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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/24/2018

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50 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/24/2018

  1. I think I met one of you at the gym today.

    I entered the gym, went straight to the urinal, and this manlet wearing sandals popped up right beside me at the other urinal and was very obviously making occasional glances at my peepee lol. He then caught me catching him and he apologised profusely in an Italian accent.

    I then make my way to the benches for presses. He comes up and asks if he can work in, very clumsily. I say sure. He then proceeds to do curls right by the bench as I’m pressing, for about 10 minutes. I ask if he wants to go and he’s like nah nah I’m fine. I’m good. And then asks me to work in again.

    This guy was so clumsy man, has to be one of you guys.

  2. Reminder: Rotisserie Chicken is a TON of easy cheap protein.

    Eating the white meat and some skin is the easy part. What do you guys do with the dark meat?

  3. My gym has a “Disco Pumping” night right now, including a DJ and club lights, it’s pretty cool.

    Would be cooler if it wouldn’t be so packed tho.

  4. Whoever suggested going ahead with leg day after a night of heavy drinking. I hate you. I nearly threw up after the second set but I still managed to hit a weight PR


    i was late to the gym and ended up going wearing my fucking sandals like an idiot and ran to go pee because i downed all my preworkout in the car ride over and round the corner there was another dude side by side at the urinal but i already commited to the urinal next to me so i had to go with it. i kept spazzing out, tweaking off my preworkout out and i got nervous thinking he was thinking i was glancing at his penis and the thought kept entering my mind so much thinking dont look at his penis dont look at his penis that i ended up thinking look at his penis and looked and HE FUCKING CAUGHT ME LOOKING ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i apologized like mario for some fucking reason too, but wait it gets worse. I see him doing bench press well fuck today is my bench and bicep day, i go up to ask him, tripping over my words because im trying to maintain my initial mario accent for historical accuracy and then i dont even hear what he says so i decide fuck it ill do biceps and wait for him to finish. turns out he said yes because he asked me if i was gonna still work in but i froze up and was like IZ OKEY IZ OKEY IMA OKAY fretello (not sure if this was italian or swedish for dude but i went with it), anyways he was taking awhile so i said fuck it and asked him again in my broken italian but he was already done by then kill me worst part is we aren’t even in italy or europe so i look like some weirdo trying to speak in accents

  6. I’ve seen so many different posts about Reverse dieting after a cut. I want to do a really slow lean bulk for the next year and just forget about getting lean for next summer.

    I’ve lost about 15kg with 2 inches in arm size and 3 in leg size after a pretty bad hip injury. I can’t really walk without pain and pain meds reduce my appetite to nothing. I’ve surgery in 2 weeks to fix it. Any input to a good proper controlled gain would be helpful.

  7. Every day I say i’m gonna up the dose and take 1 and 1/2 scoops of pre workout. However, this would give me close to half a gram of caffeine, so every day I chicken out. Am I being smart or am I really a chicken?

  8. Today at the gym I went to the toilet for a mid workout pee. The lights are motion activated and turned on as I entered, so nothing weird here. But as I was peeing I noticed that one of the stalls was locked, at first I thought it was for maintenance or something but before leaving I got a peek under the door and saw that someone was inside. It’s been several hours now and I can’t stop thinking about this poor guy who was pooping in a pitch black toilet, like how long was he there for? Why didn’t he just open the door to turn the lights on again? I have so many questions

  9. Alright bois, my shoulder/arm popped picking up a barbell to do bent over rows this past Tue. My front shoulder/bicep is sore but doesn’t hurt. Just feel like I over stretched it or is otherwise sore. Anyone have any idea what it could be or any advice? I completed the workout Tue with no issues.

    It’s push day today so I don’t wanna hurt it more or anything. Doesn’t seem to hurt when doing pushing movements tho.

  10. Anyone do any solo travel, especially shorter trips? Thinking about doing 5 days in Thailand, I’m just so overwhelmed with all the shit to see idk where to start planning.

  11. if someone could explain to my mom why her son with Asperger might have some trouble with being social and writing/talking with people that would be great

  12. Gonna ask this in steroid saturday, but at what point of low T symptoms and T levels would you get on TRT?


    Also anyone that’s on TRT what were your levels and symptoms? How/why did you decide to get on TRT?

  13. Finally back in the states after a couple weeks in Bahrain.. thank god for the USA is all I have to say.

    Side note: what’s the deal with airplane food amirite

  14. I started off my push day with some light benching. While doing my warmups, I considered ending the workout entirely because my shoulder felt injured. Instead, I kept going, and the discomfort went away, then I stayed in the gym for another hour.

    Am I Wolverine?

  15. Hurricane Lane is really fucking my gym schedule right now. Supposed to do chest today but now I guess that’s not going to happen. Bad enough I’ve shrunk since moving here now I have to skip the gym?!

  16. Started listening to the Pardon my Take podcast after seeing a recommendation on here and holy shit their episode with the mount Rushmore of guys you see at the gym is pretty fucking funny. The show in general is great and getting me excited that football is back

  17. I’m high on shrooms. Some thoughts:

    Onion sangria would be fucking disgusting. But people have told me onion and apple are interchangeable on your pallet so what if its fuckin great

    Everytime I do this I recognize how primitive I am. My existence is a shout into the void. There is so little separating me from the same people that roamed the earth for the last however many centuries. Just take away my phone.

    If cyborgs are human and part mechanical what am I? I’m dependent on my smartphone. Am I a cyborg? Beep.

    I can always super feel my ab muscles when I do this (whispers in your ear) you dont have abs soyboi

    When drake says something like “do you love me for me?” Its like drake I looked inside you and there is nothing there like what am I supposed to do?

    More on drake;

    Bro scorpio had like 20 thousand songs about you. It’s a very selfish album. But there is some really good stuff on there. I think drake needs to learn the lesson that every band that’s ever existed that was any good has to learn: the audience doesnt want that many songs. Hear me out. Ever see a band and they play for like 45 min and your like jesus I’m not interested in what this band is doing anymore. That’s the opposite of what you want as a showman. Experienced bands know to cut that shit short and have the audience wanting more instead of bored.

    Scorpio is the manifestation of drake not knowing that. We see the potential. Kiki and gods plan are gold bro. Leave that and nice for what and that’s a fucking solid EP. You gotta trim the fat. Oversaturation is the enemy. Look at kanye. Nothing for years

    Meanwhile silvers “wham bam shang-a-lang” is the fucking pinnacle of musicianship and I say that with no satire

    The only thing I’ve ever broken on purpose is wind

  18. I know im not the only person in the world or even this sub but fuck is anxiety a nightmare. Being more social and doing more stuff out my comfort zone is such a double edged sword. Im trying to get to a point where my social anxiety is non existent and I can just be a regular person but it’s so daunting.

    Anyone overcome social anxiety to where they don’t even think about it anymore. Any tips or advice you’d give to someone.


  19. I just had one of the worst workouts I’ve had in a while. Lasted a whole 30 minutes and I felt like shit the. Whole time. The weight all felt heavy and my elbows hurt like a bitch. Maybe it’s time for a deload week

  20. 10 minutes to end of the work day. Bring on the weekend, tomorrow is bench focused push and scheduled cheat. I’m thinking pizza cuz I haven’t had pizza since last November. Yes, it will have pineapple on it. Chicken, pineapple, bacon is the best pizza around, fight me.

  21. I’m cooking for the family tonight since we’re on vacation in Central Oregon. The current menu is:

    * espresso-chili dry rubbed tri-tip
    * smashed potatoes w/ sea salt/rosemary
    * salad w/ peaches, pine nuts, some kind of vinaigrette I’m gonna totally wing

    Really hyped about it honestly. Love trying new things and making good food for folks.

  22. Is this a testosterone rush I feel after a leg workout or what…my balls feel amazing and my whole body feels so freaking good. Hard to describe but it happens after every leg workout, much more pronounced than other days.

  23. Change my view. Guys with large frames have such an easier time adding muscle. The guys with smaller frames have to work exponentially harder to look as good.

    Fuck you fat-ass framed pussies you barely have to work to put on the lean mass. Try being 6’4 with a small frame.

  24. Moving back home with my parents for the foreseeable future. Time to hunt for a job and embrace the bulk I could never afford

  25. Fucking finally hit 4 plates on the deadlift boyoz! Skipped that shit for years and finally started doing to consistently about 6 months ago. God damn that pull felt like some ripe ass.


  26. Anyways a girl hit on me today and first time it has ever happend and I never hit on a girl before.

    some background info I’m 17 and I’m a virgin.

    Long story short, she hit on me and did it in a bad way so it made me really uncomfortable and my friends that were with me.

    Now I wanna fuck her and her intentions were clear she wanted to fuck me and be my bf if that ever happends.

    She’s crazy too like she screamed to some guys to shut the fuck up 5 minutes before she sat next to me and after I’ve went home my friend told me she hit a plastic tree.

    The problem is I can’t fuck sober it would be too stressful especially since I know how uncomfortable I was when she hit in me, so I’m gonna get some opiods then that problem would dissappear.

    So any tips besides don’t stick dick in crazy? She says she’s on the pill but no way I’m cumming in that

  27. Anyone else dealt with purple stretch marks on inner thighs?

    I only squat 240×5 and I have these super purple stretch marks right next to my dick. Are these permanent? I’ve had a couple chicks be weirded out by them and them think its an STD or something. Any solutions?

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