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Every day Dialogue Thread: 09/17/2018

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56 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 09/17/2018

  1. today, is women on gym, she is to squat 115 lb, short women, blonde, however small but round nice ass, i am request on use rack afterword… after, she is say “hold, i will remove weigts for u” i am said “no reason baby, i will do this” (she is will think i am only squat 115 lb)…..

    however then i AM FUCK OHP 115 LB, over my head, and when at top position, i am look on her, and smile 😛 afterword, she is go on change-room, and leave gym, i imaging she will think on this all day 😛

  2. Hi guys I need some quick gym advice regarding my routine.

    I’ve been following the reddit PPL with great success over the summer but I’ve just started a new job. So I can’t hit the gym as often as I would like. I was thinking of switching to PHUL until things settle down. However, PHUL is an intermediate routine and my lifts are pretty low.

    Just wanted some thoughts. Should I switch to PHUL or Are there any other 4 day splits that allow me to progress session to session.

    BW: 87kg
    Bench:62.5 x5
    Deadlift: 125 x 5
    Squat: 100 x5 (High bar)
    OHP: 52.5 x5

    These are all working sets btw

  3. 6 oz sirloin and 300g white rice refeed tonight got me excited. Plus a burger and fries tomorrow 2 hours before posing. Only 7 weeks and change to get peeled.

  4. Ive had a really bad sharp pain in my lower back/glute for a few weeks. Can’t tell if it’s a nerve or muscle pain but going to the chiropractor helps a little bit. This last week I’ve felt pretty much 100% so today I thought I’d finally get back into deadlifting.

    Couldn’t go above 135 without major pain so I guess its back to chest, Lats, arms, and shoulders only. Spent the rest of my workout hitting abs in a very bad mood. On the one hand it’s nice but on the other hand I’m almost halfway through my first cycle so I kinda don’t want to spend the whole cycle not doing squats or deads, kind of a waste imo.

    In other news I was waiting outside a lecture hall for my 1:00 class and there was this girl taking not-so-subtle glances at my arms. Was nice.

  5. Couple of things
    How did Roelly change his midsection so drastically (and it can’t be just wearing a waist trainer). Having one of the worst midsections to now of the tightest.
    And can Phil do the same thing and transform his physique back?

  6. I want to smack the fuck out of my gym partner. If any of you guys remember my updates a few months ago how he was asking me things like “How do I increase my testosterone naturally?” As well as taking blood tests to see if he has low test levels (despite only having gymed for a few months at that point) today he told me that he feels he had reached his genetic potential. Motherfucker you can’t even bench 135 and you aren’t even close to 185 in either the squat or deadlift. I was so flabbergasted by the stupidity I didn’t know how to react except shaking my head. He truly believes this despite the fact he has sporadically lifted for just over a year now. He hasn’t even made all his beginner gains yet either. I don’t think there is hope for this one fellas.

  7. yooo /r/bb i need your help, best tips for face acne. currently using simple hydrating face wash+moisturiser twice daily and it helps a bit but still looks ugly af.

  8. Going out with a chick tonight which I wouldn’t usually do on weeknights bc of work but she likes my 2 favorite things, lifting and Frank Ocean. Only bad thing is she does mostly CrossFit ha but she is still swole. Gonna hit shoulders and arms and get a nice pump then hopefully get a nice penis pump after 😎😎 wish me luck boiz

  9. So I went from about 180 lbs to 169 pounds about 3 weeks ago and lost an inch off my arms due to shitty diet and sleep. Will it take me 2 months to regain that quality mass or will my body rebound and gain it back quickly?

  10. Tfw you finally smash a grill from middle school you had a crush on 12 yrs later. Yeah she might’ve gained a lil weight but doesn’t matter had sex

  11. On the train on my way home and some dude is listening to music on an iPod juke. Have I learned how to travel back to 2006 bbs?

  12. Just got back from a great hunting trip in northern BC, freezer is stocked with elk meat and I’m ready for winter bulk bear mode

  13. I’ve been MIA at a music festival all weekend and didn’t follow the Olympia at all. Did buendia really lose?? How did this sub not blow up about it?

  14. I’ve realized that I can’t be with that girl I keep posting about. And it sucks. She was really a best friend to me, before we started dating. I haven’t been this sad since I lost my father.

    Have a good week, guys. I’m too busy being a sadcunt because I’m a fucking idiot.

  15. who wants a petty rant

    low key kinda gettin fed up with this borderline-fake-as-fuck positivity/support hugbox a lot of mildly famous insta thots seem to live in

    fuckin @mikzazon was hot, gave up on her physique, is getting chunkier every week and just posts selfies every day with literal essay captions about how strong and free and empowering and “REAL” her body is now and literally hundreds of girls are like YAS QUEEN U GO U R BEYONCE SO STRONG OMG bc they feel validated that since some lady with >100k followers on the gram can dreamer bulk and brag about it, they can too

    ur not a fucking hero lady bc u stopped watching ur diet relax

  16. Has anyone tried David Laid’s DUP? Thinking about giving it a try since I never deadlift and wouldn’t mind getting some strength on me. Is it worth doing if I’m not pumping trenbologna sandwiches?

  17. Buddy of mine wants to lift with me and my gym partner/ roommate.
    Can’t wait to baptize him in the iron.

    On a more serious note, he’s diabetic, is there anything me or him should be concerned with? I’d assume not.

  18. Does anyone else have those days when you are just always hungry? im 3/4 of the way to my daily calorie goals and I just finished lunch a little while ago…

  19. Holy shit I hate those loud ass hand dryers. Blow my eardrums out every fucking time. I literally just walk back to my dorm room wet handed and use my own towel.

  20. For you guys that practice Mike Israetel’s practices, do you have an issue with the RPE increasing with each set?

    For example, I was supposed to do 4 sets of 8 reps with high bar squats at an RIR 4 today: used 70% of my 1RM (should be my 12 rep max), but last set definitely felt like an RIR 1. Should I decrease the weight across the sets when I have to to maintain the RPE?

  21. Anyone else get sick after PR’s/ especially tough training? Squat PR followed by bench PR the next day… And then I’m out of commission for a few days of sickness. Frustrating as hell when all I want to do is lift

  22. Good day today bros, played Mario Kart 8 all morning, beat Zelda BOTW and now I’m hitting arm day in my new Zelda tank 💪🏽💪🏽

  23. Hitting a 3-plate bench was my lifelong goal in the gym. However, after I hit it, I looked forward to 3.5 and 4 plates instead. I guess once you start you just can’t stop being satisfied.

  24. I’m starting a club. Is called the “been thinking about my ex recently but I’m not going to text her because I know we’re not compatible anymore but oh god I’m so lonely someone please love me” club. Who else is joining?

  25. A big thanks to all you bb boys here! I was dreading the start of a big race because the water and air temp were so cold and not anything close to what I’m used to training in. So, I get in the corral and sure enough, wouldn’t ya know, ‘Whatever It Takes” starts pumping from the speakers. So I asked myself, what would r/twistadeucedeuce and the rest of the bbs do? They would ask themselves if they’re being a little bitch. And I was, so things were done, and I finished with medal in hand.

    Edit: Added an ‘I’. Also, should mention that I was measured at 6.5% bf via DEXA about one week before this from doing a show I stupidly scheduled before this race, which didn’t help with being cold.

  26. Holy shit, I just came back from my first job interview experience. I’m blown away for the ferocity people need to show to be chosen. I’m a ChemE student running for the ABInBEV GMT internship and somehow I made it trough the last regional filter where they gathered 12 of us to pick from. I’m still a student and not even in my final year and did this just because my college told us. But holy shit, the people that interview you are fucking ruthless, I was definitely not prepared for the psychological pressure they put us trough. They divided us into groups and after a bunch of trials forced us to say out loud which of us was the worst teammate, spun your words against you, etc. In the end I wasn’t picked but I was the youngest guy there, so it was quite the learning experience. Next time I’ll have to properly dress up and shift my mentality. They picked 2 guys and 2 girls, one guy which was bigger than me and acted like he was in a fucking war zone, saying his character was that of a war horse and shit.

  27. Hi, I can’t lose fat specially drop from 7ish to 5/4ish percent on a low fat/ high protein diet or a low carb/ high protein diet. does anyone else have this experience? I can lose weight by eating a high protein but no carb/fat diet. My carb source was rice and fat source was fat off my meat. I don’t eat fat or carb in same meal. I do 30 mins cardio and weight train on the same day.

  28. I sprained my wrist and my puppy just sprained her hind leg. No gym for me for a while and no playing with her for a while either. On the “bright” side, I find out my MCAT score tomorrow. Life really does suck sometimes

  29. Good news and bad news

    Bad news is a girl said I looked better skinny.

    Good news is she says my muscles are huge.

    I wanna look like a Greek god and all of a sudden girls dig the skinny puny guy look

  30. So boys, I accepted a really big boy job today for an awesome engineering job! I’m moving to a new city (though I’ve interned there before) and I’ll be making more than enough to easily cover my rent (the rule of thumb is 30% of gross income) but I was wondering if I should look for moving into a place with roommates?

    I won’t know anyone in the new city and I can easily afford my own place but I was curious if you guys thought it might be smart to get a place with other people.

  31. Found a gym in town that’s old school powerlifting/bodybuilding focused. Warehouse, no AC, only fans, great selection of equipment and with my student discount it’s $45 a month! Not too bad. My university gym was shit, this is a huge upgrade!! Life is going well for me now. I’ve slacked in the gym a bit, but made a few new solid friends that actually like me, and now that i’ve settled in to college I can get serious about my training again. Diet is still looking kinda shit but I’m trying to improve that by only eating “clean” options from campus dining hall and cutting back on all the tasty fattening things they have. Hope life is on the come up or is near that point for all of you too, and I hope you guys send good vibes to me as well.

  32. When you guys transition from cutting to bulking do you just go straight to a surplus or slowly increase since your TDEE is lower after a cut?

  33. dat feel when your new place in Pittsburgh has no a/c and you burn up sweatin a storm the minute you walk in whilst it’s nice and cool out.

    Training has been solid lately. I haven’t been thinking of suicide or been depressed lately, so that’s also good too.

  34. Recently when I’ve been deadlifting on my heavy sets for example today I did 460 5×3, I’ve been noticing popping in my wrists and elbows and sometimes my shoulders and I doesn’t really hurt but it is a bit alarming. I use straps and was curious if there was a possibility of actually ripping or dislocating these joints while deadlifting.

  35. Me two days ago: yeah im just getting back into it after being off for about 10 months

    Me today: *hook grips 405lbs and tears callouses*

    Fucked that up.

  36. Forgot to pull out my pork from the freezer before I left for class so I couldn’t cook it when I got pack

    So I ate 3 (6) pop tarts instead. Whatever it takes goddamnit

  37. I’m going on a first date to a ghost hunting tour. At the very least I’m going to bust some ghosts so its already a win in my book.

    mmk but real talk tho, I don’t have much experience in the traditional dating scene and i need some advice. Like I’ve always just relied on alcohol and college parties to get lucky so i kinda freeze and come off as friendly rather than flirty when its the one on one dinner dates or whatever (which is why I’ve been trying to go do an activity together instead of just sitting down and talking). How do I make moves bros?

  38. Dont normally designate a day specifically for arms but holy shit i got a fucking sicknasty mad pump and absolutely killed it. I thinm its time for a change

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