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Every day Dialogue Thread: 09/05/2018

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43 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 09/05/2018

  1. Anybody split up their leg training into more than 2 days a week?

    Been running PPLx2 but I feel like splitting it up over the whole week instead of 2 days would help minimize knee pain/iritation.

    I would keep the same volume, just do a little bit of legs each day. Thoughts?

  2. This is worrying me a bit.

    After leg presses and only leg presses I get such a rush of blood to the head that afterwards I genuinely felt confused, I went to do calf raises and took forever to do the math on what plates I needed for it…wtf? Still feel a bit weird.

  3. I was having such a great day, but now it’s leg day…atleast I have a home gym so noone can see me crying mid-way through my workout, just trying to survive.

  4. Got two dates I’m very hopeful for this weekend. Been a man hoe since the end of April so I’m ready for something real I think

  5. if you divide “girls i’ve slept with recently” into

    “girls i would sleep with again” and “girls who would sleep with me again”

    there is no overlap

  6. Forgot how much shaving impacts ab definition, especially when u get real hairy.

    Also, just hit a 270 Bench 13 weeks into a cut so that was pretty great.

  7. Octane Fitness marketing reps came to my uni gym today and were demo-ing a new machine and they gave me a free t shirt and talked with the reps for like 30-40 mins about fitness and personal stuff and got their business cards. This is something I’d want to do after college, I’m going to follow up and hopefully stay in contact and maybe try and do an internship with them. Kill your lifts today bros

  8. Dear diary,

    I downloaded like 4 dating apps so I can go be a hoe for once in my life cuz I don’t think love is for me. Maybe once I stop caring I’ll find love.

    Also anyone have any tips? I’m autistic & can hardly get matches or talk to other humans.

  9. Unfortunately that post from the last DD about the guy getting his face shit on at his weird gay swingers orgy kept pervading my thoughts today while I was working. I feel like a specter of that story hangs over this DD too regrettably.

  10. I have a crisp $100 for anyone who can help me win my fantasy football league. I’ve never played before but I like winning. I did my auction draft last night.

  11. Did something happen to Luimarco?

    He went from consistently posting about bodybuilding news, to transcending back into roasting gym idiots, shit posting, and client shout outs for his PT business.

  12. My wife is breastfeeding our infant, and she has an enormous surplus of breastmilk. We were talking about this with another friend one day and he said that bodybuilders often drink breastmilk and that we could sell it for a lot of money (we have nearly an entire chest freezer filled with ziplocked 8oz pumping bags).

    Is this true? If so, what do bodybuilders pay for for breastmilk?

    We were just going to donate it to the local children’s hospital, but if it’s worth it we would consider selling at least some of the milk.

    Sorry bois, the demands of baby raising have killed any and all libidinous urges in our household, and breastmilk as a fetish loses a lot of potency when there’s constant pumping and feeding, etc. If only Pornhub were how things actually work.

  13. BBs, I have a confession: I haven’t been to the iron temple in months. I moved, went on vacation and started drinking too much. This week I get my shit straightened out and start moving some fucking weight around because WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT

  14. The progression app on Android is so great. Idk why the creator doesn’t put it on iOS. Everything else I try just doesn’t match it

  15. Finally figured out how to make my chest grow how I want it to. Just tear your ACL and be able to only do upper body for weeks and months. Simple as that good luck!

  16. Found out the lump on top of my knee was from tendon overgrowth due to arthritis etc. Good news is that it can be fixed, I’ll be back to squats in 3-4 weeks, today was pretty alright dudes.

  17. Bois I keep getting nasty zits on my legs and I keep thinking they’re staph. I shower regularly idk why they keep showing up. Wat do?

  18. For about a year now I’ve felt demotivated and lazy, but a couple months ago I “manned the fuck up” and started being super consistent with my diet and going hard in the gym. This lasted for about 3 months. But recently I’ve felt extremely demotivated, like I can barely do any work and I have no desire to achieve anything except for random spouts of motivation. I know some of you will tell me to man up but I feel like I might legitimately have something wrong with me. Where can I get help?

  19. I got more of my right sleeve done this last weekend so I have been absentmindedly laying/leaning on my left shoulder. Felt a little sore but I still went through with bench yesterday and managed to flare up an old injury like a dumbass so no no OHP for me today. :/

  20. I’m deadlifting and some dude asked me what the ‘secret’ to moving heavy weight was. Fuck man it’s not something you just have to look up online; go fucking deadlift more

  21. This girl from the gym hit me up, wants to smash. Keeps talking to me about personal shit like she’s my girlfriend. Maybe I’m a soul less douche, bjt fuck I don’t care about that shit. I’m here to train not talk god damnit.

  22. Man i thought it would be awkward to add some of you on instagram but damn you put quality content out there with which i can identify( gym pics, gym humor). It feels like i belong somewhere.

  23. First time bulking. I’m doing just 4-5 heavy workouts a week and eating considerably more. Is a crazy sex drive normal?

  24. Urge to binge caused by duration of deficit or just body fat %?

    Been in a deficit just a month (only just started to have the urge to binge this week) is this predominantly due to my time in a deficit or by me being below my set point ( fairly lean, have ab veins) . I know that both will obviously contribute.

  25. Imagine being so in denial that you perfectly describe yourself, but use this description to talk about other people.

    My mom and brother eat like shit. They just do. But my brother isn’t obese and my mom isn’t fat, so it’s all okay (their mentality). I know this is super judgey and condescending and all that good stuff, but it’s a rant so it’s w/e.

    I try to be health conscious, I’m getting my bulking diet going and a flowin this friday, and I’m excited. It just sucks that my family isn’t the same. My mom literally said to me before (while we were at a nursing home), “Make sure I never end up in one of these.” and I straight up told her that that is entirely on her, and I’ll help. So I had her on a beginner strength program for a week (at the end of the week, I told her “ok, we did this for a week or two and i pushed you to do it, but now it’s on you to initiate the workout. I’ll help you but you need to say ‘Ok, lets workout!'” and she never did. She gave up instantly. And I want to tell her (and I have before) that exercise and proper diet needs to be part of her life (shes early fifties, no good habits is going to catch up eventually), but she takes it as the most personal offense a human could receive.

    FUCK. I genuinely just want these people to be healthy and get all the benefits I get from this shit, but they don’t do anything. Fucking blows

    And I made a comment at dinner about it, and now she’s livid and will be for a while. A bad choice by me for sure

  26. Question for my fellow weed heads.

    Towards the end of the month, i’m going to be sending in my blood work to test levels checked.

    This would be my first time doing so.

    I smoke cannabis 4-5x a week.

    If i’m not wrong, there have been numerous studies that show that your test levels get suppressed while you have THC lingering in your system.

    Would my frequent cannabis use effect the results of my bloodwork?

  27. It’s raining spontaneously on campus, but I’m wearing a whit tee and I’ve trained for this moment. Bless all of our wet tee gains.

  28. You know you’ve really been slacking at the gym when other regulars text you out of pure concern to make sure you’re ok. The real reason I haven’t been to the gym was because my boobs went from a small B cup to a full DD from birth control in less than 6 weeks and I was really uncomfortable and had to go buy new sports bras whichare expensive AF to hold these things in. You boys have it so fucking easy. Boob gains tho… 😍

  29. One of those days where u just want to do nothing and lay in bed. probably the only productive thing i’ll do today is to the gym. sigh

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