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Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/30/2018

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38 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/30/2018

  1. Fuck legday. I usually love training legs but now I have zero (mental)energy to squat right now. Just gotta push through it here we go bois!

  2. Went and lifted before work. Was doing rows and pulled something in my back. Came home and stretched for five minutes, still hurt, called off work. Stretched for another ~15 minutes and it feels fine. Already called off so looks like its Fallout all day boys!!!

  3. Didn’t take a ‘before’ photo but just finished week 1 of bodybuilding.

    Following Arnie’s mass workout (but adjusted it to make it a bit more leg heavy).

    Current measurements:

    * **

    Weight (RENPHO Scales) 62.50kg

    BF – 18.1

    Water 56.2%

    Skeletal Muscle – 47.7%

    Bone Mass – 3.1kg

    Muscle Mass – 48.1kg

    BMR – 1475

    * **

    * Height – 5″7

    * **

    * Quads – 22
    * Hips – 33
    * Waist – 27 & 1/2
    * Chest – 33
    * Calves – 13 & 1/2
    * Wrists – 6

    * **

    Progress Photo:

    Will check in again next Monday

  4. Does anyone else have crazy fucking dreams on melatonin? Had a dream where I started a meme group about the color red and it blew up. It was just about some stupid joke that snowballed. So we held an event and some cult members who were students crashed it. They summoned hellhounds and other beasts while other cultists plunged to their deaths by jumping. I didn’t need to sleep.

  5. Can’t wait for winter to come or fall

    Is hot af where I live and in sweating all the time and falling asleep is harder even tho I got sleeping meds been overdosing to fall sleep

  6. Deload weeks are the worst but I tell myself it’s for the best. Anyone else just feel like it’s a week wasted even when you need them?

  7. I’m trying to suppress my appetite and keep women as far away as possible. A vape should be good for that right?

  8. Hey guys, got a quick question.

    Ive been going to the gym regularly doing compounds and splits etc for over a year now and started the 531 around 5 months ago.
    Ive recently come to the conclusion that my core is still very weak (especially lower back area) to the point where if im sitting up straight for more than 5 minutes my back (upper /mid traps) start hurting and i find myself slouching. Also when I’m standing, i tend to slouch. I do have a full time desk job but i would say i have an active lifestyle (Gym 3-4 days a week + football twice a week + regular walks)

    Would you guys please recommend me some basic core exercises that i can start doing everyday (ideally something i can do at home) that would give my that core stability/ strength?


  9. r/bb – I might be getting a job that requires me to sit in traffic in the DC area (yay). As a result, I’m looking at cars for commuting. I want a car small enough to park in shit ass places, gets decent gas mileage, and is comfy enough that I don’t hate my life. Suggestions?

  10. I did keto for a couple weeks and got down to 213 and hopped off because didn’t like the lifestyle. Gained water weight back to 217 and for the past couple weeks I can’t get below 217, I’m hovering around there. Eating normally and healthy for the past month (200p 250c 65f). Should I drop my carbs and see what happens? I’ve seemed to stalled. It’s pissing me off not seeing change in weight in the past couple weeks. I’ve had trouble losing weight since coming off keto a month ago.

    EDIT: I also use a Fitbit how accurate r calories burned on it? Should I use that to see how many cals I can have?

  11. What’s the most accurate bulking calculator? I’m getting different results. Just trying to figure out how bulk over here smh

  12. Morning All, Morning Wrecking Crew! Still 2 days sore from my chest day on Sunday. Also, life gains! I got that job I interviewed for the other week so changes comin!

  13. I hit a plateau recently, been cutting for 18 weeks and the scale weight wouldn’t budge from 176lbs for two whole weeks. I ordered two large dominos pizzas, garlic pizza bread, 8 cookies and made a home made reeses milkshake. I woke up the next morning at 174lbs and weight is starting to drop again. I’d love to understand how this works!

  14. Very good to know. I’m not complaining, I’d happily run into a plateau again if I have to eat a whole load of junk to carry on losing weight 🙂

  15. After a few months of going to the gym I develop the balls to try barbell bench press (I’ve been doing dumbbell Chest press for a few months). I decide to go to the gym on a Saturday night and try it so there’s no one around. I do 4 sets of 12 reps, one with just the barbell and the other 3 sets with 10kg either side. Although I was pretty wobbly I found the weight pretty easy to lift.

    A few days later with my confidence high I try the barbell bench press again, this time when the gym is busy. I do 1 set of 12 reps with just the barbell and then 1 set of 12 reps with 10kg either side again. I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it so I put 20kg either side and aim for 5 reps. Although it was pretty hard I got to 5 reps and as I go to put the barbell back above my head and rack it I must have misjudged it and the barbell came crashing down with the weight flying off one side and then the other (one of the plates landed on my phone and partly cracked it). The entire gym turns around with some laughing/giggling. Although I was dying of embarrassment I lowered the weight back down to 10kg either side (although I’m sure I could have done 20kg either side) and did a few more sets and got the fuck out of there. My most autistic gym moment by far, I’m definitely going to be finding a new time slot to go to the gym…

  16. Cutting is odd for me.
    My weight stays constant throughout the week until my refeed day that I do every Saturday.
    The Day after my refeed day, I’m usually up 0.5 to 1lb.
    Then the two days after that I lose up to 2 lbs.
    And then the weight stays at that level again until my next refeed day.

    Edit: Might have worded it a bit awkwardly.
    I’m losing weight at a steady 1.5 – 2 lbs per week. My weight seems to stay constant throughout the week and only drops by those aforementioned 1.5 – 2 lbs after my weekly refeed day.

  17. Hey guys! Guna pick up a slingshot bc I liked using it back in the day with my roommate. My one rep max is 385 so should I be getting the biggest “Maddog” slingshot?

  18. Why do people call it a “weight loss journey?” You lost weight, its that simple. Nothing profound. Lord of the Rings is a journey.

  19. My bros, 270lbs I is. Big guy I is called, 6’1 height I is tall. No more 270 weight I want to be. ‘Cutting’ I doing, lose ‘Big guy’ status. Once reach 200 lbs, I jump on the TRT to get the prone bone zyzz of aesthetics look. My plan is that.

  20. Wtf are the questions and things people say on r/Fitness I’m literally getting pissed off reading some of this shit. Lol

  21. Guys, after working out for a year I had pretty good arms, nothing by bodybuilding standard but people in the gym would ask me what I do for them etc. to be honest I was hitting them almost every day because I didn’t know better. I did that for a while and then did 5/3/1 but ran the program as it was said, I got way stronger but my arms basically shriveled up. I still can’t really get them to where they were before. I’d basically have to hit them every day I guess?

  22. Pre suggestions? almost out of bucked up and don’t really feel it anymore even after cycling it

    edit: Mr. Hyde is top of my list rn

  23. I’m assuming there’s quite a few personal trainers in this sub, just wondering what are some pros/cons working as a PT?

    And as always kill your lifts you beautiful bastards!

  24. Lost a few of my old “before” photos. Especially annoying cause one of them was from an angle that made my progress pic look like I’d made some solid gains 🙁

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