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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/15/2019

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37 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/15/2019

  1. Damn I just realized I can do this. I’ll be hitting a fat protein (and carb) shake before lunch and I’ll go lift at my school weightroom during.

    Edit: Any tips for carrying a shake to school, should I get some hydro flask? I’d also appreciate ingredient recommendations that would give me good energy but aren’t too nasty and thick.

  2. Failed a 220kg Squat today. End of May I got a 200kg PR and I have been training very hard towards the 220kg but it didn’t work out. Very disappointed in myself. I’m going to start dieting next week but maybe by the end of the year I can get it.

  3. Noob question about shoulder isolation. Mine suck, especially my left being smaller than my right so I’ve been trying to really focus on them recently doing something for them everyday. I’ve been doing barbell overhead press and then using single arm lat raises (using my left arm first as it is weaker) and Face pulls for my rear delts. The bottom part of my shoulder has got thicker and wider but I don’t really have any “capped-ness” at the top of my shoulders at all, am I doing something wrong form wise or is this just something that will come with time? Cheers

  4. Sometimes when I post body pictures on social media someone (who doesn’t gym) will comment asking what my routine is. I feel bad because I know this is a perfectly reasonable question but in my head I’m like “Does it matter? You’re not gonna suddenly start.”

  5. Hey guys!!! so I’m new to working out and I wanted 2 know what to do??? I don’t want to get too big haha my mom said that’s ugly so I only wanna get JACKED haha you know? Anyways I don’t like eating and usually only have about 700 calories a day and I also don’t like lifting weights because they’re heavy LMAO! My plan is to workout once a week so I don’t over train and this guy told me I should only do 3 sets of 10 for every exercise! I’m not going to do squats because they’re for girls which means it’s gay and I’m NOT gay. I like girls. I’ve heard protein shakes are bad for your stomach so I’m only going to stick to real foods like my moms homemade boiled unseasoned chicken like a REAL man. I swear to god dude I’m not gay. I’m not very patient so I need something that’ll give me results quick and ideally within the next 4 weeks because my friend is having a pool party and I want to look good for the girls NOT the guys haha.

    Do NOT respond saying anything like “it takes years” because my friend has been running for a few weeks and he’s already SHREDDED bro. Not that I stare at him or anything.

  6. Help me bbros im going to a potluck in 2 hours. What can i pick up from the grocery store that everyone will like?!?

  7. Is it bad that I never train my shoulders directly? I train chest twice a week, so I already get alot of front delt work from bench and incline db press. Rear delts I can do on back day (facepulls) and I can do lateral raises on chest day for side delts.

  8. Hello,
    I’m new to this and I’m looking to bulk up. I did research and I’m wondering how much of a protein surplus should I take in order to do a clean bulk.
    Right now I’m a 19 year old male 5 foot 9 who weighs around 63 kg. Im thinking maybe gain 1-2 pound per week, but I’m not sure if I should go for that.
    I’m thinking of doing 3 full body excersize sessions (each one different) per week with lots of walking and/or 20 minutes of cardio.
    How much of a protein/calorie surplus should I eat to clean bulk?

  9. Just back from football (gaelic), played midfield which means my job is to run for 60 minutes and be a big fucker, whilst beating the shit out of the other team’s big fucker. From 10 minutes in, I was so fucked and could barely breathe. Which means I gotta start doing gym cardio or jogging again. Ew.

  10. Is CBD oil the new-ish placebo product being pushed? My instagram feed has been filled with ads and several fitness related people I follow all seem to be sponsored by one company or another.

  11. Obese coworker in her early 20s telling me how bad sodium is for you and that broccoli is man made so it must not be natural to eat. Kill me now

  12. I send my friend the occasional copypasta from the DD and today he replied with “lifting is gay I’m going to stick with bodyweight exercises”

  13. Caffeine is weird. The longer I use it daily the more bad side effects I get (dries my face skin out & gives me jitters/anxiety). I try to do like 3 weeks on 1 week off but I haven’t reset my tolerance at all this summer. Gonna taper off over next couple days and take a couple weeks off before uni starts back up

  14. On the trailer for dave chappelle’s new special people are commenting how he must be on steroids to have his physique and how they can see his HGH gut.

  15. In sort of a weird spot today.

    I’ve always struggled with putting on weight, and I’ve been out of the gym for a while, but recently started going back.

    I weigh more than I’ve ever weighed in my life, although I’m not nearly as strong as I was before – but I’m still underweight.

    Progress is progress I suppose!

  16. I had a dream while napping and woke up with a rather aggressive erection. There was sexy stuff in the dream and all but the only part I remember now is there was cereal.

  17. Does anyone else get crazy pumps after drinking the night before training the next day?

    Is it because my body is dehydrated or is alcohol just another way to say PWO?

  18. What’s the best beginner’s program in your opinion? There’s so many I don’t know where to start. Any beginner advice? My lifts are relatively good for a newbie, will that change how I train as a beginner? Thanks.

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