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Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/17/2019

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41 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/17/2019

  1. Any of you bros have any experience breading chicken yourselves and tracking the macros? Like if I use Italian breadcrumbs and roll my chicken in it with some flour/egg… like how do you accurately measure that?

  2. Bulking takes so much effort for the calorie surplus, I have no idea how the morbidly obese manage to get so fat.

  3. I smoked a 14 pound brisket and a 12 pound pork butt on Thursday for weekend cookout and my meal prep the next week. Its the best meat I’ve ever made, but goddamn my farts are absolutely terrible.

  4. My gym buddy invited my to dinner, I don’t think I’m ready to take this to the next level though. How do I break it to him easily?

    For real tho I am worried he’s gonna make something that throws off my calories for the day. I’m just gonna wait till then and finish my macros later

  5. Legit crying rn because I gotta go home and eat chicken, rice and veggies for the billionth time.

    Before anyone says anything I do have a bunch of different seasonings and recipes which is the only I’ve been able to stomach it for the last 8 weeks.

  6. Anyone here use CBD? Tried it for the first time today & maybe it’s placebo but my mind does feel clearer & more relaxed.

  7. Bit the bullet and bought the bose true wireless headphones a couple of weeks ago after someone let me demo them. 100% no ragrets. Sound is killer and has great bass unlike other Bluetooth sets. We’ll see how they hold up to the abuse of 10hr sweaty days at work and lifting sessions

  8. My favorite thing about getting bigger is people assume you’re athletic. Like nah, I promise you I’m terrible at everything.

  9. I’m not typically one to judge anybody on where they’re at in their fitness journey, we all start somewhere. But… if you’re taking up three separate benches to bench 65lbs, you’re kind of a huge douche

  10. When you have to double check the weight mid set because it feels too easy

    Edit: nvm, forgot to set the knob at 10lb

  11. I feel retarded actually asking this, but realistically how bad is it to not eat vegetables/fruits? I’m 19 living with my parents and they do all the shopping but never buy any. I’ll having maybe 1 serving of vegetables and fruits each week

  12. Welp boys, I had x-rays done and found out I have scoliosis in my thoracic. S-shaped curve, pretty bad. Im gonna be out about 3 grand and 6 months of chiropractic/traction/pt work and that should only get it halfway back to normal.

    Aint gonna stop me from lifting heavy shit though.

  13. I went to a gym nearby for the first time today. Having transportation issues and my dad doesn’t want me driving his car to the gym I go to, so I just walked to this one. Been avoiding it because it cost more than the gym I go to.

    It was 8pm. There were only about 4 guys there. Seemed like they were gym bros.

    Anyway, I was benching and in between songs, I heard them talk about cycles and test and tren. So I lowered my music until I hit accessories to eavesdrop lol. They were also talking about how they don’t understand why people don’t squat and deadlift if they lift.

    a. There was only 4 people there at 8pm. That’s not at all the case at the commercial gym I go to. It doesn’t get that inactive until around 11:15 pm.

    b. The fact that they were talking throughout their workouts with each other made me feel a sense of camaraderie that I see sometimes at my gym, but not to the extent that I felt here. Perhaps it helped that this gym is a lot smaller and more intimate. They also talked in a way where it was clear they were there with a purpose and didn’t carry over conversation to make someone drag their workout and rest too long between sets that I see happen a lot when people interact at the gym I go to.

    c. They were talking about steroid use openly. I know that happens around gyms across the world, but I haven’t ever overheard it. Especially not during a workout.

    d. You could tell they took the gym seriously.

    Anyway, I’m switching gyms.

  14. Probably a dumb question:

    I’ve been focusing a lot on my push-up rep count. I’d like to add that I only count reps with good form.

    I’m able to do ~35 push-ups in a single set. I then am able to move on to some other exercises, and then come back after only 5 minutes and hit the same 35 with the same level of difficulty. I think the max number of push-ups I’ve been able to do in a single workout is around 320. However, my goal is to be able to do 100 push ups in a single set.

    I’m guessing that this is possible, but how would I go about that? Any advice?

  15. I’ve tried a lot of pre workouts both legal and idk illegal (ones containing 1,3) and all the energy drinks

    But why is it when I take Red Bull I can feel it in my fucking veins. I can only drink like half of the small can.

  16. There’s no where else I can share this except this forum.

    2 different people complimented my physique today. One guy who’s on the amateur circuit, and an old timer who used to compete. And… One of the lady pros and I had a very nice conversation.

    Flattered and validated in one afternoon.

    Now back to my regularly scheduled life.

  17. Off-topic:

    Got suspended from Reddit for 3 days for “posting violent content.”

    You can only send one suspension appeal per day, so on Day 1, I asked what message got me suspended. The mod told me that it was this one, in which I quoted someone who told me to kill myself before he deleted his comment:

    On Day 2, I explained the situation. Got unsuspended a few hours later. No hard feelings.

    Anyway, kill your lifts. But not literally–it’s just a metaphor.

  18. Question for current competitive bodybuilders who’ve competed, have you gone solo backstage on show day or do you usually bring your coach?

    I’m specifically asking about oiling up my back which is hard to reach. I’m a week and a half away from my second show where I have experience and know what to do but I’m wondering how to get someone to apply oil on my back. At my first show (not NPC, small local one) someone was very nice and willing to oil my back up but I don’t know if that same environment/staff would be there for an NPC show backstage.

    Do you guys have any workarounds for this?

  19. Just ate a lb of Rainier cherries and I swear either a few of them didn’t have pits at all or those sneaky little fuckers dove down my throat without me knowing.

  20. Anyone ever get tendonitis in their hamstring behind the knee? What’d you to do help it and how long did it take to recover? How tf am I supposed to train legs?

  21. Damn those 3 weeks in the US as an European is a real eye opener on how gigantic the portions are.
    I had to be extra careful but I’m sure I gained some lbs.

  22. Big chest day today with a training partner so should be a good one. Just need work to get the fuck out the way

  23. Slipped and fell down the stairs the other day and somehow still managed to set 4 biiig PRs this week, including joining the 3 pl8 club on squats. You win some you lose some lol

  24. Minor inconvenience but i forgot my wireless headphones at work yesterday so I just grabbed an okd corded pair from home for the gym. Ughhhhhh it’s so annoying.

    Oh and ps – how many fucking times is ESPN going to show the ESPYs? I swear to god its been on every morning for like a month.

  25. I am thinking about ordering a blood test just to check my level for fun I am natty though. But this weekend I will be going to a festival where I may take some substances that could still be in my blood after a couple of days. Does anyone know if this would interfere with the results of the blood test? I want to order it after the weekend or is it better to wait a week or two?

  26. Very late into the DD so nobody will read this. But I just deadlifts 3p. Finally I am in the big boy club

  27. Working 11 hour days, hanging very heavy pipe, with the heat index over 105 degrees. Beating the absolute shit out of me.

    Can’t even bring myself to go to the gym in the mornings during the work week, my poor body is just so broken lol, even though I’m on trt+masteron at the moment.

    Water jug holds a gallon and a half and I’m going through that no problem, and then peeing 4 times the whole work day…

    BUT, fat is completely melting off. I’d have to eat half of a cake a day just to maintain my weight at this point. I wouldnt be surprised if I was 1000 calories under my TDEE right now

  28. Thought I lost my head phones but now I’m pretty sure they got stolen from my desk.

    So my options are buy a new pair of jaybirds on Amazon and have them be delivered tomorrow or there are some JLab ear buds in store near me to grab tonight so I could use them tomorrow for my workout. Two questions – anyone ever used JLab? And, do the ear buds without the cord stay in your ear? (doesn’t matter the brand, i guess just curious in general)

  29. Would you guys rather have a great gym life (good gains) and shit outside life (broke, no girls etc) or the other way around?

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