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Every day Dialogue Thread: 09/13/2018

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58 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 09/13/2018

  1. I know people meme about handing in your natty card by taking creatine. However what definition of “handing in your natty card” is taking exogenous testosterone but creatine isn’t. When they are both essentially PEDs? I know you can get creatine from food, whereas not test (is this the line?) I also know that testosterone is 100% more anabolic than creatine. Interested in your opinions.

  2. A dude at work has been going on about this new protein he bought, that’s so much better than whey. It’s beef bone broth protein and it’s good because it doesn’t contain aspartame and it has high collagen content. Also, 700 grams costs as much as 2.35 kilos of whey. Smh…

  3. Anyone know where to get pure caffeine powder from? There was an fda crackdown on it and now it’s pretty hard to find

  4. I keep pushing back ending my cut… Debating really buckling down and psmf for a couple weeks.

    Love handles begone! You are no longer welcome here!

  5. Was on PPL for close to a year and recently switched to a 5-day bro split and holy cow. I have actual doms for the first time in months.

  6. Cooked some nice salmon for dinner las night and purposely made extra for lunch today. Half way through eating it during lunch I found a big ass worm in it. Fucking disgusting. Hopefully it doesn’t turn me off salmon forever 🤮

  7. I been cutting for a while and hit 20lbs lost but I have 15lbs left. I already feel tiny. My gf says I look better but some days I feel still full of fat or just weak and shrimpy. Sorry for the bitching, had to get it off my chest.

  8. Wish me luck r/bb, I have an interview tomorrow (just found out today) for a sweet job that may hair test. Indeed has mixed answers of urine and hair. Urine I’ll be fine, but I’ve definitely smoked here and there in the two months prior.

  9. Anyone ever take pre work out without working out? I was tired af earlier at work and the tub was just staring at me. Didn’t take any, wanted to hear some pros and cons

  10. After a sudden break up and not-too-polite rejections for 9 months, I FINALLY have a date to go on. Really started losing hope there. Even if it doesn’t pan out, I actually got one arranged. Feels unreal bois

  11. Been following the basic principles of the vertical diet for about a month now and I look much better. I am heavier now but my midsection looks tighter and I feel pretty darn good most of the time.

  12. Thr fact that I have a full 8 pack and love handles the size of moose haunches at the same time disproves intelligent design, because this shit is dumb.

  13. Fuck a 6 hour west to east jet lag. Can’t sleep for shit for like 3 days every single time. Also can’t cook for shit I just did salmon yesterday and horse today both well done AF when I like my premium meats rare if not blue. Both times fucking around in the garden. Money well spent FFS now all I have is damn chicken and tilapia

    Also I’d always advise to cycle it off for months but god fkn dammit the pump on cialis 5mg MWF. Also uhh nice side effect downstairs I guess. I’m sure even 2.5 would work shit is POTENT.

  14. Just got another confirmation why its better to go the cinema alone.

    Went with my cousin and my sister in law to see The nun.

    Sister in law starts complaining about people talking. 3 minutes in to the movie she starts making snap video’s. This continued through the whole movie.

    Everytime i saw her phone out or cry about that the movie was to scary i wanted to scream shut the fuck up GODDAMIITTT.

    On the other hand, killed my back workout while these bikini girls where posing in bikini.

  15. Was all aboard the gains train, making some fresh linear progress, then I fucked up my shoulder.

    Starting to feel pretty close to 100% so fingers crossed that it’s good by Monday. Don’t wanna miss that anabolic window of the Olympia.





  17. Upped the tren. Second time blasting, using about 600mg per week and I think it’s getting to me. Been pissed off a lot – but I’ve also had a lot of shit going on. Either way – gym sessions are great so it’s all good

  18. Just broke up with the gf after 1 1/2 years and it’s fucking brutal. I’m off to uni and I just can’t see a future for us but fuck me did it hurt to come out with

    Kill your lifts for me bros, my tears are weighing me down too much

  19. i feel like no matter how big i get or how many people tell me i look good, my perfectionist upbringing will always make me feel like shit about myself. it’s so fucking hard to be content when you know that there’s so much room to grow, i guess it keeps me motivated to do better but i can see this mindset getting toxic now that it’s transitioning over to my financial ventures or relationships, i just hope that eventually in life i find a way to be content and not keeping wanting more or better things

  20. Watched an interview of Tom Platz and he said that “the gym shouldn’t be your life but it should make your life better.” That quote got me kinda fucked up

  21. I think I might have the all wanted retard strength.

    Someone put the fucking 15kgs barbell in the bench and, as a brainlet, I couldn’t math enough and just added 7.5 kilos above my fucking PR and did 10 fucking reps, instead of 1RM.

    See, with the 20 kilos barbell it’s easy to math, but when the barbell weights 15 kilos it’s fucking hard.

    The funny thing is I always complain about the 15 kilos barbell being too small, but the truth is… I only complain because I’m fucking retarded and can’t sum using simple math, so I stick to the 20kg bar.

  22. Serious question: How do they decide how much of a food is one serving? For example, my bag of almonds says 1 serving = 1 oz (28g/about 28 nuts).

    Is there any official methodology as to how they picked that number for one serving?

  23. Been on a cut for a few months and haven’t been able to lift for the past ~3 weeks because I was on vacation. I got pretty lean but feel so much smaller and my shirts that were tight got kinda loose. Just weighed myself for the first time and I’m sub 170 lbs kill me. My goal was about 170 but I lost too much too quick. Time to get big again boiz

  24. Now that I’m single I’m noticing at the fit af, super hot, young professional type girls that hang around the neighborhood I work in and am still far too socially retarded to do anything about it. What really sucks is that once I’m like two minutes into a conversation I feel fine about it and usually have people laughing or interested, but Jesus I can’t start a conversation at all.

  25. goddamn 2k19, ends with me sacrificing either sleep or workout time, and it always ends up being sleep 🙁 It’s only cos it’s the first week boys I swear

  26. Aight looking for some advice here.

    2 weeks ago i tried to organise an event for around 6 of my mates. A few were keen but majority chose not to respond. I kept on pushing trying to get everyone a little more hyped but eventually plans fell through and nothing happened.

    Last week i found out that all of them went out for dinner that weekend and I didnt get an invite. The only reason i found out was because my bro slipped up while we were together. I didnt really push him, but then he straight up lied to me and said no one went. One of my other bros confirmed that they did end up going tho

    Now theyre trying to organise an outing for saturday and acting like nothing happened. Honestly i just feel cut that my crew treated me like this and im not all that keen to see any of them.

    This shits making me so anxious cant even sleep properly anymore and ive been a depressed cunt the past week

    Would you end up going or just leave them be?

  27. Just got an MP3 player dedicated to workout music. Any recommendations for hype ass songs?

    I have shit like Valley of Wolves, AC/DC, The Score, Zayde Wolf, etc.

    (No metal unless it’s like Metallica max)

  28. Sorry for the fitness-tier question, but I should bulk till this sinus infection is over right? My body needs the sweet sweet surplus to give me infection fightin energy?

  29. Damn Omar was right. Pull ups are GOAT for back development. Absolutely obsessed with them. My gym has multiple grip styles too. Weighted vs non weighted, different grips. Over each month I’m progressing overall strength but workout to workout I’ll do different styles. For instance, tomorrow I’ll use 45 pounds to do 8×2 with neutral grip dead hang, then three AMRAP sets on the asssted

  30. It’s Mario’s birthday today! To celebrate I did front squats while listening to “Jump Up, Superstar!” (Mario Odyssey theme) and it was the most enlightening, wholesome 2 or 3 sets of squats I’ve had 👌🏽

  31. Anybody got Jeff Nippard’s newest 16 week PPL? I’m not gonna do it but he says it’s scientifically “optimized” and includes cues so I’m curious to see what it looks like. Definitely not $30 curious though.

  32. I’ve been out of the gym for over 2 months. I’ve just been too busy with moving, changing jobs and other stuff. The worst part is I don’t have a gym anywhere near me, so I’m going to have to work out in my garage, but I only have a bench, so squatting is going to be impossible. I don’t think I’m going to make it, bros.

  33. I’m really glad I have bodybuilding as a hobby. If you approach it the right way, here are a lot of quantifiable mental health and character development benefits. And it’s going to improve the way you look because obviously, if you didn’t work out, you’d look worse.

    And when your in shape, you feel like you’re in a special kind of club. When I see another athletically built person, there’s a mutual nod of respect- that’s kind of cool. What’s really cool for me personally is that after a childhood plagued by body shame issues, at this stage of my life, I look forward to Halloween when I can wear an inappropriately skimpy costume.

    So yea, good workout today. A full hour training core. Weighted pulley crunches, cable oblique twists, weighted side bends, hyperextensions, decline crunches.

    “Soon, all will be forgotten, and all will have forgotten you” ~Marcus Aurelius.

  34. Just remembered I made a bet two months ago with a gym bro about me dropping weight and him gaining weight. Final month is either December or January. Welp. Time to suicide cut this bitch.

  35. My TDEE Activity Factor?
    Hi everyone!

    I have a question regarding my activity factor.
    I want to lose weight as I am currently 205 lbs (93 kg), 6′ (184 cm) and around 24-26% body fat.
    Currently, I do a push – pull – legs routine where the first exercise is a heavy 5×5 with 3 minutes rest, the other exercises all have 2 minutes rest between each set.
    After every workout session, I walk around 6 miles (10km) in an hour and a half. MapMyWalk says I burn around 1000 calories doing this.

    Here’s an example of one of my routines:
    Bench 5×5
    Incline machine press 3 x 10
    Flyes 4 x 12
    Dips (Tricep) 4 x 12
    Skull Crushers 3 x 10
    Shoulder Press DBs 3 x 10
    Shoulder Raise 4 x 12

    Lat Pull Down 3 x 8 – 10
    Tbar Row 3 x 8-10
    Chin ups 3 x 8-10
    Cable Rows 4 x 12-15
    DB Pull Overs 4 x 12-15
    Hyper Extensions 3 x 10-12
    BB Curls 3 x 8-10
    Hammer Curls 3 x 10-12
    Incline Curls 4-12-15

    Squats 5×5
    Leg Extensions 3 x 12-15
    Leg Curls 3x 12-15
    Calf Raises 4 x 12-15
    Leg Raises 3×12-15
    Laying Leg Raises 3×12-15
    Weighted Crunch 3×8-10
    Wood Choppers 3×10-12
    Russian Twist 4×15-20

    What would my activity factor be for TDEE? Your help is much appreciated!

  36. Quick low drama life event for y’all:

    My ex and I broke up about a month ago. One of her roommates is a guy who I’ve been super chill with for a long time. Major stoner, and we’d smoke together often. Even though he and my ex are friends him and I have still smoked together and chilled bc that’s just the type of guy he is; doesn’t get involved in drama whatsoever. Treats people based on how they treat him.

    Was gonna hit him up tonight to ask if he wanted to smoke and saw that he blocked me on snap. Don’t know if it was some shit my ex told him or not but it kinda sucks. Would always have thought he’d at least have the courtesy to tell me what’s up if something like this happened but I guess not. Finding out who the fakes are real quick though.

    was gonna hit legs tomorrow but now I’m gonna hit delts biceps and abs out of anger and feels.

  37. Does anyone else prefer to lift alone?

    My bros constantly hit me up to lift but it’s always subpar and they don’t fuck with volume at all

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