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Every day Dialogue Thread: 09/09/2018

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16 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 09/09/2018

  1. Depression is stupid my Bros. Feels like my body is on auto pilot as my real self is stuck in a glass box watching my body just be miserable but I can’t do anything about it

    Now I do think I’m over the hump and my situation isn’t as bad as some others I’ve read on here, nothing actually terrible has happened to me for me to feel this way, I have friends, family, a nice ass gym, and plenty of stuff to do to distract me.

    But I guess that’s how it works sometimes, sometimes your mind is just like “fuck it let’s be sad all the time”

    Stay strong everyone

  2. MFW when I can do 12 reps 170kg (max) horizontal leg press machine but can only squat like 80kg probs. Squatting feels so unnatural right now, really sucks as before injury I was approaching 130kg. I have recovered from injury now but squat feels so unnatural man.

    I think the issue could in part be the shoulder flexibility. Anyone got any stretching or something? I was trying very wide grip earlier but felt weird too.

  3. Went to a river beach today and saw a girl my age and her dad jumping of a bridge into the river so I just got in the action with them. Girl was really nice but in the endI chickened and didn’t ask for her info :/ and now I’ll never see her again

    Why am I like this boys…

    Anyways my pecs are growing nicely so I’ve got that going right babe?
    Also so hyped for the Olympia, it’s like the World Cup hype all over again for me!

  4. What’s everyone’s favourite hamstring exercise? My quads overpower my hamstrings a lot and i’ve been trying to bring them up during this bulk.

  5. About to be back on the grind, haven’t seriously worked out in about a year and a half as I fell in love with climbing, dropped about 13lbs and a lot of muscle, any advice on getting back into it, any routines you guys suggest?

  6. Some days, I open the DD and read all the shit some of y’all are going through in your lives and it puts my smaller problems into perspective.

    Other days, I open the DD and there’s 5 guys bragging about their tinder escapades and I consider the rope.

    Let’s see what today brings.

  7. “Now I have boobs again! uwu”

    That phrase fucking triggers the hell outta me. Fuck your fat ass for letting yourself get fat again and then try to play it off as you’re proud of your failure and then try to put down thin girls. Fuck you.

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