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Each day Dialogue Thread: 09/01/2018

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55 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 09/01/2018

  1. You know what’s shitty?
    You say you’ve been to the gym for a year and go 6 days a week…and people are like, it doesn’t look like it.
    People don’t seem to get that you don’t gain 60lbs of muscle or consider you’re on a diet.

    I live doing it, bht BB is such a thankless in thing terms of others until you get ripped/ look like a muscle mag model.

  2. Yesterday I was waiting for a friend on the street in a t shirt and a black guy walked by and said “Hey man put those arms away you’re scaring people.”

    I just finished my first cycle. Have I made it?

  3. Boys do I have a fucking doozy for you

    [Update to yesterday’s comment]( Which was an update to the day before that.

    [This entire post is an update to this comment three weeks ago](

    I worked out yesterday with her. She showed up halfway through my workout (my workouts are like 2 hours so she said she’d show the second hour). So she shows up right as I’m gonna PR on bench. I ask a friend of mine( one of the strongest guys at the gym), to spot me. And i remember them being friendly so win win. I hit the PR and talk to him for a bit and whatever.

    Well it turns out he’s her ex boyfriend. I was able to tell immediately because when he came over they didn’t say a word to each other. Didn’t even look at each other, 90% sure he hates me now.

    overall, the workout went well, she said we should do legs next week and that she’d do the entire 2 hour workout this time.

    I don’t think either of us are looking for anything, I’m transferring to a university 8 hours away and she’s just starting her career. But she’s hot, so imma try to jump in those pants.

  4. Where can I find a good resource to figure out which muscles on my own physique need to be built based on which type of competition? Want to compete in a few years and I want to start adjusting my routine now to properly train my frame to a competitive shape.

  5. So I ended up agreeing to do that rowing regatta in October with my old college buddies. I was about to start a bulk, but training for this’ll have to take priority so now we’ll just see how dickskin I can get. Currently just under 170 at 6’1″, will probably end up around 160 since I’ll be doing 40min – an hour of cardio on the rowing machine every day, with my usual weights after.


    Multivitamins, Melatonin, foam roller, and sleep are going to save me in terms of recovery. I’m hyped to see everyone again and from what I’ve heard once the racing is over it’s just a massive afterparty of rowers for the weekend. I’m really excited boys.

  6. Does anyone switch exercises and if so how often do you do it? For example I was thinking about doing dumbell lateral raises, then machine, then cable, then upright rows, then repeat the cycle every 3 months. The idea is to hit each body part from different angles to maximize growth.

    What’s your experience with this?

  7. Switching from nSuns, which I love, but have been doing on-and-off for a long time now. Bit bored and want to try a PPL with chest and shoulders on their own days (push/pull/legs & shoulders/rest/push/pull/legs & shoulders/rest):

    * Day 1: Bench 531, Bench 5×10, DB Incline 3×10, Weighted dips 3×10, Tricep pushdown 4×12 SS Lat raise 4×15
    * Day 2: Weighted chins 3×5, BB row 5×10, V-grip PD 3×10, BB Curl 4×8, Hammer curl 4×12 SS Face pull 4×15
    * Day 3: Squat 531, OHP 5×10, Upright Row 4×10, DB RDL 5×10, Lat raise 2×20 SS Abs
    * Rest
    * Day 5: DB Flat 4×6-8, Incline Bench 5×10, Cable Flies 3×10, CGBP 3×10, OH Triceps 4×12 SS Lat raise 4×15
    * Day 6: DL or Rackpull 531, Pull-down 5×10, DB Row 3×10, BB Curl 4×8, Hammer curl 4×12 SS Face pull 4×15
    * Day 7: DB OHP 4×6-8, Leg press/squat 5×10, Upright Row 4×10, DB Lunges 5×10, Lat raise 2×20 SS Abs (not hitting hams here as they were hit day 3 and 6
    * Rest and repeat

  8. Life gains y’all. I turn 28 in sixteen weeks and four days, and by the time I get there I should hit my physical and financial goals for the first time in my life.

  9. Does anyone know how muscular you can get, i am 5’6 and weigh 150lbs at %12 bodyfat. How much more muscle can i build? Can i be 170lbs at 10% bodyfat?

  10. Rough day with LTR. So I guess SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS. Gonna get in a nice lift and see what else the night brings. Just so you know I’ll be peak checkin every fucking place I go

  11. Uhh, I appreciate that people in public like to stare at my body.. but recently my sister has started to. This makes me very uncomfortable.

  12. I love working out, I’ve been doing it for 8 months now. But I’ve been told that since I don’t know my goal of strength vs size that I’m not gonna get anywhere for either and I’ve also been told I don’t work hard enough at all. I dunno if this is true and I suppose you guys probably won’t either but you guys are good to vent to and always make me feel better.

  13. Pro-tip: if you put vanilla Greek yogurt into your pancake mix, not only is it fucking delicious but you can also more easily pretend it’s not a cheat meal.

  14. Holy shit I got store-brand pop tarts and they are absolutely disgusting. But I must eat them to gain carbs and mass goddammit.

  15. The more I cut the more I realize how uneven my upper body is. It’s probably only a few millimeters difference between left and right but now I can’t unsee it

  16. So I was driving home from work yesterday and saw this girl walking her dog. Instinctively my eyes go to her butt first. 10/10. Look up and realize its my girlfriend walking our dog.

  17. Hey y’all I’ve had the best progress of my life so far since I stopped drinking! But when I go out I don’t know what to do while everyone is slamming down shots and beers. Those of you who don’t drink, how do you go out and still have a good time?

  18. My grip is shit, I need to do way more grip work. It only fucks with my deadlift though. Tried to do sets of 275 with double overhand, only got 5 reps. Mixed grip, 14 reps. With straps 24 reps.

    Also my core sucks, it’s the weak link in my squat. Max back squat without belt is a questionable 335 but with a belt I can do 395 ass to grass paused probably more.

  19. welp, im 19 and tomorrow im getting my first tattoo, superstoked. however, its a 3/4 sleeve which is pretty big considering my age/ the fact that its my first tat (made sure that i could cover it with a dress shirt need be). Current weekend job wants me to cover it but we have like 3 employees who have tats and are always showing them so I think thats some B.S. he spewed just cus I asked him about the tattoo policy. Either way its something I’ve been planning for a while and wanted for a long time, hoping all goes well bros

  20. a little lean forward when doing my lateral raises and the rotator cuff pain is gone. how did I not start doing this earlier

  21. Opinions on [this study]( showing that low GI food gave better results than high GI food? I ask this not in contradiction of a calorie is a calorie theory, I am a firm believer in it. But at the same time, for those of us like me with poor genetics, I could benefit from such information. What’s are your opinions on the study and do you see any flaws in it?

  22. Just knocked over my desktop and broke it. Now the power button just flashes orange. Fuck bros. I’m devastated. I had everything on that computer, and I can’t really afford another one right now. Am sad and angry 🙁

  23. So I drank a few cups of herbal tea not realizing it had a laxative in it. That’s what I get for trying to get the store brand of the Yogi Detox tea.

  24. Grill stopped during sex to point out my arms and how big they looked. Realized I had the sickest bicep pump from earlier gym trip and looked and saw my arms looking nice and joocy. We then proceeded to have the best sex of my life, as I was turned on as fuck by how fucking anabolic my arms looked. We’re all gonna make it bros😢

  25. Not lifting or running much on this current wild land fire assignment I’m on, but I am running the shit out of a chainsaw in hundred degree weather.

    Last time I ran a saw this much I dropped 20lbs in a month, regardless of how much I ate.

  26. Set a new squat PR of 265 lbs. I know most of you can bench that much but it’s 30lbs more than last month so I’m hyped

  27. Welp, after ~7 months of not keeping track of food and eating whatever I want I’ve finally decided to change my diet for the better. Gonna start keeping track of Cal and macros and hope it makes a noticeable difference.

  28. So I’ve started using the Doom 2016 soundtrack as my go to workout music. Shit gets me hella pumped. Anyone have any other recommendations?

  29. Have any of you guys done any long-term fasting? I’ve been listening of a lot of Peter Attia and there seem to be a crazy amount of benefits.

    I food-poisoned myself last night (probably with a week-old turkey burger) and feel like shit, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try it out (for at least 36-48 hours).

  30. Dear gym staff, if you could stop re-racking my fucking weights everytime I go take a piss that’d be great. I left my shaker cup to indicate I’m coming back, so I don’t see what the problem is.

  31. For feeders I’ve noticed a lot of progress being made by trying to get all 100 reps in as few sets as possible with 1×100 being the goal after starting off at 4×25

  32. Just completed my first workout on my home set (cage, bench, and barbell), finally acquired. I’ve been out of the gym for almost a year (I have a dog that I’m already leaving alone while at work, and he’s old so I don’t want to lose more time with him). Not only do I love lifting/building as a hobby, but it’s the main thing I use to control symptoms of some difficult disorders I have. It feels so good to be back at it. I slept well last night for the first time in months just knowing I had the gear set up and waiting for me today.

  33. Anyone here have any good meal prep sources? New job means i’ll have to look at making a bunch of meals over the weekend but I cant find much apart from a few Youtube videos.

  34. I was working out consistently for a year but then I stoped for 3 months and am now about to get back in to it. I have never done real meal prep or properly eaten to either gain or lose mass, but coming into the end of summer I would like to try to put on some weight. Where should I start with meal prep? I’m fine with eating the same meal for a week or two in a row, and I don’t usually eat anything for breakfast but I could squeeze it in in the mornings, which Im sure would be helpful for putting on weight.

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