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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 09/21/2018

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46 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 09/21/2018

  1. Alright need advice about girls. My girl is solid for me, we are married and it works but I can’t spend all day with her. That’s not really a negative just part of the dynamic. Recently I’ve had more of a need for me time. Opened the relationship but didn’t have a chance to explore and closed it. Made issues between us worse. Shes deeply mistrustful of me and has low self esteem and has also cheated on me (during a separate break, told her I needed space to think and after a week went back and worked on thing then 3 months later found out).

    Alright so background gone, she wants to set up a 3some and I’m down, I think it will help on both sides and she is hella lesbian. But I found someone and kind of want to keep her to myself. We go to the same college, plan on studying together and eating together and casually fucking. This girl is open to 3somes though so I could go that way but my girl doesn’t want me to have anything to do with someone in a 1 on 1 way. I think that’s what I need to fix thing. Should I tell her all this or just go full dbag and hide it. Alternative is likely things decay in a bad way.

    My wife is a deeply negative person a lot of the time and it really drags me down, she also has anxiety and stresses me out with it. I’ve actually ended things once because of this and she drank herself shit faced and I had to clean the shit off of her and do after care. She also cur herself. I love her and I can give her much of what she needs, my mom was bipolar, and we have come a long way in our marriage but I think I need someone I can just fuck around with no strings or drama.

  2. After spending 4 hours yesterday doing cleanup/demo at work that basically was solid weighted carries and farmers walk grip was shot today.

    Had to break out the straps after my first set because my forearms were so sore.

    Upside is the pump in my back is twice as strong as normal.

    Edit: should have just taken the day off. Forearms are so dead now… grip non existent, almost dropped my water bottle twice.

  3. What would be a good goal for ohp, bench, squat, and deadlift for the first year of lifting? I’m 6’1” ~190 lbs after bulking from 155lbs 8 months ago.

  4. You ever get really excited to train, build it all up in your head and can’t wait… then you get to the gym and everything feels like garbage?

    Edit: nvm I think my chest is about to pop, hell yeah let’s keep it goinnnn

  5. I have been looking at myself in a more healthy light recently and it feels pretty good. Just got promoted and in a few weeks money won’t be an issue anymore. God damn do I feel blessed. I need to get friends that take good photos now cause it’s time for my instagram glow-up

  6. I haven’t been able to hit the gym in four weeks due to being super broke, but I have some dumbbells I have been using.
    Am i going to lose all my ^gains 🙁

  7. Do any of you bros use knee sleeves? My knees have been hurting the past week and I’m currently trying to squat but they hurt like a bitch. So uncomfortable. If you do, how do they feel? Help any with the pain?

  8. Could cortisol cause water retention/bloat? Been noticing these symptoms.

    Ive been eating oatmeal, and the bloat started around that time, so maybe that’s the culprit.

    I’ve also heard a low carb diet raises cortisol, is this true?

    I’ve been pretty deep into a deficit, although I’m on a reverse diet. so I was wondering the effects of a long term cut.

    In addition to the cortisol causing bloat part, I always feel noticeably more puffy/physically bloated after lifting and cardio both, and I know exercise increases cortisol

  9. I thought it was sleep for dinner because I’m cutting, but then I remembered that gherkins are basically no calories so I’m munching on those tasty bastards. People who are cutting, get yourself some gherkins

  10. Starting to feel a bit depressed heading into open heart surgery on Wednesday. 6 weeks until I can return to doing my normal cardio. 8-10 weeks until I can lift weights. I haven’t had an off day in over a year and have been lifting consistently for over a decade without any real time off. This sucks. 🙁

  11. Finger pain has spread to wrist. Gunna only do legs till I go the doctor and figure out what is wrong. Webmd just says I have Arthritis and my symptoms are too vague for me to figure out on own.

  12. Today was fuckin wild boys. Yesterday I thought it was Wednesday. Today I thought it was Thursday. Halfway through work I saw Friday on my phone and had to do a triple take. Blew my mind. Great news.

    Next a job recruiter called my office. She was actually trying to reach the girl who had my extension before me but she left to another company location. We ended up having a great conversation and she’s interested in me for this position. Gonna send her my resume once I update it.

    Next I’m getting ready for the gym and get a call and answer, ANOTHER recruiter! Unrelated to the first one and actually looking for me lmao. She found my resume on some site I was using to apply for jobs when I graduated. This job seems fucking sick. She said I’d be working from home half of the time and traveling around the US to teach people shit the rest of the time. Could be a pain traveling and the gym though.

    I’m siked as fuck. And next week I’m going to see some family who also wanted to bring me on board their new company. I’m not dying to leave my job right now or anything but I definitely see this at least being some good leverage for a significant pay raise if I don’t work for someone else.

  13. My friend’s girlfriend moved into my now-ex’s room at her old flat. That means we’ve both fucked in the same room.


  14. so it’s me str1atonsbruh, had to delete my acc because someone got super butthurt at work and reported me to financial fraud and HR lmao apparently for “malicious/fraudulent activity” when it was just browsing reddit


    so far so good, but they trynna figure out how im deletin’ my browser history, as apparently they disabled every way you can delete your history, and they dont get how i did/do it lmao


    i acted dumb and said i dont know, said i tried to delete it thru browser and it’s greyed out lol


    but they installed keylogger and maybe some monitoring shit like backdoor on my pc, so i cant browse reddit from work pc, which sux. Days are boring as fuck, i just have to pretend that im doing work..


    anyway went to gym in London, and met some American dude, he lost like 150lb and is in really good shape now, striations everywhere and good muscle definition, asked me to film him for his IG page lmao


    good that such ppl exist and can change their life that much

  15. The good news: A girl in my class told me it looks I started working out this summer.

    The bad news: I’ve been lifting for 2 years.

  16. Well dd this week has been amazing.
    Monday I went on a date with the amazing chick, like 10/10 waaaay out of my league, hit it off so well that we arranged to meet again (last night) before the date even ended.
    Last night went even better, went out to the city and went to some vegetarian restaurant. Got a soy beef burger and man that shit was great. The most rememberable moment of the date was when I told her I had a child (I’m early twenty’s) and she stopped me, looked at me a bit funny than grabbed my shirt and kissed me. The next moment was when she talked about something a referred to herself as my girlfriend.
    Already got our next date planned before the date ended again.
    DD I think I’ve made it

  17. Nothing annoys me more than the guy from my gym who comes in, doesn’t warm up, does 4-5 sets of quarter rep squats, spends his rest time sucking around in his phone, does 3 sets of abductors, and then leaves.

    It shouldn’t bother me, but god damn.

  18. Tinder girl just told me her roommate is gone for the weekend, either about to get laid or get murdered. /u/twistadeucedeuce will u wish on me good sex my bro?

  19. Was so pumped for my workout tonight, carbed up and as soon as I get under the bar I feel like shit and can barely do 315 on squats when I usually get it for 7. Hold me bros

  20. I thought you guys were exaggerating about shirtless tinder pics.

    Finally decided to try it today and cut down my bio (now sound like a generic bro) but ended up with 3 matches in 4 hours including a super fit 20 year old. (For reference previously had 2 total matches this month)

  21. Movies on Netflix are so shit. What are some good movies to watch when a girl come over? Is popcorn alone good for snacks cause I only have fruits and almonds

  22. Longish post incoming boyos. Need some help with some very strange injury problems:

    A few months ago, I started getting really bad pain in my shoulder. I tried resting it but it never got any better. 10 weeks later, I went to a physio and went through all the procedures: physical tests for torn labrum, rotator cuff, AC joint etc. had an x day, mri, ultra sound and bone scan. Nothing showed up except for a bit of fluid around the joint.

    Fast forward 6 months to now and the shoulder still feels very painful and inflamed but felt alright to train. However recently I’ve been getting some elbow pain on the same side as the shoulder. Feels very inflamed and sore and rest hasn’t helped. The weirdest thing is that the pain isn’t really when I’m training. I can do shoulder press, bench press, lateral raises, triceps extensions without much pain at all.

    However today I was doing some bicep curls and my whole left arm blew up very red and itchy, almost like circulation was cut off at the elbow. It was really strange and disconcerting.

    Is it possible I haven’t done weird inflammatory disease or something ?

  23. What are the qualities of the person that proves that “the biggest guys in the gym are usually the nicest/coolest/etc”?

    I figure I spend so much time trying to build a physique I should spend just as much time trying to be a better dude. There’s this guy at my gym who is that ideal, kind, likeable person, and I can’t precisely put into words why that is, so I figured you boys could help articulate it? I can be a judgmental/blunt person and want to become over time that chill mofo, so having certain characteristics to focus on could help.

  24. Ugh saw my ex on social media when I thought I had her blocked but I guess not and then of course I perused her profile. Sent me into a tailspin but hopefully I can sleep it off. Just gotta lift weights and bust a nut and I should be good

  25. been training for a half marathon in late November and simultaneously made a goal to get to 1000lbs between the big 3. how retarded am I?

    I’m 5’9″ 162lbs currently at b:235 s:245 d:325 (didn’t start working legs seriously until this year)

  26. Been dating my gf for 2.5 years now, but I don’t think I’m in the right mental state and got too much going on at home to keep dating and it’s long distance so it’s nothing but toxic text conversations but I also have no friends and would be completely alone. We’ve taken breaks and stuff and ultimately gotten back together obviously but I think it’s inevitable.

    Wat do

  27. Anyone here know about feet and shoes? Basically there’s been a few shoe designs that I’ve been eyeing but I was told by the sales assistant that it was made for females. I’m not sure if there’s any structural differences between male and female feet that would prevent me from wearing female shoes comfortably, and would like it if others could chime in here

  28. Say a guy overhead pressing 135, but he was doing it all wrong. Instead of a 45 on each side, he had a 25 and two 10s. Bro, don’t you realize the whole point of OHPing 135+ is people seeing you blast “the big plates” over your head?

  29. Sad boi tonight fellas. Tried to go to sleep early bc im tired as hell. Woken up hour and a half later to my gf getting all fancied up to go drinking. Cant sleep now. Edit:bf to gf. Am not gay

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