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Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/19/2018

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51 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/19/2018

  1. I’m into my co worker and she told my manager (who also happens to be my best friend’s gf; she got me the job) that she’s really into me too.

    We’re going on a date next week when she gets back in town from vacation.

    Any bets on how long after the date I fuck this one up and eventually have to quit my job out of shame??? The over/under is gonna get set at 13.5 days

    (P.S. the job is a summer job at a restaurant)

  2. Going to DC with the grill this weekend, staying at the Marriott, and to top it all off I snagged a few Cialis from my boy today. Ready to make some baby’s this weekend.

  3. Favorite shirt had a hole in the armpit, so I cut the sleeves off to make a really shitty “designer” tank top. Who else cuts the sleeves off old?

  4. When a girl claims you’re her ex and she’s trying to get over you, but you never dated….

    We went out a few times, but that’s it, didn’t even have sex

  5. Used preworkout for the first time today, I felt like a tweaker lmao, but my lifts were good. My GF also broke up with me a few nights ago and I’ve been in the gym a lot longer cause its the only thing that makes me feel good. Strongly considering two a days tbh, i just want gains now.

  6. I finally decided to apply for other jobs and have two interviews lined up.

    I really want to absolutely nail them both and hand in my notice.

  7. Nearly passed out training legs yesterday. I want to think it was due to the intensity of my training and not the ungodly heat.

  8. Today is rest day. Once again I feel so empty inside. I hate rest days.

    On the bright side, I’m gonna watch the Incredibles 2 with my friends tonight.

  9. So after having had some fun with basic C4, I’d like to play around with a pre that is supposed to really give you some funky pumps. The energy boost from C4 was fine, so I don’t need anything extreme. Anyone have any recommendations?

  10. I go to the kitchen because I’m hungry but I know I have no calories left. But in my head I hear “It’s a yummy fucking snack, it doesn’t fucking count god dammit”. So I eat the snack. Then after my workout as I’m making my shake with 2 scoops, In my head I hear “Two fucking scoops are you kidding me? You gotta eat big to get big. 4 fucking scoops goddammit” So I drank 4 scoops. Cut is going well.. Gotta confuse the body, right babe?

  11. Noticed a 2.5lbs plate slide off a dudes (now empty) bar bell mid bench press. I absent mindedly leaned over, slid it back on, muttered “no problem bro”, and watched the bar begin a tonic clonic-esque fall on to his throat.

    After removing the impediment to breathing he was fine.

    +1 for trying to be nice

    -1 for unintended asphyxiation

    +1 for living to see another day of gains


    Net: +1 in my book ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  12. People have started telling me how I inspired them. And I keep telling them, that won’t hold up in court.

    Kill your lifts.

  13. Was looking forward to chest day, woke up with the worst fuckin case of tonsilitis…I can handle the pain but hate having to lie in bed for days waiting to recover

  14. Got a buzz cut recently and all my lifts have been killer since. Is it cause I look like a stereotypical meathead in a cutoff tank now?

    Fuck it might be. Gotta keep cutting to look the part, get aesthetic af. Rn I’m just fat

  15. Deadlifted for the first time in 2 years. Was cool. Really amped me up, even though I’m weak.

    Sidenote: I recommend yellow claw mixtapes to get hyped. Definitely improved my strength today.

  16. Don’t touch the bar unless I get stuck.Don’t touch the bar unless I get stuck Don’t touch the bar unless I get stuck. Hands off hands off hands off.

    The fuck is so fucking hard about this shit for people to grasp. Don’t touch the fucking bar, keep your fucking hands off it. Saying “All you, all you” while you steal my fucking rep that you know I was going get doesn’t help anybody

  17. I wanted to try barefoot running yesterday. Everything was fine running on the sidewalk, but then I decided to try running in this open space nearby, which is a dirt / rocks path along a river. 1/4 mile of that and my feet were stinging and I realized I had a bunch of blood blisters and one had popped. Had to spend an hour cleaning dirt out of my toe. Moderately concerned about infection. Haven’t gone to the gym since then, because it’s hard to walk on the blisters. Probably won’t heal enough to workout for at least a couple more days. I’m a fucking moron. This must be the timeline where I make all the stupidest decisions.

  18. Anyone on here signed up to trainedbyjp? the amount of knowledge I’ve gained is unbelieveable. Best bodybuilding website 100%. I’m thinking of signing up to Matt Jansen, anyone signed up to his members site?

  19. Any relationships that you’ve sacrificed due to being so disciplined with your eating/training? If so, do you regret?

  20. So as I’m looking at the job switch lately, it kind of dawned on me that I could offset the paycut I’ll be taking by taking some more initiative on marketing myself as a coach. Just don’t know where to start with that…time to do some research. Anyone got any advice?

  21. Weird thought I’ve had.

    Protesting blows my mind. I don’t really get involved in politics, but seeing all this news about people protesting whatever issue is going on just had me thinking. I’ve never been so passionate about an issue that i will use my free time to go stand outside with a sign as if it’s actually affecting anything. I want to go to work, go to the gym, and relax with friends. Ain’t got enough time or care enough to go protest anything.

  22. little rant about my new gym nemesis..

    so im doing my light chest day, dedicated to practice movement and form, nothing heavy, working between 1-2 plates and did some few pump sets in the end..

    This guy pressing 80lb db’s, not sure if he was doing shoulders or chest because he put bench in this weird 60 degree angle where its too high for incline, and too low for shoulders.. anyway in between every fucking set he just sat there staring at me..

    sometimes he would prepare to do a set, and then see me start a set, and he would just sit there and watch with dirty look lmao

    i mean wtf was in his head, did he think that he is cooler because he is pressing 80s for 2-4 reps in absolute agony, all shaking, doing poverty reps as if he is on some comp lmao

    I don’t get why would some ppl do that.. Like when im doing heavier workouts and benching 3-4 plates, im never staring at ppl who bench 1 pl8 or smth.. unless they are doing some autistic shit, like scream “light weight baby”

    but kinda glad that i had enough will power not to snap and go heavy just to assert dominance, he’s not worth it lol

  23. Cooool….

    I did my whole workout finishing with some rows at 135lbs. After doing those I decided to power clean the bar up and put it on the rack to make unloading it easier. Now, my power clean max is nearly 200 which made me think this would be easy. It sort of was until the bar was on my chest and I was quickly getting dizzy. I hurriedly racked the bar and then it felt like I just took a huge hit of nitrous, my music locked up to a vrrrr:ing sound, I got dizzy with wobbly vision and I lost pretty much all feeling in my body (no problem staying upright though).
    All the effects went away after 5-10 seconds. What the fuck was this?

  24. I want to try cialis for preworkout and for smashing but I’m worried once I try it I’ll never want to go back. For those who use cialis, is this a possibility? I’m 24 and my dick works fine, I don’t want to mess that up but I also want the skin tearing pump I’ve heard about

  25. Watching Jen Thompson bench is something else man.

    Where does she store all that power? 140lbs women stronger than like what, 99% of all men? I mean how many men even go to the gym, and how many of them can bench 3pl8? Gotta be a super small percentage. We have 2 dudes at my gym who can bench 3pl8 lol. I get that it’s probably a lot more in other gyms, but still.

    Im putting way too much thought into this.

  26. Guy posts in a related sub saying he is alternating U/L MONTHLY…is going to train upper only for a month 5 days a week, same 4 exercises (not good ones) with no variation in reps/sets, then switch to lower the next month. Reasoning is because his upper body is lagging. Doesn’t see the fallacy in giving half of his body a REST MONTH every other month. But his upper body is going to be sick by September bro (after injuring himself most likely during his upper July and wasting away during his lower only September).

  27. Fucking hell I get so pissed off when I get the flu, it takes away control of my body and functions and makes me so weak. I’m on the better end of this but I couldn’t even OHP 175lb for 1 measly rep. Haven’t even bothered benching. 1 week with gastro and now 1 week with the flu. Fuck this.

  28. Ruined a friendship with my female friend last night to prevent her from cheating on my other friend (her bf). Threatened the guy who was making a pass at her. He knows she has a boyfriend. It definitely was over the top but I would willingly sacrifice my friendship so my buddy at least gets a breakup before anything like this happens. He gets back from basic training in 3 weeks and I have to tell him everything. Don’t know if I did the right thing but I really don’t feel bad about it

  29. It’s my work summer social today, the one day of the year where I can wear shorts in front of my coworkers and boy do I have a short pair today. I wanted to wax my legs last night to really show them off but my girlfriend told me it would take two hours which was too long. So I’m just going to have to settle for sneaking out of work before the party for 20-30 minutes to go to the gym and get a quick leg pump going.

  30. [This study ]( states that 12g of Glycine administered intravenously produced a significant amount of growth hormone release. How would this compare to ingesting Glycine (e.g. Glycine powder) as a supplement orally?


    1) [](

    2) [](

  31. Recently moved states so I had to re-register vehicles. Bike plate came back as EC 400 or something. DMV knows me and my cutting style too well

  32. Deadlifting felt really off today. Not sure att, maybe this cut is finally starting to affect my deadlift. It’s maintained and even improved a bit so far, been cutting almost 4 months. I hit 220 with belt like 1.5 months ago and today just 200 beltless felt heavy as fuck

  33. Man, you guys ever miss someone so much, but then you realize they are actually a completely different person from the one you knew. Then it just feels like the person you loved died… fucking sucks dude.

    I also gotta train core today, just take me know. I’m ready to go home.

  34. Going to see Steel Panther tonight and took tomorrow off. Gonna get rowdy as fuck.

    Carrying on my long-standing tradition of always getting sick before taking time off, I’m pretty sure I have strep throat right now, plus my forehead is still recovering from level 99 sunburn last weekend. Idk if I’m gonna get any grills at the concert, but I’m definitely gonna see titties. Can’t complain about titties.

  35. What kind of clothes (feel free to provide type of clothes, brands and what not) do you guys in college wear on a normal school day if your trying to wear somewhat nice yet casual? Trying to go clothes shopping before school starts and then tailoring that shit. hard to find clothes that fit off the rack ever since quads and lats got bigger.

    trying to make my wardrobe slightly more mature for college instead of wearing crazy ass streetwear like I usually do in high school. dont feel like wearing track pants or sweat joggers unless im going working out in the campus gym.

    Also, I’m gonna be a college freshman in the fall.

  36. Since I have been spinning my wheels for about 5 months I am just going to change my point of view. If nothing works why not cycle and yolo lift every day. It’s the only thing I haven’t tried.

  37. Got a summer job working on traffic lights and it’s supposed to be 108 degrees here today, don’t even want to know the heat index. Being cremated burns fat tho amirite??

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