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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/19/2019

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44 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/19/2019

  1. [current shape – with a pump – at the ripe age of 31](

    Finally got Test back at 630 and LH&FSH around 9, yay for a full hpta recovery without SERMs nor HCG. Keeping a couple vials of Triptorelin on hand just because. Free T is 12.5 and e2 19.5 pg/ml. Acceptable. Strength is shot, I’m not making progress and my work days are crazy. Honestly I just don’t give a fuck. The anxiety related to not getting full recovery for more than a year post AAS use was BAD.

    Soooo where do I go from there? Weekends only training?? Hiking? …Yoga on weekdays?

  2. I don’t know if I’m doing this right but I’m increasing my lifts by 5 lbs every week. For example last week I curled 40 lbs now today I’m going to add 5 lbs and curl 45. Is that too much of a weight increase?

  3. Today I channeled the strength of my 4.5 stars and cranked out a badass 315×4 paused bench press. My best ever is 315×5 and I was nearly 15lb heavier back then so this is super exciting. Wish I had recorded it but with my luck I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I had. Got a crazy pump with some incline DB work and other accessories too.

    I am eating fucking everything in sight and the scale is just now starting to move up. As it turns out, averaging 15k steps per day makes it hard to gain weight. Lower abs are getting a tiny bit more fat on them but still looking good so I’m gonna ride this gainz train for as long as I can. I’m definitely looking bigger in the mirror. I may not even do a legit cut later this year; I might just keep bulking with a couple short mini cuts so I come home looking good.

  4. Holy shit bros I learned that if you just roll your chicken and rice up in a tortilla with a little bit of hot sauce you can actually ENJOY it. This is a game changer.

  5. My gym was so fucking busy today my workout took longer and didn’t even get everything done. BRUUUH. Hopefully Fridays leg session will be better

  6. I just ate a salad for lunch today.

    WTF? It was delicious, had great macros, tons of nutrients, took no time at all to make, and took like 30 minutes to eat (on a cut, this is amazing), and was super filling!

    Do people know about this? Why did nobody tell me?

  7. I miss the days of Chicken McFugget and his sweet artistry. What happened? Did he leave humanity and become his art??

  8. Once I’m done with PPL (going to strict with it for a year) might try a Upper/lower ppl split 🤔 basically I’m going to mash Jeff nippards upper lower for mon/Tues and then do his PPL for the rest of the days

  9. Do you guys cycle pre workout? Recently I’ve been going up to almost 2 scoops and it doesn’t feel as good as it used to. If you guys take breaks from pre workout usually how long do you take?

  10. Incoming freshman here and my school’s gym is apparently going to be closed due to maintenance for one week. Any tips on how to maintain muscle during this short break? I’ve never really skipped a training session since I started training a little more than a year ago, so I kind of feel pretty bad skipping a week’s worth of gains.

  11. I hate myself so much. I begin 10th grade in two days (secondary upper school) and I’m not mentally prepared at all. I picked the most difficult school program (science) despite being terrible at math. I also have social anxiety and no self confidence at all. Normally 10th graders are 16 years old, but I’m 18 years old (almost 19) because I didn’t go to school for 3 years because of depression and anxiety. But I’m returning back to school now. I’ve improved my life since then, but not as much as I wished I could. I started hitting the gym in january 2018, after I had just turned 17. For the entire 2018, I was doing a 3 day PPL and only hitting my muscle groups once a week. I was unknowingly suffering from fuckarounditis. Now I’ve soon been working out for 2 years and my physique is horrible. I’m so embarrassed to talk about my progress. After nearly 2 years of lifting, my 5 rep maxes are bench 52 kg, squat 80 kg and deadlift 100 kg. It’s sad because if I had a better physique, maybe I’d have more confidence in school and girls would be mirin my physique. If only I followed a program from the beginning, I’d be so strong now. Next week I’m going to run my first ever program, Ivysaur’s 4-4-8.

  12. Going on a one week trip to Spain in 2 weeks. Me and a group of friends will be hiring a huge villa beyond our means, but because we’re with 10 it’s quite a reasonable price.

    Anyway, because I have a high metabolism (maintaining around 4k kcal atm) I’m gonna do a 12 day cut soon. Gonna be using thermogenics (‘fatburners’) for the first time and I’m really curious to see whether it’s gonna make a big difference

  13. Got another email today about changes at my gym. Now the hours are changing, and it’s effective Sept 1st. I thought they wouldn’t change stuff before the whole price increase and getting rid of “open” gym starts Oct 1st. It’s 8 pm close M-Th, 7 pm Friday. Usually I’m out of there around then, but I don’t want to risk it. Was already planning to go check out 24 hr fitness today, and LA Fitness later this week, so this just pushes more to do that.

  14. Had a preworkout meal at 12:30, but was aiming to lift at 3:00pm, but now that’s going to be delayed until 3:30-4pm…Don’t know if I should eat again? It was a big meal. Like 37/80/15 PCF. I’m trying to find a way where I can have the best energy before training. I will take an energy drink prior though.

  15. Any advice for what to do if my upper back keeps getting bigger(lower/upper traps, teres, etc) but my bottom part(specifically lats) barely grows? It’s so fucking annoying and I’ve had this problem for years

  16. **Official Patrick Bateman workout routine (from the novel) for those interested** (saw this mentioned the other day and looked it up to refresh, its worse than i remember)

    Stairmaster 20 minutes

    Leg machines 5×10

    Back machine 5×10

    Weighted crunch 6×15

    Bicep curl 7×10

    20 minutes exercise bike

    Leg extension 3×15

    Leg curl 3×15

    Leg press 3×15

    Barbell curls 3×20

    Rear delt flyes 3×20

    Lat pulldowns 3×20

    Cable rows 3×20

    Deadlifts 3×20

    Bent over barbell rows 3×20

    Incline bench 3×20

    Lateral raise 3×20

    Dumbbell press 3×20

    Close grip bench 3×20

    Cable pushdowns 3×20

    Stretching exercises to cool down

  17. Any recommendations on bluetooth earbuds? My jaybird x3’s just shit the bed in 1 ear so I went to use my cheap set of fully wireless buds I wear at work and found only 1 side is pairing so both my sets are fucked. Would like to be in the $100 range. No airpod type things, too goofy lookin’
    Thanks bros

  18. Is there a term for a shadow boxer that never actually throws a punch? There is a dude right now jumping back and forth like he’s in player selection of street fighter, but the player fell asleep at the controller

  19. Do you guys remember there was a guy in dd who opened a throwaway acc to write story about how he had sex with his training partner/friend in the gym shower? Can someone link me to the post?

  20. I’m completely detached boys. A cute girl that I’d love to eat out told me that I’ve ‘blown up even more this summer’ and I don’t even feel better about myself. Atleast I think that means that I’m really recomping but who the fuck knows when she’s a normie who brags about her ‘fast metabolism’.

  21. Myth: Bodybuilders and powerlifters are entitled and hog equipment.

    Fact: Boomers will take any piece of equipment you were using and do exclusively sets of 20+ reps.

  22. Day one of J&T 2.0 coming from 5/3/1. HO LEE FUCK. Did my first working day of back squats since February and deficit deadlifts for 4 sets of 10. I’m struggling to make it through the accessories because my glutes and abductors are dead.

    I was hoping to cut for a few more weeks but that’s gonna be hard to do with this volume.

  23. Classes start next Monday, lot of fellow grad students commenting on how “jacked” I am. I’m still DYEL status, but feels good brah.

    Also, a fellow student was talking about lifting at a bar. He started about a year ago, I met him in March and since then he’s put on some size. A girl said “Honestly, I can’t tell a difference from you now and before you started lifting.” Holy fuck, I felt that in my soul.

  24. Grocery store next to my gym is closing so everything is 50% off. I went after a lift and saw protein powder and bought 4 big bottles and looked like a bro carrying them to the register in the stringer and headphones i had still had on from my lift

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