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Each day Dialogue Thread: 08/20/2018

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44 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 08/20/2018

  1. I was at a festival this weekend, and several people came up to me and sand “you’re huge” and “holy fuck you’re big!” And stuff like that. I am 19 years old, 6’4 and 223 lbs approximately, but still I got several comments and looks from people.
    I think maybe the white long sleeve shirt that’s a size too small had something to do with it.

    Is this making it?

  2. Aussies, if you’re not eating kangaroo you need to give it a shot. Tastes delicious and has a shit load of protein. Kill your lifts my dudes.

  3. So with all the CBD hype I finally bought some high CBD strains to try.

    Just smoked one and not sure if placebo but I get slight feeling of pleasant relaxation, without that THC high and my back pain that I had for some days kinda almost went away..

    My mind is kinda clear from stressful day at work and I’m very relaxed

    I’m not generally prone to placebo so I assume it kinda worked, but need to trial more

  4. LPT: Instead of asking to “work in”, use plain english and it will be more effective.

    “Hey dude, I want to use that too. Could we alternate sets – you do yours then I’ll do mine? I’ll change the weights.”

  5. Watched the Paramount miniseries Waco, about the 1993 ATF/FBI clusterfuck with David Koresh’s cult. Highly recommend it.

    At some point during the first episode my mind drifted off and I imagined a scenario where David Laid goes all in on the juice, gets his pro card and hires Branch Warren as his coach. Inevitably, David’s fanbase splits into those who think Branch is a terrible choice, and the others who think it’s a great idea. Eventually, the second group adopts the moniker “the Branch Davidians”. That’s about as far as I got with that train of thought.

  6. Went to Gold’s Venice for the first time since moving to CA. It must be what heaven is like. Got to meet Dexter and saw Rhoden working out too. Little crowded but I enjoyed every second of it. Definitely worth it. Wish I had done it more often.

  7. Cutting is such a flurry of emotions, sometimes I love it, I can physically see changes to my shape and everything just looks better, then sometimes I just see a flat DYEL in the mirror whilst my lifts just get weaker and weaker. I can’t wait to see what’s hiding underneath though, so it will all be worth it!

  8. Having to be out of the house in about an hour for a few showings (staying at rents house while I recover for a few weeks before I move to my new apartment). Thinking I’m going to go to the gym with a friend to get my first lift in since the surgery. Kinda unsure because my knee hurts like a bitch from rehab but it’s always going to hurt like a bitch I feel like…

  9. Anyone have any advice for spots on your back? I’m 24 and literally never had spots before, I’m not juicing and it only just happened the past 2 weeks, only changes I’ve made are I started taking Omega 3 oil and cod liver oil tablets (which I’ve now cut out to see if it helps) and went from dirty bulk to clean cut. Doesn’t make sense, all I’m eating is chicken, sweet potato and asparagus 🙁

  10. Talk to my insurance, “yes we cover x number of chiropractic treatments per year”

    Call the chiropractor “yes we take your insurance”

    Then today my explanation of benefits comes in the mail and says I will owe like 180$

    This is garbage.

  11. I’ve got an AC joint issue but not sure how serious.
    Anyone had one and can you tell me how long it took to get back to full strength?

    Already took two weeks off. Started training again. Generally ok on lifts except bench pressing and not doing any upright rows, lat raises or shrugs.

  12. What do you guys usually have as your fat sources? Right now I’m aiming to get about 80-100g of fats a day. I’m inhaling peanut butter because it’s delicious and good for macros, but is there anything else that’s cheap/good?

  13. Flew to STL from South Florida this past weekend and got to spend some time with my older siblings. Walked around a creek in flip-flops after midnight catching crawdads with a flashlight with my oldest brother. Def the most redneck shit I’ve done in the past decade

  14. my manager (bigtime hater of mine, talks shit about me to everyone at work because i got big while he’s still fat) went on this rant about how people who work out and get swole eat meat because they’re lazy and don’t want to eat vegetables and that because i eat meat all my muscles are “fat muscles” and that when i stop working out they’re all gonna turn to fat. he said that eating vegetables gives you “clean muscle” and used the example of gorillas being huge by only eating plants???? sorry i’m not a fucking silverback ya dumb cunt. he also said that you only need to eat one steak a month because protein “recycles” and it’ll last you awhile. he says that my muscles are just water and that my meals (burritos, new york steaks, chicken breasts) are bad meanwhile he eats salads with so many fucking toppings and dressings that easily put that salad over 1500 calories but yet he’s the “healthy” one, some people are hopeless pathetics

  15. Trained for 3 hours today out of sheer boredom while waiting for fire calls that aren’t going to happen. Got three weeks of paid leave accumulated though, so I might have to take a week or two off once we are officially out of fire season to go on an adventure.

  16. My gym crush and I made eye contact for a good 4 seconds today from across the gym…

    I’ll let you know boys know when I propose, wish me luck bbs

  17. Me and the_first have been living with a roommate for the past year. We’re moving back into our own place in a few weeks. No more being looked at weirdly for cooking 5-10 lbs of meat at a time, using a rice cooker in my hoodie, and sink full of shaker bottles 🙂

  18. Anyone here been cutting for a while, it all went well until you reached a point where you just feel fucking destroyed? Natty, bulked 5+ times before, been cutting now from 105-> 93kg, I just started feeling really beat past two weeks.

    As if my hormones went to shit, my energy is shit, can’t get no good pumps in the gym despite eating 250g carbs /day.. Like damn I don’t get it why now? I’m around 12-13% now, eating 2700cals

  19. Commented on Artemus’ last post on IG about how he fucked people out of money.
    He thought I was talking about the ex GA guys.
    Julian Smith messaged me to clarify too.
    Apparently it wasn’t direct enough.

  20. Sup homies, here early for once.

    Anyone got any tips on sleeping? Into my second week of my new job, and having no issues waking up at 6 15 or getting to sleep around half 10…. But I can’t for the life of me stop waking up multiple times during the night, meaning I’m knackered during the day despite getting close to 7 and a half hours of sleep.

    Doing the usual stop using phone/laptop etc half hour before sleep, reading beforehand etc, will it sort out over time? If anyone has any tips to improve, would be much appreciated!

  21. Pec minor won’t release. I’ve done PT but doesn’t seem to be a permanent solution. What are my options on surgery?

  22. Guys, I’ve been having some problems with stinky shirts even when they’re clean. They start to stink right after I start to sweat.

    I tried everything, extra hour water, extra rinses, air drying, special detergent made for gym clothes, adding vinegar to the wash, oxiclean. I was ready to take my T-shirts to the dry cleaners.

    I had an epiphany though, hard water. And I bought this stuff called, Charlie’s laundry booster on Amazon. I toss a scoop in with the clothes and then another half when it gets to the rinse cycle.

    No more stinky clothes!

  23. hooked up with a spanish qt from tinder and afterwards she squeezed my arm and said wow, you’re strong.
    q: have i made it?
    a: nah, my arms are 15 inches and i’m still sort of an autist. feltgoodtho

  24. First hook up after a brutal breakup. Decided it was time to move on from the past after 5 months and later that night I was able to make it happen. Haven’t played the game in so long and I realized real quick that this is much easier now that I’ve put on some decent size lol.

  25. My new go-to response when friends/coworkers ask me how I can work so much and still hit the gym 7 days/week:

    1) I hate myself

    2) I like food

    3) I like lift

  26. if I just fuckin stand there at the top of a deadlift rep holding a barbell with weight on it will my grip strength get better?

  27. My father fell off the roof of the house he is building for my mother and him. Ten broken ribs, lacerated lung, dislocated shoulder and a concussion. Spend the last three days in the hospital with him. He’s the strongest fucker I know and I hate seeing him like this, even though I know it could have ended up much worse. Pray for him bros.

  28. Being back in the gym since surgery has been going great. I lost my lifting partner but now I listen to music so it’s not so bad. It’s annoying having to ask others for spots on some things but I’ll live.

    ALSO You’re boy is officially off the market! Been a while but finally officially dating someone again. Feels so much better then hooking up with random chicks from tinder and bumble. I was made to be a monogamist tbh

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