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Each day Dialogue Thread: 08/11/2019

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41 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 08/11/2019

  1. Fuck, just farted in the busy gym and it stinks like I just laid a shit in my pants. Gonna be airing this bad boy out in the yoga room real quick.

  2. So I must have really underestimated the effect my daily activity levels have on my TDEE. For the last month I’ve been without a scale so I’m just using the mirror to gauge my weight gain progress.

    The RP Diet App has me eating ~2800 kcals per day and I go over that regularly enough that I figured, based on the mirror, my strength increases, and my intake, that I had to have put on at least 4-5lb since the last time I was able to check (179.2).

    Our gym here finally got a scale and it brings up 179.6. I rechecked it like four times and it gave me the same result each time. I have never in my life struggled to gain weight. I’m pretty damn flabbergasted at this point. I guess the good news is that I don’t really look much fatter in the mirror, so I know I haven’t regressed or anything but damn. I’ll be able to monitor my weight from now on so we will see what kind of trend I can establish and go from there.

  3. Hey guys looking for some guidance. 6’1 205lb male ..desk job. And I hit the gym 5 days a week. Started out at 240 years ago got down to 193 most recently. And now back up to 205. I got a good amount of belly fat that I’m having the hardest time losing. I’ve had success counting calories and macros but have hit a wall. I think at 185 I’d really lean out and see some abs…and my ultimate goal is 205 lean but first thing first. I’m considering signing up with an online coach like one you see in IG just to help me out with the food portion and help give me that extra push I need to shed the fat once and for all. What are your guys thoughts? Is online coaching a good investment?

  4. Just a simple question:

    **How many chicken breasts do you eat a day?**

    My friend told me he eats *eight* a day. How??? I can barely get through four.

  5. I talked to this girl at my gym the other day for around 35 min. We had talked once before, but I hadn’t seen her in a long time. I got her social media and we both added each other. Feel like this was a dumb move on my end. My social media is just me lifting lol and I don’t really use it as much and I feel now she may lose interest lol cause I’m really a boring fucker. I really want to ask her out but I’m not sure how and when I should do this. Should I wait until I see her again or message her on social media? This all happened 2 days ago. I was planing to wait a week or so before proceeding but not sure.


    I guess I was encroaching on his fucking territory so he assumed the defensive posture and sprayed me like a skunk.

    I have never been more willing to commit genocide that I am at the moment.


  7. Misjudged the angle doing dumbell pullovers and clocked myself on the forehead with the rubber

    Nearly peeled my fucking hairline off

  8. I tried pause reps with calf raises, pausing with the full stretch. I think they worked because it’s been three days and i can barely walk

  9. Just started making my own pre workout. Citrulline mallate for blood flow, beta alanine for tingle, followed by a caffeine pill. Anything else y’all recommend?

  10. I need some good binge reading material, the “wow these people have such misconceptions when it comes to diet and exercise” kind. Any suggestions?

  11. Ever since the stars were rolled out I honestly feel a little extra boost of motivation to workout. Want to get 2 or 3 stars next year. Hope your day is going well folks.

  12. Was having a chat with some co-workers when working out was brought up. I held back my autism and didn’t immediately spew my brains out about the gym and tried to see where the conversation was going.

    Turns out they hit the gym together a few times a week. Sick, let’s get in on these gains.

    I asked what their lifts were and if they were running any programs and mention we should catch a session together if our numbers are close.

    Lifts? Like weights? Oh we don’t lift stuff like that, lifting weights is bad for your joints. We focus on functional stuff like box jumps and like battle ropes.


  13. I’m just searching for a place to rate my back and know where I’m standing (whether it’s good/decent or just bad)
    You guys now where i can find this and ask ?

  14. Leaving for vacation tomorrow morning and taking a full week off of training.

    Haven’t had a full week off in god knows how long.

    It’s gonna be both nice and awful.

  15. Really feeling seated leg curls in the hammys but I keep crushing my nuts between my legs… don’t know what to do

  16. Im at that point rn with my physique I only look good in a mirror with a pump, non lifters think I look like a Greek god. With anything other than a bro tank I look like I don’t lift.

    I can see abs in the morning and at the gym but once I get my post workout meal I look I’m 5% more bf

  17. Awesome two weeks of relaxing on the diet (but continuing cardio/training), excited to be back on my shit for my reverse diet. And definitely excited to be adding food lol

  18. Since it’s been at least 3 days since I requested it via modmail and 2 days since I PM’d MrSnare, will one of the mods remove my fucking stars please

  19. Probably not the best place for this, but the discussions here are usually pretty good:

    Any bi/bicurious dudes here? I’m like “heteroromantic bisexual”, pretty much Id fuck and date a girl, but only fuck a dude.

    I live with my parents (traditional Christians) but I’ve been jonesing for dick, like I wanna try sucking one and all that stuff. Should I just download Grindr and hope I can be secretive enough? Or switch my tinder to dudes?

  20. I will begin 10th grade (secondary upper school. i live in europe) in september. And I will have PE class. Nothing new, I had that in primary school (1-9th grade). However, PE class in primary school was mostly stupid things like football and gymnastics. I actually failed PE class in primary school because i couldnt swim. Luckily PE class will mostly be gym in secondary upper school. So i have a feeling i will be successful and get a good grade because i have almost 2 years of gym experience and knowledge. Sadly i did alot of fuckarounditis during my first year of training, so my lifts are quite low. Im still a novice. I can only bench 52 kg which is embarrassing. If only i took the gym seriously from the beginning, maybe i’d be able to bench, squat and deadlift so much now, and i would have been able to impress my PE teacher and my female classmates at the gym.

  21. Documentary recommendations? Not necessarily related to bodybuilding / nutrition / fitness (although suggestions in those categories more than welcome)

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