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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 09/25/2018

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40 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 09/25/2018

  1. For the life of me I can get my sleep schedule figured out. I have to be up at 6, and my body doesn’t want to fall asleep til 12-12:30 AM, even when I’m in bed at 10:30. Help

  2. Yo I know this is a very irrational thing to get annoyed by, considering I’m in an intro to programming class, but fuck me in the ass and call me sally, there’s this guy who asks at last 6 stupid questions every class.

  3. Got sone dude in my college interested in working out too. Problem is now he wont stop badgering me on shit to do in the gym. He tells me he wants to get big and so i tell him to do things like focus on one or two muscle groups at a time. I show him excercises and encourage him to eat right, i tell him what i eat, etc and what to aim for diet wise and in workouts.

    But then hes in gym and succumbs to fuckarounditis. Then takes days off at a time and all this.

    Nobody will be as sorry as you if you dont reach your goals dude fuck. Its kinda bugging me i want him to see his potential but he wont take it seriously.

  4. Guys! I had been feeling fatigue/ exhaustion over the last couple months to the point that workouts were no longer fun/ I had been ina long, slowcut at he time) I decided to get blood work done, and it looks like I tested for mild anemia. This is great in the sense that hopefully I can look forward to workouts again, as I had hit a plateau and may have lost some muscle. Can I just buy iron pills and whalah!? Hoping that’s the case…

  5. My mind completely locks up if I try to talk to girls unless I have nicotine, weed, or alcohol in my system then I’m completely fine. What’s wrong with me

  6. I should probably go on a minicut soon, since I fucked up and gained just shy of 5kg in 6 weeks. But if I went on a quick minicut, so 1000 deficit and lose around 4kg in a month, I feel like I’d just lose all the strength gains I’ve made the past weeks right along with the fat. While if I did a modest minicut of let’s say -500 and lose 2kg in a month, while I might be able to keep the strength, that’s barely anything lost and won’t really make a difference… fuck.

  7. Cut is going well. Finally starting to get attention from bois. But, probably, and strangely enough, I’m even more excited to see more body hair coming in on this cycle.

  8. Found out that my smol, shredded, basketball player lifting bro can’t pull a vacuum for the life of him. I think it is because he has a small, flat ribcage that doesn’t slope out like mine.

  9. I’ve been growing my hair out since January of last year and I must say, for always having a clean buzz cut my entire life, this long hair deal feels and looks amazing.

  10. I find it odd that normies look down on steroid use in sport, but genetics is a non-issue.

    It seems like if you want to classify something as “unfair” then genetics fit the bill more then steroids.

    Anyone can do steroids if their willing to take the risk of sides. basic cycles are relatively cheap and even if someone doesn’t respond to a certain steroid they can always try another one. If anything it simply turns the competition into a battle of chemistry, which while it may ruin peoples fantasy ideal of “no drugs, just hard work and dedication” is pretty fair

    But genetics? Some people can be born with amazing athletic gifts that no one else in the competition can have, a massive response to training, the ability to walk around at 7% bodyfat while eating junk food, and more. But no one really cares about that.

    Its just something your born with that you can’t change, its not something they put in any measure of hard work for, its not something they earned. Doesn’t that fit the bill for what average people would call “cheating” better then steroid use?

    Now I don’t think either of them are worth bitching about, but its an interesting thought.

  11. Damn I’m cutting right now and my girl said I look smaller then usual bruh, that shit fucked up my whole day. I’m more vascular and the cuts are coming out more but I hate being smaller than I usually am. Fuck it

  12. I actually got the best compliment of my life last night. I been lifting 2 years or so now, got the occasional “you’re looking big bro!” and whatever but last night one of my girl friends and i were lifting and she asked me if i ever was going to do one of those bodybuilding show things. I was taken aback and asked if she thought i could/should and she said “Oh yeah definitely, i think you’d win for sure”. I was thinking about competing this coming summer in a small amateur show, but now i definitely am going to.

  13. I asked some guy how many more sets he had in the squat rack. He said 1. He then continued to sit there for 10 more minutes.

    First time in 6 years of going to the gym that I legitimately wanted to hit someone.

  14. Damn man, I wish I had someone to talk to. It’s lonely here in Pittsburgh. The rain doesn’t help.

    I just don’t think I’m going to make it one day brahs. Someday, I’ll ascend to Mount Olympus and be happy there. I’m just tired.

    I really wanted to train legs but I strained my right thigh in some strange way last night eating cereal at 3am or some shit. IDK. I’ll just pop an ibuprofen, some anadrol, with tudca, and down my pwo to hit the gym. I need to do something after a boring day at work.

  15. *At the Wendy’s drive thru I order a Dave’s triple*

    Worker: “Did you say triple? Are you sure you didn’t mean double?”

    Me in my head: “Motherfucker I have been awake since 6am and eaten nothing but 750 calories consisting mostly of chicken in preparation for this yummy fucking snack, [I know what I’m about.]( Who the fuck do you think you are trying to undermine my ability to eat an 1100 calorie burger?”

    Me out loud: “No I said triple.”

    I’m gonna get two next time just to spite that cheeky cunt.

    Tomorrow I’m flying out to LA for work. Other than visit In-N-Out for more burgers, what should I do there that won’t make my coworker think I’m autistic?

  16. Anybody here go to Armbrust in CO? Just dropped by after work to see how bad the after work rush was and there was hardly anyone there. Unbelievable

  17. I can’t tell if girls are mirin or trying not to laugh when they smile as they walk by. I’m not used to them smiling and feel insecure/paranoid since I’m 6’1″ and used to be like 150 lbs lol

  18. Any good eBooks I could read? Anything related to bodybuilding really. I’ve read two Jim Wendlers already, looking to expand my mind a bit

  19. Accepted that hot asian chick wont give me the time of day and editted my tinder bio to some corny shit and I got 20 fucking likes in a day (compared to 1-2 a week). Also used the pick up line from misc awhile back “wanna listen to music and make out” and it works like 40% of the time.

  20. Killing It with the vertical diet. 5.5 weeks left on creeping death 2, then onto gamma bomb. was gonna do a powerlifting meet but we got gains to make bitch

  21. One of the things I appreciate about going to the gym is that it’s right level of “social” for me.

    I try to be really conscious of the energy I’m putting out, so that’s the energy that’s reflected back. For the most part, I smile, fist-bump, or nod at everyone. If I chit-chat with someone, awesome. If not… cool! I do my work and feel no pressure to talk to anyone.

    Truthfully though, I need to get out more. It’s scary out there. This weekend I went to a popular pub in town. The band was good. Everything was good- until…. a gargantuan woman grabbed my ass.

    Me Too.

  22. So an old dude told me my back was looking good today in the locker room. As I’m headed out he adds “but your calves could use some work”

  23. Usually I just get whatever basic multivitamin from CVS/Walgreens, but recently I picked up a “vegetarian capsule” multivitamin from a local supplement store. They smell AWFUL—if I leave the cap off the bottle, the smell can permeate the whole room. They also turn my piss green.

  24. Last year at this time i was at college in Iowa as a freshman. If you dont know what midwest weather is like, I’m happy for you. It is bitter and cold and relentless. I was depressed and antisocial despite being an extrovert.. I had anxiety like crazy. Now I’m a sophomore in California, and am feeling on top of the world. I know it isn’t something most people can do, but if your life is shitty and you’re living in shit weather, you should really consider moving somewhere as sunny as California. Im even surprised by my sleeping habits. My whole life i’ve needed 9 hours to feel decent, but now my body wakes me after 7 hours of sleep and im ready to go

  25. When I wake up early in the morning, 2-3 hours before my usual wake-up time, I feel almost euphoric after I get over my initial grogginess (I feel like dogshit for 10 mins), even though I’m getting a few hours less sleep than normal. Can anyone explain why? My confidence is up, my anxiety is much less, my libido is up, I just feel more alive and better. Could this be from having higher testosterone levels during early morning? You’d think I’d feel like shit, and to an extent I do, I can tell I’m not well rested and lack sleep, but something just feels good about it.

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