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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/08/2018

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43 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 08/08/2018

  1. ive been in a slump for a rly long time, like 18 months or something, after i dropped studying because i had no interest what so ever. i dont wanna call it depression since it’s not professionally diagnosed, but thats what it feels like to me. ive had no interest in doing anything with my life for almost two years.

    ive just been chilling at home for the whole time after studying, just playing video games, hanging out with friends, and working out, on and off. ive not had any motivation to do anything with my life, but at the same time, i got this bad feeling where i hate living like this, and i should get a job or go study. ive recently been thinking alot about what would make me happy, and what makes me unhappy right now, and i think getting a job would really advance the cause. i recently got on my training schedule, got my daily routine such as hygiene and shit together, which feels really good. but still, knowing that a job would make me happier in the end, i still have so much trouble bringing myself to send a job application. they’re rly basic jobs, like cleaning or shit like that, bcs i dont have many qualifications.

    i also haven’t told anyone that i think i’m depressed, since i dont think my parents would take it well, they’d probably tell me i’m just lazy. my best friends would probably understand but i dont see what good telling them would do to me. i dont wanna be treated with gloves, you know? i love my best friends and i dont want our relationship to change, and i dont see what could change for the better if they knew about my sc depression. sorry for the wall, i just wanted to vent, i vent in the daily discussion with a throw away from time to time, u guys are a good bunch of people.

  2. Alright. Give me your tips for looking full while in the middle of a cut. Unexpected social gathering so I want to look better

  3. I’ve started eating a PB&J whenever I feel hungry. Dave’s killer bread, Adams crunchy PB, and some local small batch jam. Gives a nice dose of carbs and fats and protein, and it’s helping reset my taste buds after too many months of eating shit processed foods stuffed with sodium.

    And don’t forget your lunges. Squats and leg press and deads are nice and all that, but nothing like some BB walking lunges to make you feel weak and give some killer glute doms.

  4. Had to move in relatively short notice but my new room is stupid close to everywhere I need to be for cheaper than my last place all with a roommate that doesn’t make me want to commit murder-suicide.

    [I just had to do a bit of work on it](

    It was a tough 4 day blitz but the lack of sleep and paint fumes wiped my memory so it was like I’ve always had the place lmao. My projector, screen and wireless controller came in, as well! Today is my one day off and I can retest my maxes and transition back into deadlift-centric powerlifting style training (the last 10 weeks were a deload and increase of volume for things like front squats, conventional DL, incline bench, calves/core/forearms, etc)


  5. I’ve got a weird schedule, so I go to the gym at many different times. But there’s some people that I will see working out there every day no matter the time.

    11PM? They’re there.
    7AM? They’re there.
    12PM? 4PM? You bet. They’re there.


    Maybe they think the same thing when they see me…

  6. There’s that theory of “set point”, right?

    I feel like mine is always to be a fat kid, despite having strict rules about what types of food I eat (I’ve been paleo for 5 years, low carb for 1.5). My appetite just feels calibrated to eat more than I need, and I hate it. I have to count calories most of the year to compensate.

    If I get lean and stay lean for long enough, can I change that set point? Can I force my body to accept being at a reasonably low BF%? (obviously not shredded, but at least something involving visible abs?)

  7. Shit. So I think when I pulled my groin I may have gotten a hernia as well. Is that possible? Or could it be just swelling from the injury? There is a tender bump on the left side right on top of where my pubes are. Maybe the force of the injury moved something out of place. I really hope not

  8. [Shout out to gym bathroom lighting for bringing my ego up, goddamn my arms don’t look this pretty.](

    Literally the highlight of my day. Workout is ending, I quickly get a pump everywhere one last time and go into the bathroom and feel like a god for like 5 mins then its back to fatboi at home.

  9. I benched 300 last year, cut 40 pounds off over this last year and have felt week from all the cutting but decided to try and bench heavy today and hit 285, feels so damn good.

    I love all of you, I hope life works in your favor today

  10. So about 3 days ago I could bench 205×5 with ok form and I didn’t even push myself that hard during that workout. Today I could barely do 3 reps. Any explanation for this?

  11. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but my fear of my chest becoming really big and fat has prevented me from ever seriously bulking because I swear I can feel my moobs growing every time I eat. For context I’m a skinny 6′ 1″ 155-160 pound 20 yo male. I think I’m average ish body fat? I’m really weak, just started lifting can only bench 115 press 70 for an idea. And yet my chest is really fat, it makes me really self conscious to ever take off my shirt or even wear shirts that fit me (i end up wearing really baggy clothes). Could I have gyno?

  12. I’ve started working on my cardio. My stamina is fucking awful. I legitimately get gassed during sex. The breaking point was when I (currently at 200lb) was breathing so badly during sex that the girl asked to stop so I could catch my breath. So then I went down on her while I caught my breath.

    I’m currently bulking and in the past 3y3m I’ve gone from 135->200lb but never trained cardio during that time. So now I’m 30kg bigger with no gas tank and I sweat a lot and need more recovery time than a similarly trained person. The first couple sessions have been alright. My feet get slightly (but noticeably) sore after a few hundred metres because I’m not used to that much weight on my body while moving. I sweated HEAPS but I’m noticing improvements session by session. Can’t wait to be big *AND* functional™️

  13. What dress pants do you guys like? I work in an office and want some new pants, ideally something relatively comfortable.

  14. Not sure if the right place.. Posted in few other subs..

    My first day i did


    3 sets of pushups(25 times each so a total of 75)

    15 burpees(i thought this was easy but man oh man i i was breathing heavily at the end)

    2 sets of barbell curl(20 times each makes a total of 40)

    And 3 sets of 12times lifting barbell while laying on the back(i dont hknow the exact term)

    Warm up(i should have mentioned earlier)

    Skipping 200 times..

    10 times of 2 set… Of goblin squats

    And lifting barbell with 1arm with bend body. (12 x2){i again forgot the term)

    Is this enough any tips

    I really need some help i think…

    {bit fat with bit droopy chest}

  15. Is Cardarine on the banned D1 NCAA substances list? Can’t seem to find an answer online and don’t want to ask my coach/trainers

  16. Welp, got my test levels checked because I was curious. Thought I would be about average, maybe a little lower cause I’ve always been a small guy. Came out to 300 ng/Dl exactly. Nurse said I was borderline low to normal. The doctor at the practice considers 350 ng/dL to be low but I know there’s various ranges. So now I have a follow up scheduled to see the real doc next week to see what he thinks. I hope he offers some kind of solution. I just want to not be so tired all time.

  17. Long distance girlfriend just texted me about taking a break while I’m AT the gym and wonders why I’m not that bothered by it. Lol jokes on her, I can’t even hear her over my pre-workout and hardstyle music

  18. Started adding in dips to my chest routine and only 2 weeks in co-worker asks me today “chest is looking bigger, been working out ?” I couldn’t contain the joy.

    Btw I’m still dyel

  19. I almost quit today during squats because my legs are so sore, but I remembered that if I keep going I will be repping my 1rm from the end of June in sets of 5 by Monday. Just gotta eat more and keep pushing, GODDAMNIT!

  20. Been cutting like 4 weeks now. No idea what my starting bodyfat was, but I was thick. 10 pounds down. 25 more to go. Hopefully I’ll see some sort of abs when I’m done.

    Can’t see any abs and stomach is still squishy. Kind of sucks. Might extend the cut another 10 lbs just so I can get to a respectable leanness. Probably ~18%? right now

    That’s what I get for dirty bulking for a year straight

  21. Bulking because I’m a nursing student and there’s another dude in my clinical group this upcoming semester. I want to be the one that all the cuties ask to help move patients dammit

  22. Mad life gains lads and ladies:

    1. Got hired as a teacher’s assistant as an undergrad (rarely happens).

    2. Accepted into accelerated master’s degree program for teaching.

    3. Finally stating a long, much needed off season.

    4. Things are progressing well with a grill who doesn’t bodybuild, but gets how much it means to me and is totally cool with me bringing my meal prep to her place whenever.

    5. Turned in an application for a better scholarship after being told by the chair person, “you should definitely apply to this”.

    6. Won gold for double stick fighting in Maui at the world championship for my martial art. (2x world champ for that now. Feelsgoodman.jpeg)

    7. Finally payed off the money I owe to my parents.

  23. Currently on the 12th week of my cut and I’d never thought I’d be able to say this but I’m satisfied. I’m 10-11% bf with a resting visible 8 pack and oblique cuts (when I flex) and my body dysmorphia is mostly gone. I’ve spent all 19 years of my life trying to get lean because I grew up as a fat boi and now I’ve finally done it. I’m still continuing to cut because I want to see how far I can go, but I’m not sure how much longer I can deal with the low-energy and constant hunger when I don’t have a huge goal to strive for. The only reason I still make it to the gym is because of my discipline because right now I have zero motivation to go. It’s also getting to the point where I’m losing strength fairly quickly although I’m still stronger then when I started cutting. Any tips on a situation like this?

  24. Sometimes I feel like two different people, because I don’t have a symmetrical muscle insertion in my entire body

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