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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 09/29/2018

Leap day motherfuckers

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27 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 09/29/2018

  1. Today I realized I hit the 1000lb club a month and a bit ago but my lifts still feel like I’m an amateur. Guess I just gotta hit 2k total

  2. Man. Fuck shoulders. I just want to be super flexible and pain free without stretching. People a little advice, don’t do strength / bodybuilding for 5 years without working out mobility. That will come back to bite you.

  3. okay i’m early enough to share an autism story

    so I usually mix creatine with my greek yogurt and it works fine, but for some reason I thought if I just put it in with normal food it would be okay to.

    so I was eating an english muffin and put my creatine in between it and started eating.

    the feel I felt was so fucking horrible and just scarring. it was like trying to eat concrete paint all the while your brain is attempting to vomit out the fucking drywall in your mouth

    don’t do it.

  4. Went to Chipotle for dat anabolic post workout meal in a stringer after chest/back day. This skinnyfat dude’s gf was mirin’ me SUPER hard in front of him. Call me douche but it felt fucking good. This is why we lift, boys.

  5. I forgot to post about it but I hit a 3 plate bench not too long ago and I was so stoked!

    Feelsgoodman first time putting up that weight next goal is underway 😤😤

  6. Heyoooo posted this in yesterday’s daily discussion like 30 minutes before this one popped up but:

    Does anyone here have natty progress pics of forearm and/or calf progress from someone who’s tall (6’2+). I just need some motivation. 6’5 and it feels like the biggest uphill battle constantly trying to add mass to those areas.

  7. Just got out of a job interview and I felt like it went really well! Bout to head to the gym and work extra hard to celebrate. Kill your fucking lifts today boys!

  8. One of my goals for the first year of lifting was to hit a 4 plate deadlift. Decided to say fuck it and try it today and successfully got the 30 lb pr! and 3 months early, too! Time to keep lifting so I actually look like I can pick up 405 lbs off the ground lol

  9. Back from the beach. Had a great time and im almost sure I regained the 25 pounds I cut leading up to the trip. Absolutely ready to smash the gym tomorrow. Plan to cut hard through October, maintain/reverse through November, then hit a slow bulk from December on to gain some size and bring my PL total up and try to hit a master total @ 181 if I can find a meet around May

  10. Don’t let anyone fool ya bois, car windows are the only anabolic windows

    Kill your lifts and have a good fucking sunday goddamit

  11. Is there much difference with getting your protein from meat vs from whey? I’m at the point where I cannot stomach another chicken breast, so I was thinking of getting a majority of my protein for the day mostly from whey protein instead of eating chicken breast.

    Main Question: Protein is Protein, True or Not?

  12. Any tips to improve glute activation for squats? It’s always been an issue for me. I’ve felt some improvements just from training them directly, but I’d like to know if anyone else has some techniques that helped them.

  13. I talked to this girl who works at my gym for a really long time the other day. She is insanely good looking and actually approached me first. I didn’t realize how long we were talking for, but it honestly might have been like 45 minutes to an hour. I was already finished with my workout. The convo ended when she had to clean the equipment or something. Probably overthinking, but I was thinking how odd it is to talk to someone that long at the gym. Started to worry I was keeping her too long in hindsight and she didn’t know how to end the convo. It was a really good talk though, had a lot of things in common fitness related and we realized we have some mutual friends. Maybe I’m being subtly autistic about it.

    Also she said as we were saying goodbye and shit “you can talk to me whenever”. Went full retard and replied “Yeah for sure, I mean not when I’m in the middle of my workout but I’ll cya around”.

  14. What is the minimum that you would consider “jacked?” Pics/names would be much more illustrative here than just stats.

    in before 1974 Arnold

  15. I sent my girlfriend the calum lat spread gif and she said

    “OMG plz don’t ever become that toned 🙏”

    calum tone god confirmed

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