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Each day Dialogue Thread: 09/09/2019

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44 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 09/09/2019

  1. All those popping/cracking noise coming from your shoulder when u try to lift your hands is it because u have imbalance shoulder?
    Does that mean u front delt already overpowered and got too big until u felt discomfort?

  2. Did a trail run down the blue mountains yesterday. Feeling lethargic, but my bench game is strong today. 100kegs are feeling easy as. Must be the two scoops.

  3. I fucking love pilates so much. It makes everything else better.

    Pilates after lifting is like cumming.

    As long as I didnt idiodickly hurt my back during legs day.

    I’m thinking of become a pilates teacher.

    I’m also thinking of going to the gym and having therapy/stretch days on off days where I do a warm and just spend an hour or 2 doing Theraputic exercises, Stretches, Rolling, Steaming, etc.

  4. Hey guys, anyone know of a thread for local gym partners to pair up for supportive fitness? I’ve always worked out alone but someone with a ripped build is going to be able to show me things I wouldn’t think of myself. Eastern Pennsylvania here.

  5. On a cut, and for some reason right around evening time before bed on the days I workout, I start to feel horrible.

    Heavy breathing, dizzy head, and insane hunger. I eat some rice and I feel better but holy shit it makes me think I’m on the verge of death

  6. Did a leg day where I did almost everything to failure the other day and decided to go to the LA County Fair today

    Walking has never felt so bad holy shit

    On the plus side I decided to try to ignore my diet for the day and had a blast just eating whatever the fuck I wanted to
    Would recommend the fudge stand and mom’s cookies if anyone lives around the area and decides to scope it out.

    The cookie stand has a miniature bucket of cookies for 20 bucks with refills for 15. Shit is wild.

    Overall solid rest/cheat day. Back to killing it on Monday

  7. When ppl at work that never wear branded clothes, go on holiday to turkey and come back wearing LV, gucci, MK and shit lol

  8. There’s this guy in the gym who gives unsolicited advice to everyone. You know the type: bold, fat, looks like he hasn’t lifted a weight in his life. This one is special though. He is more annoying, he screams at people to do more reps etc.

    A few days ago I am using the pec machine. Turns out I put fewer plates on one side, as soon as I push it I feel it and get surprised.

    The dude sees this and comes up to me and says ” it’s too light huh?” and tells me to do 21s. Seven on each side, then together.

    I rolled with it and then continued what I am doing.

    You guys don’t know the best part though. Turns out this guy is juicing lmao. He is not even powerlifter fat. He is just fat. I wish you guys could see him. Retardation at its finest. These people vote.

  9. Second day off the cut and first at the gym and I’ve already broken my OHP record. Just feels like I can recover so much faster.

  10. Program called for a 3rm squat last week, managed to hit 225 for 3. Put my estimated 1RM at 230. Today was 1RM day, decided to push it a bit and managed to hit a slow 242. Proud of myself boyos, kill your lifts too! ^^^still ^^^fat ^^^though.

  11. After long time lurking the DD, first time posting here.
    I finally took the plunge, gyno surgery next week. I am still so uncomfortable with the thought of somebody opening/working on my body and potential cosmetic complications, but damn, there hasn’t been a day in the last 10 years that I wasn’t aware of thes ugly ass pubertal puffy nips. And now that I am sub 10% bf, I can’t even appreciate it because the gyno looks even worse.
    Wish me luck bois.

  12. Is it ok to ask about weight loss questions here?
    So i,ve went down from 207 to 178lbs and i still have this annoying fat on my chest and lower back. How much more does it take? I have average muscles and its not like il skinnyfat or something. Should i just keep pushing it? Feels like all my last fat are stacked upon my chest and lower back, cause my legs, face, arms are so shredded haha..

  13. Do I want to start my bulk with a well structured powerbuilding ppl with weekly volume increases on accessories… Or do a crazy high volume 6 day Arnold split that hits everything 2x per week with tons of supersets????

  14. Long time lurker, never felt I had anything to contribute with.. But hell I cant tell anyone else about this so here goes.

    Had a leg day around two months ago which was absolutely insane, I pushed so hard on hip thrusts I thought my glutes would explode.

    Turns out I pushed so hard I got a haematoma right on my butthole, my SO called me Miss Marble and I am permanently wary of doggy style.

    Turns out I can lift til my ass breaks.

  15. Went out to a fancy pizza place yesterday and probably had 3000 calories in one meal. Shit was cash, but that warrants a 2-day minicut to undo the damage.

    On the bright side today’s leg day is gonna be great with all those carbs.

  16. God damn do I fucking hate the people who blame everything on their fictional mental issues, they’ll be like “sorry i snapped for no reason i have borderline personality disorder” and when you ask them how do they know they’ll say “go read about it on wikipedia”

    I feel like most people who claim they have mental issues are just asking for attention, of course there are some who really suffer from depression and anxiety, but in my experience, they’re hard to come by

  17. Anyone here ever reheat a hamburger? Found this place that makes really good hamburgers was going to buy a few extra to reheat the next couple of days.

  18. Has anyone ever actually improved their flexibility before? I stretch pretty frequently as prehab, but I’ve really never been able to improve my mobility or stop my knees from clicking and popping.

  19. Training with a dry cough should be fine if avoiding high intensity cardio, right? Thinking of just going to do a few exercises – front squats, push press and weighted pull-ups. 3 rep sets and not very many sets each.

    I just need validation now because a few people have told me I shouldn’t train now that I’m constantly coughing. Save me bros

  20. sup MEATHEADS????

    got super stoned and had a great idea with my friend last night. so im picking up a few fax machines off craigslist and setting up my landline this weekend along with a few other buddies so we can fax each other memes

    im so stoked. imagine hearing your fax machine whirring for 5 mins and then receiving some dumb shit. the suspense will eat me alive. fuck im brilliant

    in other news i facetimed my mom cuz she wanted to see me do pushups and i tweaked my back so hard i can barely move today ayy lmao

  21. Good Morning DD and Wrecking Crew! The refeed pump this morning was real. Body was like “hey, let’s slap 20lbs more on this bench” Kill your lifts this week all!

  22. im trying to find this one nicks strength and power video that details some olympian who did a “cross pose” (fists pointed downward) in protest against weider or something, he also looke great. i cant remember if this guys controversy was with zane or arnold. thats about all the details i have

  23. No sir I’m not impressed by your 3 half reps of 245 on bench. No sir, no way! All the way down to the nips or it didn’t count. Now you can stop looking at me like you’re trying to challenge me, it’s my pull day.

  24. What would be a good junk food alternative that would be calorie equivalent of a pint of beer? A donut maybe? Small bag of chips?

  25. Okay grandpa you have used every attachment for the cable machine, now it’s time to get off.

    This guy has done every imaginable exercise for the cable machine he’s out of options. He’s resorted to doing weighted freestyle swimming on the cable machine.

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