others who tack it on at the end of every workout and on off days. What has everyone here found success with that gave them a really defined 6-pack?

  6. How fucking dumb do you have to be to watch me doing lateral cable raises then walk right through the pulley rack?

    Hope you enjoyed that closed fist to the nuts, buddy

  7. Really fallen off the wagon when it comes to training and eating lately. Gotta fix this cause it’s bulking season and I need to get thicc

  8. Felt good to be back in the gym BB. I strained my right abdominal muscles last Wednesday finally healed and I’ve missed the glorious pump

  9. reddit is getting worst and worst if you go on popular. Especially that sub Am I the asshole. Some of these are just so bad. “I just gave 1million to a charity,aita?” this is just a validation site

  10. Starting creeping death 2 tonight. Haven’t done a set program since I got back into things a year ago. Excited to get these scheduled gains.

    In other words I bought my weeks worth of ground beef today… good thing I can’t cheat on my diet because I literally don’t have the money to

  11. Last week of my blast. I probably didn’t bulk hard enough to get to 200lbs earlier this year but oh well. 5’4 and maybe 193lbs? Not sure. I’m the leanest I have been at my heaviest.


    On another note, a close bodybuilding friend of mine who I’v known almost 8 years said to me yesterday that he’s been seeing a professional (as should I) and he’s lost 20lbs. Battling depression and came completely off gear. I think there is something that happens to guys who’ve been in this business long enough. By your 30s, you should be doing something else, accomplishing different goals than bb. It can be all consuming.


    Anyway, hope ya’ll are having a good day. Saw Joker last night by myself. Was meh, not great.

  12. I’m doing a pho challenge for my bday. 2 lbs of noodles and one lb of meat. I did a steak challenge a couple years ago but failed. not because I got full but because I got sick of the steak taste and just couldn’t finish in times.

    Anyway, wish me luck bois.

  13. Idk if this is super placebo but is taking creatine supposed to have the acute effect of making you thirsty af? I swear within 20-30 mins of taking my 5g I get stupid thirsty and can put down 1.5 liters of water instantly no problem

  14. I never would, but I cant say that I thought about buying steroids from all my new Facebook “friends” that have found me. I keep telling myself it can’t be that easy.

    I’ve literally got 15-20 requests from people that have their page covered with nothing but steroids.

  15. Anytime I Row/do pull downs I rarely feel it in my back and mainly in my ribs. Any idea why?? I’m retracting pulling with elbows etc

  16. I was thinking about possible Halloween costumes. Its my holiday and I have a tradition of wearing something borderline inappropriate.
    These days my beard is more salt than pepper, and I was questioning the propriety of a man in his 50’s clad in a Speedo

    Conclusion: “Wait til they get a load of me” 😈

  17. Something I’ve realized just today. In kind of a new relationship and I noticed I’m like super disciplined to cut, study, workout cause I like wanna be the best me for this person. Cause who the hell knows where it’ll go and when I’m single I still do all the stuff but with less drive.

    Anyone else? I’m not saying this person is crucial to my happiness I just wanna be like the best this person could ever possibly get.

  18. Well looks like I’m down from dating two different girls in a single week to only one. Girl number 2 went from texting me tryna hang out on Friday to extremely cold. Tried to set something up with her yesterday and she responded at 6am… 12 hours after I responded to her. Whatever I ain’t finna play games. If she wants to go out she can hit me up. There will be no double-texting coming from me 😤

    Edit: She just texted me and said she’s in. Killing it 😎

  19. Shout out to my local gym, membership expired on Sunday and Monday was a public holiday. Wasn’t sure if I renewed online whether it would let me keypass work in time.

    Lo and behold, I get a text on the Monday saying it had expired and they’ve given me temporary week pass to get by. I renewed straight away, I greatly appreciate it.

  20. Empire Strikes Back is on TNT and I’m again reminded of the question I’ve asked myself for twenty years:
    Why in God’s name were people so upset about Jar-Jar when C3PO exists? Christ I hate Star Wars.

  21. Remember when tinder used to put people who liked you on top of the stack so you’d swipe them first instead of trying to get you to purchase fucking bullshit tinder gold or whatever premium of the month it is. I ‘memba.

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