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Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/22/2019

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48 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/22/2019

  1. Comments after day two of using my new home gym equipment instead of going to a commercial gym:

    – my garage is hot and humid as shit

    – killed a cockroach between front squat sets

    – I hit the exposed ceiling joists with the plates during ohp, had to move over so the plates went between joists

    – desperately need more than the 205 lbs the set came with

    – need to figure out a pulley system asap

    – wife and inlaws came outside mid workout yesterday to see what I had been working on all day, so I got to take a nice 15 minute break between bench sets, so that was lovely

    – got to sleep in an extra 20 mins this morning thanks to no 10 min drive there and back

    Overall 6/10 so far, definitely wouldn’t pay a membership fee to use this setup…yet

  2. Be honest with me boys, how am I looking? Trained for 18 months, was previously kinda lean and athletic but not at all muscular.

    5’8, 80kg.

    Had a shoulder injury for a while, so poverty chest and the nattiest of shoulders.

  3. Started working on a hospital. Had my first code tonight in tje unit across the hall. Ran over and gowned up (pt was on isolation) but they had too many people already 🙁

    Also you are sexy and very strong

  4. Just thought you guys would enjoy this: was scrolling through reddit and saw a comment about jessica biels arms in Blade Trinity and found this article about her and Ryan Reynolds training for 3 months prior to the movie. At one points one of the narrators says that they are “absolutely ripped” and that Ryan was at 3.8% bf and Jessica Biel was at 6%.


    Anyways, it made me giggle. Have a good day fellas.




    Said Arms for the lazy: [](


    Ryan Reynolds Physique:


  5. Alright boyos I’m booking an appointment with a sports doc for my potential disc herniation. Any of you guys have experience with a herniated disc and what recovery time may be? Can I squat and deadlift ever again? I want to try competing in strongman at some point so this has me pretty depressed at the moment.

  6. I am currently cutting. I am already fairly lean 20% body fat. I want to get down to 15-18%. I know weight isn’t everything and not the best measure (I use other methods too) but I’m trying to lose 10-15 lbs. Approximately how long will that take? I know out of shape people typically lose faster. I’m f25 doing strength training 1 hour 6 days and kickboxing 1 hour 6 days

  7. Anyone watched The Strongest Man In History yet? Brian Shaw, Robert Oberst, Nick Best and Eddie Hall all having a laugh and replicating feats of strength from the past.

    Very good watch, I enjoyed it!

  8. If you buy a chest fly machine does it come with the 60+ year old guy who always sits in it? Or will he just naturally find it and set up shop?

  9. Candy pre workout is legit. Just a small 100g bag right before entering the gym and warming up, was about 80 carbs and energy levels and pump were sick 🙂

  10. So Juan Diesels daughter is still missing..

    A few quotes from his Instagram live.

    – “We know she’s OK as she’s done this plenty of times”

    – “She’s a good girl but she doesn’t like rules and loves the streets”

    – “She likes to hang out with her friends and do a lot of different things”

    This just seems super sketchy to me **⚆ _ ⚆**

  11. Got some eyes today from the blonde qt pt at my new gym. I think as part of joining I got a free session with one of the trainers but never took it up, might reconsider

  12. This might sound strange but how do you guys cope if you have legitimate physical abnormalities? Not like “X muscle just won’t fucking grow” more like “I was born with X so I will never be able to compete”. Anything would be helpful

  13. On a surplus, following my program consistently 6 times a week: up 2lbs (.9kg) in two weeks

    Three days off, big caloric deficit, a night of drinking and 3 long runs: up 5.5lbs ( 2.5kg) in three days

    Makes no sense.. but at least I finally hit my goal.

  14. I’ve been having mad problems with my wrist during curls so I figured fuck it id basically stop doing them and focus more on Chins / pulls.

    Now when I do chin ups I get pain in my right elbow.

    So disheartening.

  15. This bulk is starting to get really hard. Watching myself gain fat is extremely painful and it is so tempting to spontaneously cut. It’s gonna take everything I’ve got to make it 1 more month.

  16. Had my bachelor party during the weekend. Unfortunately for me, my friends knew I would rock the shit out of being dressed up like a woman so in stead I got to wear 20 layers of their clothes like Joey in Friends and do lunges between every pub.

    Pretty proud of the crew of them though. Everywhere we went we were getting compliments for being such a well-behaved sound bunch of lads

  17. Can confirm, myprotein chocolate nut whey tastes pretty much exactly like a sweeter kinder bueno filling. 8.5/10.

  18. Depression really sucks boys. Especially when it’s on your birthday. I don’t understand how I can be feeling so great for so long and then boom probably have my worst day in years.

  19. Life gains incoming. Making an offer on a run down duplex. Panicking that I severely underestimated the amount of work it needs.

  20. Hey i need your guys help… where the fuck do you get your pants? I just got some joggers in the mail and none of them fit me the way i thought they would. Im 6’5 and 210 lbs and i feel like every place on Earth makes pants for either really fat tall people or really skinny tall people. Its hard to find pants that are a good athletic build for tall people… if you guys could suggest any places where a fellow bodybuilder could get some pants please hit me up

  21. Any advice for someone who just started running modified nsuns 4 days a week (focused on upper body) on a cut?

  22. Had such a great birthday weekend with my new girl. The past month she has made me happier than I ever was with my ex. She just always takes my feelings into consideration which is extremely important to me. She’s a nurse and makes a great living and she even pins for me (and loves doing it) honestly I got really lucky this one. 25 is off to a great start. I’m in a good mood boys

  23. Worked a booth at a beer fest this weekend. Got a lot of compliments. Got told I was “built like a brick shit house”. Also, my friends gf got in trouble cause she got drunk and started rubbing on me. LIKE REALLY RUBBING ON ME and he got mad. I mean I stopped her sure, but not that hard. He’s not that good of a friend.

    Also got some [new veins popping in my traps.](

  24. Lately I have been putting so much effort into my workouts but I never have a pump, anyone know why this is? Also what’s r/bb’s opinion on bcaa?

  25. Looking into microdosing to see if it can help with what I can only assume is minor depression (I don’t want to assume, but I’ve just been constantly feeling down nearly every day for the past 2 or so months). I’ve read a whole bunch of stuff about it, and clinical trials currently happening in US, and potentially Australia soon, are showing that there’s clearly something to it (otherwise Australia wouldn’t touch it with a 50km pole).

    Gonna do something like meditation or the like alongside it so I don’t have to rely on the microdosing though. Also wanna have a proper full trip with my mates before I start too, it was fun as fuck last time.

  26. Shrimp, chicken, rice, and that sweet, sweet szechuan sauce boys.

    I could eat that 6 out of 6 meals

  27. Girl said my arms look big with a pump. Not sure whether to be flattered or sad cause that means my arms are still limp dick noodles without a pump.

  28. The BAR exam is next week and if you think everything isn’t exiting my body in liquid form then you’re wrong. Not going to lift until after its over so do some reps for me this week.

  29. When I’m training shoulders and arms I can see lots of blue veins around my from delts and inner bicep.

    I am at 16% body fat now – if I were to go on a cut would those veins eventually ‘pop’ out (they lie completely flat under my skin currently)

  30. [This is me in November 2017 at 5’10” 58kg](

    I’d never lifted a weight or played a sport in my life

    [This is me today after 7 months training 58kg>72kg (I don’t know how to flare lats in front double bi)](

    Calipers consistently read around the 15% bf mark, but gave me 9.5% when I was 58kg so it’s probably a few points higher

    Wasn’t really worthy of a /r/brogress post so I thought I’d share it here.

    And I still have bitch hips, F for me

    EDIT: [Here’s another pic I like](

  31. Cutting always brings out the chef in me. I actually put effort into my meals and spend time cooking instead of throwing everything in a pressure cooker and drenching it in mustard lol

  32. Still cutting. Not doing Keto but I did find a site with tons of keto recipes that look pretty good. God bless cause I’ve been getting tired of Turkey meatloaf tbh.

  33. Recs on myprotein flavor? I typically go with Chocolate Smooth or Strawberry Cream but looking for other suggestions.

  34. Viagra ED is working for pumps. Not sure if it’s like a low dose test cycle since I’ve only been on for a week now, but I’m liking it so far.

  35. Posted a weekish ago about it, but I ended things with the gf of 3 years. Sad times are ahead but I’m ultimately happy with my decisions. Time to make the most of my life with lifting and school

  36. End of my vacations in Sicily. No more pasta and pizza for every meal.

    I had to “train” with resistance bands. “Train” meaning get the sickest pump I could before hitting the hotel swimming pool. It was actually pretty good. I got a set with some attachements and a doorframe thingy to set the bands at high and low angles. I could do a shitton of exercises. Was fun.

    Got a good tan, good pics and good souvenirs. Can’t wait to hit the bench tomorrow though.

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