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Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/14/2018

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47 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/14/2018

  1. [Almost four weeks into my PSMF suicide cut]( and I’ve gone from 217lbs to 198lbs

    Today I got a few comments about how I’m much smaller and losing mass but honestly my lifts are maintaining so I think it might just be a loss of glycogen and total volume?

    Regardless, starting from tomorrow I’m adding a meal of oatmeal + protein just to get some carbs and a few extra calories

  2. After 4 years of training i had the courrage to post a pic of mybodybuilding progress on instagram

    My bodydismorphia is crying rn

  3. I have been lifting for about 3 years, but have gotten more serious since the summer. I used to only do sets of 5 during baseball in high school but now my goal is hypertrophy rather than lift/strength gains. Now my sets range from 6-12 reps and O am using this workout. , I dont know if its any good but it seems to make me sore(the second one listed on the routine). I am aiming for body recomp, losing body fat while gaining some muscle. Right now i would say my body fat is 18% and my goal is 13%, for 6 pack ofc. I have stopped eating and desserts( used to eat something every day) and lowered my calories from around 2200 to 1800, and am doing cardio 3 times a week. I have also stopped drinking milk every meal because it added calories, only adding it to a whey protein/creatine drink. Does any have any other suggestion to help, it could be diet advice, or workout related advice.

  4. I went and saw my friends dad after 6 months, the first thing he says “Wow! Youve gotten big”

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️ bruh im riding this high for years

  5. Opinion on bro split as a natty? Been chasing strenght for the last year. Currently at 265/340/405 BSD but dont even look like i lift. Im looking to cut right now and go from 180-165. I just have not enjoyed training as of much latley so was thinking if switching to low frequency would cause loss of gains? I would still do the big lifts once per week and go heavy but after that more bodybuilding focus work with high volume. Thoughts?

  6. Guys, I did it. I’m stoked. I pinned for the first time today and I’m officially not natty. I don’t have anyone to vent to, but I’m just excited about the future and even though plenty of people do it and it’s kind of silly, I’ve been very proud of myself today for doing it and not letting the nervousness of doing it myself for the first time get to me. Life is good and the gains will be plentiful.

    I hope you guys all have great lifting sessions and I wish you guys the best. Thanks for all being cool and supportive of each other, this is a great community and I’m proud to be a part of it.

  7. Bench stuck at 150lbs after a year…That’s for reps x10

    I could do 175-80 for a few.

    Is alternating volume with higher weight days best?
    Realy pissing me off as my squat is going up steady and my deadlift is solid.

  8. Man, fuck today. Today’s plans were morning and afternoon workouts, a bunch of housework, and installing Monster Hunter to enjoy offer the weekend.

    Instead: Woken up at 6am by my mom, yelling for me to call the fire department. Stumble outside in a robe with my phone and the neighbors’ house across the way are up in flames. I’m barking at 911 on the phone and then we grab a ladder to get everyone out of the house. Once everything calms down and the street is filled with ladder trucks, my mother informs us that she’s having a cardiac event. We rush her to the hospital, and she’ll be there for at least another day and is likely going to get stented.

    It’s been a really long day, and I’m so fucking done right now.

  9. Tall lean guys, what’s your go-to t-shirt brand? Everything seems like it’s shaped like a box, mediums look like a kid’s shirt on me and larges look like they’re made for a 6’4 fat dude. All my best fitting shirts have been shirts I bought at shows that have no company marking on them.

    plz help

  10. Cutting and not hungry at all for the dinner I planned. Do I

    1. Skip it and enjoy the super deficit for the day

    2. Forcefeed to get my protein in?

  11. Maybe off topic but Jesus calum is an idiot. He’s out on his bike (which is fine) clicking videos for Snapchat with one hand.

  12. Did weighted dips for the first time yesterday. New gym actually has the belt for it. Worked up to a 45 plate with perfect form, 3×10. Feeling strong boys and girls. Positivity and happiness for everyone. Kill your lifts today!

  13. Fellas, about to hit the big 200 for the first time.

    I’m 6’3 and 199.2lbs, but about 14.5%bf.

    Do I continue the bulk well over 15% bf, or stop now and maintain? I feel like if I cut I’ll look small and be in the 180’s here I never want to be again.

  14. I’ve seen girls check out my chest/arms loads of times, but lord forgive I get caught checking out a girls ass. FFS man these double standards are pushing me over the edge.

  15. Rolled the dice and bought some flex Levi jeans on sale for like 11$.

    Barely fit, should have known better than to buy something other than the 541.

    Looks like I have some slightly too tight in the thighs and booty to be new dedicated work pants.

  16. I started lifting last year and got up to a 130×5 bench after about 3ish months. After that I needed to cut as my body fat was high and I had to make weight for wrestling where I couldn’t lift during season. Fast forward to recently, I still for the life of me can’t hit a 1 plate bench and it’s really pissing me off. Everything else is increasing. Right now my ohp is at 90×5, row is at 145×5, squat is at 185×5 and deadlift is at 315×5.

    My shoulder was messed up two months ago, but I have been benching as of recently, and my shoulder feels fine now so I have no idea what’s wrong. Currently I’m eating in a surplus so it’s not even that. This has been my bench progress since my recent bulk started.

    June 12: 115x7x3

    June 15: 125x5x5

    June 19: 115x8x3

    June 23: 130×5 130×3 125x5x3

    June 27: 115x9x2 115×8

    July 1: 130x5x4 130×4

    July 4: 130x5x5 (squat racks were occupied)

    July 8: 135x4x4 135×3 (different gym and squat rack was occupied)

    July 11: 115x10x2 115×9

    July 14: 135×4 130x5x2 130×4 125×5

    My bodyweight right now is 129, and even though I’m pushing more than my bodyweight I feel like I should be benching way more, especially since my chest is probably one of my stand out body parts.

    I’m really confused and need help. I’m running the reddit ppl. Should I

    A: skip the ohp 5×5 and just heavy bench twice a week

    B: buy micro plates and go from 130 – 132.5 – 135

    C: do 5/3/1 with bench

    D: run a powerlifting bench cycle.

    Here is my last year benching 130×5 vs me this year benching the same weight:

    I’m sorry for this rant, but I really hate how my push lifts are stalling while everything else is increasing. I should not be deadlifting 3 plates before being able to bench 1 plate

  17. Nothing better than a good shoulder day, copious amounts of preworkout, and blasting Hannah Montana until you start to question your sanity.

  18. Is that puffed chest, rounded back shoulders look genetic? If i look at my side, my shoulder kinda round foward.

  19. Had a thicc blonde qt sleep over last night, fresh cut and beard line up from my barber, got the rest of what I need for my next blast, chilled with my dog, made a rough draft for my contest prep diet, absolutely crushed chest and arms and got the most filthy pump (even though I failed a bench PR,) and now binge watching Parks and Rec until I crash for the night. It’s been a pretty good day. I actually feel kind of happy and fulfilled right now, it’s weird.

  20. So I’m out of town back home this weekend for my sister’s bachelorette party. I got really hungry and I’m literally eating chicken in the parking lot of the bar out of my tupperware.

  21. Ive been doing neck workouts for the past couple of months. First month was consistent, second month wasnt. Now im going to keep at it.

    Does anyone train their neck like in Jeff Nippard’s video? I dont wanna have a pencil neck

  22. I think I’m single now bois. Didn’t expect it to hurt but goddamn it, *it hurts so much.* Currently working so sitting here with a stoic RBF until i can break down in my own home. Send good vibes.

  23. Well, I almost became disabled today. Had a flat tire. While I was changing the tire, the car shifted and the jack shot out from under it. Ended up mashing my hand between the car and the tire. Through shear luck, my hand isn’t broken or totally crushed. Doc just said it’s gonna hurt for a few days. That was scary.

  24. Any thoughts on what my wrist pain could be caused by? I suddenly am getting pain in my right wrist on the side my pinky is on any time I need to supinate my bicep. I also feel it when I’m playing speed chess on my phone using my thumb. I saw [this video]( but I don’t think this is it because I never had a problem with wrist flexibility until now (lifting for over a year now).

  25. I swear anytime I start to get happy my lifts are going up I notice I’m a few weeks out from cutting 😩😩 maybe a shorter cut won’t have me just playing catchy to my old lifts for the first month of bulking

    Oh well still stronger than I was at 7 lbs heavier

  26. I’m at the club doing my own thing and this random girl taps me on the shoulder and tells me I have a very fit body… then her boyfriend comes back over lol dafuq? Does this mean I’ve made it though boys??

  27. Just realised this is the first time I have ever seen my cake day!

    I am legit excited…how do I celebrate? someone help!

  28. Starting PSMF today to try to lean out a little bit before Tomorrowland at the end of the month. Any of you dudes/dudettes going the second weekend? So far it’s just one friend and me going but we’ll be looking to kick it with some people

  29. I’ve got to say this cut has been super discouraging so far. I’ve lost about 8lbs so far, and can’t see much change in my physique. I’ve had one “bad” weekend after being super strict where I basically had extra meat in a couple of bbqs, and I gained about 2-3lb which took me a whole week to get rid of again. I know I’ve just got to stick with it but christ it’s slow, I’m tired of busting my ass and looking like Jason Genova

  30. Guys I need help. Is it possible I’m stuck at this cut at ~95-96kg/209-211lbs because I’m eating too little? I’m 184cm/6’1 around 15-18% BF

    Currently 2300cals, 4x workout a week + squash once,twice a week for an hour.

    I remember last year I was eating 2700cals and cutting at 95kg…

  31. Anyone got workout clothes suggestions for nice but not stupid expensive? Been looking for some nice t shirts and shorts but who the hell spends 50 to 60 bucks per shirt and like 60 to 80 per pair of shorts?

  32. Contemplating suicede after deadlift pr slipped through my hands halfway through the lift. I had everything.. bracing, motivation, form, explosiveness, what have you. Grip just decided to give up on me. Fml

  33. Why does my physique look so off? My arms are way too developed even though I pretty much only do Squats/Calves/Bench/Dips/Shoulder press/Deadlifts/Lat pulldowns/Rows.

    I never do curls for example. Maybe I’m doing lat pulldowns/rows incorrectly?

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