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Every day Dialogue Thread: 08/28/2018

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46 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 08/28/2018

  1. So I have an interview to be a personal trainer on Monday, but they said that they want me to do a workout with them along with my interview. So this might sound stupid but I don’t know what to wear. I was gonna go with khakis and a polo but now that they want me to workout with them I’m thinking of wearing nicer workout clothes like joggers and a decent shirt. Does anyone have experience with something like this?

  2. I did 3 sets of squats today and just left right after, wasn’t feeling it at all. Honestly I just wanna go to sleep right now so I can get my next session in as soon as possible lol

  3. I’ve been in college for 2 days but its orientation week and its like freshman year of high school again. I just want to lose my fucking v card.

  4. I love it when you drop a solid log so big you immediately feel the vast emptiness in your gut. It is in those moments when my gut, heart and mind are truly aligned. Balance restored.

  5. Alright I know one of you dick suckers ran a 4 week Viagra blast to verify that study from last month. Where the transformation pics at

  6. i lost 2 pounds the first week of my cut. 2 weeks later, i’m still the exact same weight. But I look better. what the FUCK man…

  7. I don’t know how much caffeine I’ve had, but I think I can hear colors. I wonder if another cup of Starbucks will help…

  8. Feeling very very ripped open right now.
    My GF of 3 years just broke things off with me (both 18.). All I’ve managed to do is to cry and cry. My heart is pounding and I feel like I’ve lost the most important person of my life right now. I would really need some advice from you fellow bros.

  9. Finally talked to a guy at my gym who is my ideal physique and I stay mirin every time we’re at the gym together. I had been wanting to pick his brain about his diet, programming etc and I finally curbed my autism for long enough to do that but reflecting on the conversation I cant help but feel like all I did was make it seem like I wanted to cover him in oil and playfully wrestle on a bed until I sucked his nuts dry. Idk, maybe Im in my head about it but instead of actually asking the informative questions I had planned I think I just told him specifically, in great detail, how amazing each of his muscles were. whatever, Im not gay probably but dammit if Im a little worried that I came across as trying to pick him up and take him home for a snack. I guess its not a big deal and im just in my feelings about it because its just another autist moment. could also might be in love with him, just dont really know…

    anywho, kills lifts, everythings gonna be ok, all that stuff

  10. Finally took the leap and dropped out of cs and into business management economics
    Could not be more excited to go back to college

    (: kill your lifts boys

  11. I shake pretty bad when doing certain compounds. I was warming up with the bar today on bench and then 135 and on both, my arms were very wobbly. It doesn’t really affect my strength but it’s annoying. Obviously these weight aren’t too heavy, so is my CNS fried or something? I have good nutrition and decent sleep. Anyone experience this regularly?

  12. Anyone heard of Yellowstone Nutra? Offered me a sponsorship, but want to know if it’s legit or not. Last Twitter post was in Oct 2016, and last Facebook post in May 2017, although their insta is going strong with 49k followers.

  13. “This is it,”
    He thought to himself
    “I’m leaving humanity behind…”
    He moves quickly through the dark tunnel and towards the light.
    *faster faster faster*
    Suddenly, he stops on a platform. The light is overhead now. It is the best lighting.
    He is surrounded by people.
    Old friends grab him by the arm
    *”Hey lookin juicy, bro! How much are you benching? What are you taking?”*
    Relatives smile and hug him
    *”You finally made it, son.”*
    He catches a reflection that tells him what he already knows–that he has the nastiest shoulder pump of all time.
    “ugh…calves need work though..”
    A gentle, booming voice interrupts his musings.
    *”Nobody cares about your calves.”*
    He turns around and finds himself in an enormous gym with wall to wall mirrors, every machine ever, and dumbells that go up to infinity. “This is…”
    ***”ATTACK, LARRY!”***
    Snapping out of it again, he locates the source of the voice. It is Jesus Christ himself, huge, chiseled, glistening, and lookin’ absolutely Alpha n’ Omega’d. Jesus Christ, who is spotting Larry Wheels incline benching 5,000lbs. He does a rep.
    They are set up under a sign:
    *”Get in here, bro. Every day is chest day. Sure, you can hit what you want but most of us end up like Larry here.”*
    Larry does another rep.
    *”In here, you are perfect. You have made it. You have ascended.”*
    Larry does another rep.
    “But…but how?” He stammered, confused and excited.
    *”You put in the work, mayne.”* Christ responded.
    Larry does another rep.
    “Even though I didn’t train abs on my bulk?”
    The plates smash to the floor and the gym violently spins into a swirl of color as he falls into blackness.
    *Darker. Darker.*
    His friends and family fall away.
    The dumbbells to infinity fall away.
    Larry falls away.
    The air starts to burn and choke him. Wheezing, with eyes watering, he looks on in horror as a massive, grotesque, yet strangely beautiful absolute unit rises and looms closer.
    “Wha…what happened? Where am I?”
    *”Today, my bro, u train legs and I make release many times with self-abuse while u squat. Every day all day is today, u understand my bro?”*
    “Who are you? How many sets?”
    ***”All of them. I am fuck.”***

  14. Load up your max weight for 10 reps on hack squats. Do an AMRAP. Have your buddy take a plate off each side. No rest. AMRAP with that weight. Remove a plate. AMRAP. Repeat until no plates are left. Hate/thank me later.

  15. Cut off my toxic friends now i have nothing to do other than going to the gym and hating the boredom. Feelsbadman.jpg

  16. i am arrive today, on invertiew, today, on store that sell on jewel/chain, in square #1 mall, i am discuss strongly of resume, in spite of i have not strong eschperience recent, of this type of work, only work of recent times has been to move box, pour liquid, as well as 2 day on computer job, however this was failure

    i am discuss strong qualifikayshon, explane how i am passion to do this work, i am capable of know of style, of young hot men/women is prefer of this days, however on one point one word has slip from my mouth , is word “FUCK” lmao, after this this lady of intevriew, somewhat hot indian women, is change face, and i beleive she is refuse on regards of this basis…. Fuck of my life haha

  17. Im gunna be honest i love the looks i get from people when i roll up to walmart and buy 2 cases of 60 eggs every week

  18. I’m pretty sure I’ve already fallen in love with a girl in my nutrition class. Like you ever see someone and just get taken aback and have to do a double take because of how mf fine they are? Aside from in the mirror of course.

  19. What is this feeling of, consistently, not wanting to do anything productive.

    Where anything from: taking out the trash, talking to people, going to work, to even sticking to a diet – just seems too difficult or even “exhausting” to do.

    I find a lot of things, currently, in my life as boring and unfulfilling. At the same time, any plans to get myself out of this situation seems too difficult and much of a hassle.

    Today, I just want to do nothing but lay in my bed, smoke a fuckton of weed, order a giant pizza, and just straight-up hide from the world and obligations.

    The thing is, I notice I have more and more days where I feel like this now. It went from maybe 1x a week, to now maybe, 3-4x a week.

    Is this what depression feels like?

  20. Is it possible that you need broad shoulders to get a broad 747 back? Like I mean you can’t have narrow shoulders and a broad back.

  21. How often do you guys refeed on cut ? I’ve been on a 1k deficit for about 5 weeks now and did no refeed but I don’t feel the need to.

    Energy’s still good, weight still dropping, strength isn’t bad.

  22. Trying out the Rich Piana alarm sound tomorrow morning. Will report back with the inevitable increase in performance

  23. Anyone know what I’m dealing with in terms of hip problems. If I do the knees to chest test my left hip starts hurting in the front and I can’t get that far, same if I sit in chair with my legs forward 90 degrees and bend forward my upper body and stomach onto my legs I get the same pinching pain the further I go in front of the left hip. This coupled with anterior/inner hip pain on heavier back squats, and leg press when trying to go full ROM which I haven’t done either of in a long time. (Been doing front squats past weeks and it’s fine, since front squats is more upright and hip less flexed I assume). Any exercises or shit to fix this? Cause I’d like to be able to back squat again sometime in the future and the hip is not supposed to be like this I’m sure.

  24. Peeps here drinking that jucy juice and have small children, how would you explain what you are doing if your child walked in on you pinning?

  25. Grip training is like rolling the dice when you go up in weight.

    Finally bought the next level up of the heavy grips and overdid it.

    That was 2 days ago. Forearms and fingers are so sore today I can barely hold my phone

  26. Anyone here work in the tech field? Someone plz hook me up with a comp Sci internship for next summer. I’ll even mail you some creatine on the dl

  27. Had my first Lenny & Larry’s cookie in honor of Rich Piana. I was pretty let down though – the macros on those shits are pretty bad (~66 g Carbs, 400 Cal and only ~16g Protein per cookie). Oh well, good thing it’s just a yummy fucking snack that doesnt even count, goddamnit!!

  28. I’m just living my life I don’t compete or anything. I’m getting into the teens finally for bf%, I’m Only 180lbs tho.

    I can’t really decide if I want to bulk and maybe walk into the football team at my small college or if I’ll keep getting lean and enjoy my face gains and snag a gf.

    What does Reddit think?

  29. Looking at myself with a pump and I realized that while I’m not huge or anything, somewhere out there is a guy who’s goals are to look like I currently do

    And that guys a fucking idiot

  30. I feel like 70% of my life is cooking, eating, and washing dishes. How do yall stay fully committed to bodybuilding while maintaining jobs and other responsibilities?

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