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Each day Dialogue Thread: 08/12/2018

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48 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 08/12/2018

  1. I’m about to do leg day, and looked up a video of Tom Platz coaching someone. Shit is intense, man I can’t imagine the pressure of doing leg day with Tom Platz and being filmed.

    The dude struggles with 10 reps, Tom says “5 more”. He gets 5 more, just barely, then Tom says “5 more” again. And they just do forced reps. Any other scenario you’d just drop the weight but it’s Tom Platz so what can you do haha

  2. I just want to be strong enough that I can reconstitute peanut butter by shaking the jar like it’s my post workout drink

  3. Taking my pre-workout dump to hit and kill legs. I was looking at Arnold and Franco’s instagram’s this morning and wow, I want two things: First, I want to get lean as fuck again and compete (aiming for Spring show) and Secondly, I really want a best friend to lift with or something.

  4. My workout gains were ruined yesterday. Had an incredible day lifting, hit a new pr of weighted dips: 3 plates for 3×5 @200 lb bodyweight. Felt incredible coming home and then I saw my ex with some guy helping her move a table into her apartment. He didn’t look that attractive to me so I’m not sure if they were dating, but I waved and she didn’t wave back.

    gotta confuse the emotional stability, right babe?

  5. Ive been way into Led Zepplin recently and Zep sounding bands.I went from having 1 Wolfmother song and 0 Greta Van Fleet songs to like 5 of each. My Zep count has also doubled as I’ve been going through their albums. Ive also been adding a shitload of Tele era Black Keys and De Stijl/early White Stripes

    Also I can comfortably wear a L t shirt for the first time since ~8th grade. Feels good man

  6. My fellow honkies and honkettes. I just took my MPRE yesterday! and with the bar exam done in July I can finally fucking relax and start hitting some BIG ol lifts.

    Goals before the end of the year was 2.1K total of Press/Chinup/Squat/Bench/Deadlift.

    Current maxes are Chinup 310×5 (total weight), Press 185×6, Squat 455×3, Bench press 300×4, deadlift 545×5.

    Now I’m just going to sit around, jerk off, play the new WoW expansion, and lift weights until I hear back.

  7. So I rented a house for the weekend for my girl’s birthday. Some of her friends met us that she doesn’t get to see much. Was a fun weekend, lot of shit food, lot of beer. Ready to get back to the grind. Had a good reminder why I don’t hang with fat people with one of her friends that came. Obnoxious and lazy af. Plus she always spent the most time getting ready of anyone. That’s like putting new windshield wipers on a wrecked car.

  8. Finally graduated from nursing school (BSN). It feels so surreal being finished with it that it feels strange to not have something to study for or knowing that an assignment/test is due soon. Until I take the test for my license, I’m just going to enjoy my free time and put more emphasis on the WEIGHTS. Happy Sunday, y’all!

  9. 20kg lost after 8 months dieting. Fucking hell it’s been a long road.
    Still not cut by any means but my upper body looks ok.
    My upper thigh and ass however look wack, kinda saggy skin and fat still.
    Apart from hip thrusts what else can I do on leg day to sort that?

  10. Fuck shitty parents, if I ever end up like my dad and I find out my kids think of me the same way of how I think of him I’d be to ashamed to even look at them. The only thing he’s taught me is how to be the exact opposite of him. If you guys have a good dad really appreciate him, I can’t even imagine what it’s like but fuck being sappy I’ll be better then him anyway. At least the gym is always nice to me even though sometimes the weights feel heavier.

  11. Is fasted cardio bro science or is there actual science backing up that it’s more beneficial than cardio … assuming your diet is in check would it make much of a difference if any ?

  12. Just completed the move in back with my parents

    Pros- Willing to feed me and support my bodybuilding aspirations, Helping me look for a full-time job

    Cons- Living with my parents for an indeterminate amount of time

    I’m approaching it right now like I’m taking a semester off, but it’s a little discouraging when I have friends that have full time job offers already. In more exciting news, I’m trying out a new “hardcore” gym as my only options are a few health clubs. Excited to hack squat, not excited to work out without AC in Texas

  13. me fuckin cut has finally stalled. Heck. i rly dont wanna wake up at 7am and do fasted cardio but i guess if i wanna be about that life i gotta

  14. I never did coke but do you think using cocaine a few times and trying to memorize that state will help with social anxiety? (srs)

  15. Just wanted to give you guys a little update about my recipe lump from the other day.

    I had to get an ultrasound on my testicles—only thing awkward about it was when she asked me to grab my Johnson rod and push it to one side. Yesterday, I got a call from my doctor, and he said it was only a epididymal cyst which would go away on its own so fuck yeah!

    The only lift it really affected this week was my deadlift—had to make sure the bar didn’t hit my little buddies.

    Thank you all for the support the other day bbs!

    Edit: to add to that, check your trackless regularly and if you notice something, GO TO THE DOCTOR right away!

  16. Long time no talk bb. In a situation that need the wise sage advice of the DD on. Dating a girl for two months, things were going really well hanging out everyday I didn’t work, talked everyday, were staying the night at each other’s place all the time. Then she tells me I’m being too pushy in the relationship so I slow things down let her set the pace, she turns around and starts saying okay ready to move to the next level so I’d get all hyped up again, then she’d get cold feet. Then Friday she wanted to end things so we talk for an hour or two on the phone trying to figure out what’s going on, and she comes to she needs some time to figure out what she wants and we should take a break. Do I give her her week or two to figure it out or just bounce the fuck out?

  17. what to do about lack of mind muscle connection? I had leg day today and while I didn’t have a problem with my quads and hams, my fucking calves just did not cooperate. It’s so frustrating because that’s my biggest weak point. I’m coming up on a slow bulk so I’m hoping as I get a little bit bigger it’ll even out with the work I’m doing, but it just feels fucking pointless

  18. I’m looking to take working out more seriously now. I’m 16 yo, have been very fit my whole life, but only started lifting weights this summer (before this I only did body weight exercises all the time). Where can I get advice on my body and where to go from here? Should I upload pictures and ask for advice or? I’m looking to improve my strength, but also size.

  19. I’m planning to switch from 5AM workouts to 6PM workouts today. At that time I obviously trained fasted, so I’m not sure what I can eat pre-workout and not end up feeling sick, any suggestions?

  20. Classes start tomorrow and I’m spending my last day of summer working. Go figure.

    But I’m hitting arms tomorrow so I’m excited for that. 1 year anniversary with my girl is also coming up. Life gains boos

  21. Fucking hate overeating on a bulk, especially when it’s mostly from fat. I remember some studies showing that a fat surplus turns into fat into the body instantly, while carbs first go to glycogen stores etc. So if I say overeat by a 1000 more calories than what I was supposed to have, even if I eat 1000 less the next day that’s just going to take the energy from my glycogen stores in the body etc, and it feels like I’ve still gained unnecessary fat. Does this make sense from a scientific standpoint?

  22. Do any of you have special things you do that keeps you on your diet? I was doing great and then went to Europe for 6 weeks and can’t get myself back on the wagon since I’ve been back

  23. [I got pierogis for dinner!]( Had to go to Poland for business again and I’ve been looking forward to this meal for weeks now. I absolutely love pierogis… Now if only my back didn’t hurt like hell, this would be the perfect fuel for deadlifts.

  24. I want to start chatting up everyone at the gym but a part of me wants to be able to just walk into the gym, put headphones in, and do my own thing without spending all the time saying high to everyone and having my workouts take longer

  25. Lift 6-7 days/week, count your calories/macros, and brings our meal prepped lunch to work daily and you’re the weirdo.

    Order out for lunch daily, do nothing but sink into your couch and watch Netflix after work and on your days off, and nobody bats an eye.

  26. I feel like such an asshole doing heavy above the knee rack pulls in my gym, most people who don’t know about rack pulls must think I’m just ego lifting deadlifts with 0 rom

  27. Hello, this is a long post, so please bear with me. My account is new so I cannot post a thread

    I am 16 and a half years old. I am into exercise and lifting weights. My goal is to get stronger, build muscle, and achieve a good physique. Eating a good diet is paramount to the success of my goals.

    I would eat only foods that constituite in the general sense as “clean”. These include rice, eggs, chicken,broccoli, potatoes, egg whites, greek yogurt, fish. As part of my diet, I eliminate junk food and snacks

    I was originally out of shape. I dropped a lot of weight went from a chubby 5’7 145 to a leaner 5’8 125., and as a result of this, my doctor sent me to an eating clinician last year. I kept going to different eating clinicians and dieticians because I would not cooperate with their suggestions- their suggestions were to eat utter shit like junk food. Although my weight gradually came up through lifting weights (got up to 140), my eating habits were still diagnosed as “restrictive” because I did not indulge in junk foods. They thought this was the sign of a body image disorder.

    This summer is when it got really bad though. I started feeling insecure about my mild gynecomastia, so I visited an endocrinologist to check it out. He said there was no gynecomastia- it was simply leftover fat tissue from puberty. I thought I could fix the problem by dieting down again. So I did. 

    My weight dropped pretty fast again this summer I went from 145 to 120. It still persisted. I consulted doctors online and they said my doctor was wrong- if I felt a mass underneath (which I did), I had actual gyno. So I really lost a lot of weight for nothing. [this ]( is me after losing weight. I don’t look sickly thin, but I could add some mass, which I want to do THROUGH HEALTHY FOODS. Unfortunately, during my diet phase, I lost muscle because I didn’t really lift since I was so discouraged about my gyno

    Meanwhile, my doctor had me do some lab tests to check things like cholesterol and such. When my labs came back, they showed elevated levels of LDL. I had to go visit (another) dietician to discuss my diet.

    The doctor viewed my weight charts and growth charts and said I was falling off and I needed to get back on track. Okay, I agree. I am making an effort to get my weight back up EATING HEALTHY FOODS. I would not like to gain weight and have it be fat. But here’s the problem.

    The doctor wants me to eat foods like junk food (potato chips, desserts etc.) when these are detrimental to my goals. She says if I do not comply I can be recommended to a hospital due to my weight loss. She thinks eliminating junk food and snacks are a sign of an eating disorder.

    This makes me really frustrated. My mom and my dad are on two spectrums of things. My dad is fine with eating healthy foods and exercising to get a good body, but he does agree that sometimes I can ease up a little (which I agree a little.) My dad does exercise himself so he is more understanding. He says that so long as I get my weight back up and my bloods back in order, he is fine. He also disagrees with the doctor on the eating junk food part and says he will help me with that. Basically, he is more understanding.

    My mom on the other hand is not as understanding. She eats junk food all the time and is sedentary. She wants me to eat junk food, probably because she doesn’t understand what building a good physique and getting physically stronger takes and thinks I’m restricting and starving myself (which is what my dietician says too). She says that I must permanently change my eating habits because she doesn’t like them

    So it’s pretty frustrating when my goals aren’t being supported, and not only that, my doctor wants to put me in a hospital. The even more frustrating part is her stupid diet she is trying to make me follow, and if I don’t follow that, then apparently I have an issue.

    She thinks eating only healthy foods is restrictive which is simply not true. I am not restricting myself, I have a goal to get stronger and get a good physique which I seriously doubt is attainable eating junk food.

    If this isn’t bad enough, they want me to attend group therapy THREE TIMES A WEEK for THREE HOURS just because of my habits. This will seriously eat into my time to workout. I am worried soon I will be forced to either attend the therapy, or have to go to an inpatient center.

    **I understand that the initial concern was my weight dropping and bloods out of order. But let’s say I get those in order, my doctors would STILL think there’s a problem due to my eating habits.**

    What do I do? How do I explain to my doctors that I have a goal, and eating like a “normal teenager” is not really the best way of achieving that?

    **TLDR**: I am in danger of literally being sent away to an inpatient center just because I eat clean and want to achieve a good body

  28. Shoulder tightness fixes? I tried doing some shoulder things from an athlean x rounded shoulders video, and since then my left shoulder (the shoulder of mine that’s tighter and shittier) has kind of been nagging since then. Fuck shoulders. This is annoying. I just want good mobility

  29. It’s been 6 years of lifting and for the first time ever, I think I’m getting bored of it…. not sure why, maybe it’s just the cut getting in my head + fatigue from new job, but I sure hope it goes away soon

  30. Cheat day bbys. Just had a sick ass brownie and gonna get some pizza tonight. First time going over my calories in 3 weeks

  31. Starting my first real job tomorrow, wish me luck bois! Meals for the week all prepped, clothes and bags sorted, buzzed for it! Nervous as well, just want to make a strong first impression

  32. Well boys, it went well. I officially changed my name to Larry so I can listen to BTC in the background of my new PR’s

    Edit: on another note that guy should sell his voice recordings to people saying their name instead of larry’s So they can use it during workout

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