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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/15/2018

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42 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/15/2018


    Nah the shot is safe as fuck but god damn do I feel like I’m kicking ass in life.

    Making good money

    Bossman lets me make side projects using his tools/leftover or spare mats

    Beautiful lady person with an even prettier heart

    Good coach who listens to my input

    220lbs and the leanest I’ve been at this weight

    Delicious clean food every two hours (bury me in avocado)

    Dispos be having mad sales 2g of distillate for 20$

    Finally moving out of my shithole townhome soon

    We’re all gonna make it brahs. 2 months ago I was hating life. I couldn’t even see the walls of the tunnel let alone some bullshit light.

  2. I rediscovered my love for generic deathcore from a decade or so ago and now all I wanna do is go pick up my guitar and jam the fuck out.

  3. How much of a difference does testosterone variation in natural athletes make a difference in muscle building? I had my Free Test measured and its on the very highest end of normal (High Abnormal according to some ranges). Im just curious if it actually makes a difference to my ability to build muscle compared to somebody in the average range.

  4. I bought an engagement ring today but don’t know if I should do it this Saturday after our date night or September on our weekend vacation. What do boys?

  5. Woke up with a stiff neck. So irritating to not have full ROM. Hopefully it goes away soon. I need to go to gym later

  6. Forgot I’d just took preworkout when I went to finish folding my laundry just now and the shit kicked in mid-fold and I almost ripped my boxers in half holy FUCK bros kill your lifts

  7. Why everyone say that eating at maintenance is worst to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time instead of cutting and bulking per separate because it faster?
    Do you know that eating at maintenance you are doing 2 things, building muscle and burning fat at the same time, how is faster 2 months of cutting and 3-4 months of bulking than 4-5 months eating at maintenance to build muscle and lose fat?

    Sorry english

  8. Was consistently weighing in at 180, then fucked up my diet for 2 days and weighed in at 172 this morning. Hold me bb’s

  9. Hairstylist : you definitely look pretty big

    Me : (automatically thinking it’s a joke) yeah I know I look super flat during this cut because I’m at a 1K deficit

  10. I’m at the level now where girls I date and random strangers just call me muscular to my face, like it’s a fact. So with this in mind there I am appreciating the gym cuties when this thought hits me: what if I’m also a gym cutie that random strangers appreciate?

    Nah I’m fucking with you guys I’m too ugly

  11. ok guys, how do you split your training schedule to include cardio. and how do you split so that back gets a good workout but not in a way that hurts deadlift performance?

    im approaching the ripe age of 25 and if i dont start developing a more efficient and healthy cardiovascular system then I could be fucked within 20-30 years, there are a few instances of heart and liver issues from mom’s side.

  12. What’s up lads? Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I used to browse this sub religiously during college when I was putting my most effort into diet and lifting. I’ve been off my grind ever since graduating and starting a job (thought it would be easier without school…) and as such don’t talk to you lovely men as much. I’m finally in a set routine where I can put more effort into BB’ing, so look forward to seeing me around here again 🙂

  13. Update on my job situation. Waiting on company to make a counter offer. I start the new job sept 4th (why a tuesday?!). Have a phone call with new job to ask wtf they want me to do and what I can honestly expect my final salary to be. IE are my 35% bonuses feasible or are they only for people who work over 40 hours a week.

    Had a convo with current job and told them my demands to stay. Let’s see what happens.

  14. Anyone got any music recommendations for the gym that get you absolutely hyped? Been listening to Astro World by Travis Scott, but need some new shit. It can be rock, hip hop, idc.

  15. Went to boots and hearts this weekend and my ankles and calves are swollen as fuck from all the walking around. shit fucking hurts

  16. When doing back-squats my wrists bend a lot, because I haven’t got the flexibility to keep them straight. What stretches or whatever can help me? Feels like my shoulders are tight, or chest, dunno

  17. Update on pregnancy situation: Went to the doc today for the first ultrasound and the doc says my wife is 5 weeks along! No heartbeat yet, could only see the beginnings of the embryo but the doc said that everything looks good. Next appointment is in about 3 weeks (doc is on vacation), so have to bide our time until then but by then we should see quite a bit on the ultrasound. I’ll be sure to scan the next ultrasound in and show it to you folks then.

  18. looked at a guys bicep on the train today. had to get off at the next stop. the big gay was there on that train and i know it.

  19. i am fail on test at airport, now, i am have to drive on vehichle that is to transport person + bag within airport, from place of other place, of go faster then walk

    however quite challenge of drive, i am not able of make straight line with this thing, i am fail <10 sec, FLM

    gonna be challenge of pay on rent…….. utube is current on block

  20. Anybody have success running Nsuns during college? I’m in the gym about anywhere from a hour and a half to two hours five days a week. My plan right now is to make Monday and Tuesdays rest days so I can go the gym early on the weekends.

  21. Joe over in accounting is taking a day off from dieting to have a yummy snack… …like he’s done every day since 1973.

    Tricia from H.R. is gonna get abs from situps… …cake is a meal.

    Scott from the mail room is gonna get huge from running marathons. Still hasn’t even run around the block.

    Felix from executive is on a juice diet and feels awesome… …just left in an ambulance.

    Luke, the janitor, is doing the keto diet… …every other day.

    Chad from I.T. retired early after selling Herbalife products to all of them.

  22. This morning I got roasted by one of my lawncare customers, who when I pulled up a dead shrub asked ‘Do you lift weights or anything?’ real subtle like that. I had thought it was obvious, so there went my pride. However, this afternoon, a separate customer asked if I trained and I said ‘a little bit’ and she said ‘Yeah, I can tell!’ like it was blatantly obvious. So right now, I have no idea if I lift or not. Maybe just after lunchtime I look decent, idk.

  23. Me putting Preworkout in my waterbottle has me scoop out a giant heaping portiom that stands tall like a mountain from the scoop.

    Mhmm yes, “one” scoop!

  24. Any of you guys experiment with CBD oil? My gym and local supp store just recently started carrying it and I’m curious to how effective it is.

  25. Welp, day is ruined. Got called a crossfitter for correcting someone who didn’t know the difference between a snatch and a jerk. Not sure why they had to bring that sort of name calling into it.

  26. What are your thoughts on intensity vs volume in training?

    Recently I started doing this new routine, where the volume is drastically lower than usual – I used to do 20-25 sets per bodypart per week – now it’s more like 10 sets per bodypart per week, but my rest periods are significantly smaller, reps are higher and intensity in general is higher. I still feel like I work hard despite the drop in working sets.

    Any experiences, thoughts, anecdotes, scientific insights on this?

  27. If i see another fuckboy wanna be posting party life/ gym life pics in my insta explore page Im gonna have a fuckin stroke

  28. Jumped 15lb on bench after just getting a 10lb pr last week because want 300 and BIG OOF there. That hurt. Didn’t get it. So now today’s gonna be a pump day because all of me is sore.

  29. Trip to maui and going to costco to stock up on food. Gf parents go and raid the bakery section with cookies muffins ect. The cut has just gotten hard lol. To be honest , this hot weather really kills my appetite.

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