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Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/13/2019

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36 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/13/2019

  1. Damn, I thought Cazken was alright but it appears he’s either a troll account or just a delusional red piller with nothing but insecurities

  2. Has anyone tried the myprotein protein brand? I think I calculated about 60g/$ with the current sale they have. That’s like one of the best ratios I’ve seen in terms of price. Just wanna know if it’s good or not.

  3. Warming up on BB Rows with LIGHT WEIGHT BABY and on my 10th rep feel something tweak in my lower back (right spinae erector); gonna take tomorrow off and slowly ease back into it unless anyone has any other advice

  4. Just trying to get a sample size to make an estimate,

    A.) How long have you been properly training?

    B.) What is your waist-shoulder ratio?

    All answers appreciated, brahs

  5. No good boys looks like Mr. Depression and Mrs Apathy are back. I’m going to delete Reddit for a little while to get back in control of real life. Don’t worry about me bros I’ll be back in a couple weeks. Reddit does nothing but suck the time out of my day and make real life feel “Off”. I need to get my shit together and actually pay attention to life. My memory is kind of a blur since early June and my phone only makes it worse. I don’t think it’s anything medical. Just apathy slowing taking over again. Kill your lift bros. I’ll miss y’all.

  6. [My new blood pressure.]( Height 5’9″ , weight 199 with clothes and breakfast. Got the blood pressure of a marathon runner though hehe. When I mention nutrition around here i am pretty serious 🙂 . That said I am surprised considering how much junk I still eat. This has been the best bulk ever. Took a while to switch to the cut. Gonna be a looong cut downnn mmm. 🙂

  7. I don’t think I’m pushing myself hard enough in the gym. Been doing a lot of reading about volume and hypertrophy. I want every day to feel like leg day. Grinding out those last reps with all my effort. I just can’t seem to grind as hard with my bench or back movements

  8. Can anyone help me come up with foods to eat with a high protein low inflammatory diet with no dairy I’m trying to get rid of acne and I need to stay away from refined carbs such as bread rice pasta etc

  9. I gotta stop getting stoned before going out to socialize.

    Last night, while waiting in line to get into an alt scene dance club, there was a guy hitting on a girl right in front of me. It was a painfully awkward interaction- the dude was weird, but worse, he was kind of playing to the other people in line instead of focusing on the girl. She was decent looking, but seemed a bit clumsy, physically and verbally.

    It dawned on me that she might be a stroke survivor. Of course, she might have had a few drinks before getting there. Or maybe she was just kind of uncoordinated and kind of stupid. Anyway, she was out, enjoying herself.

    Later in the evening, whether by happenstance or intent, she was dancing right in front of me. Kind of like a poorly operated marionette. In my head, I was ping-ponging between “yea, she’s definitely cute enough to fuck” and “I wonder if she’s able to give informed consent” and “don’t be able-ist… it would be good karma to pound her… she has needs like every other girl and would love the validation, too” and “so, it’s come to this”.

    In the end, I just bopped along to the music and didn’t talk to anyone.

  10. Got my first unironic steroid comment a few days ago. Granted it was from a lebanese man, and he phrased it by asking me if I “cycled proteins.” I explained that I do eat meat, but that I don’t take drugs. Hopefully that distinction was clear.

  11. Anyone here have any tips for relaxing to prevent dick from going soft? Got a girl coming to a hotel tonight and I get nervous because I’ve had bad experiences going soft for no reason. Doesn’t help that my dick is dead average and a grower so when I get soft, that shit aint going inside.

    Seriously, any tips for dudes with ED? I dont got any cialis on me 🙁

  12. I went to a new gym my friend who’s a Pro just opened up and before he got there another guy was showing me some of the machines They got made specifically for them and they had a “pendulum squat” that looks kind of like what you see if you search for power squat Pro online but not quite.

    In any case he and a few other guys were trying to tell me how loading the machine works differently based on which arm you put the plates on.

    The machine is essentially one giant lever with 3 arms at varying distances from the lever. It’s just making the effective weight either less or more. Basic physics kids, learn.

    Reminds me of old guys telling me they load the top arms of the leg press to hit their quads. Like dude they’re attached to the same sled… I’m gonna go crazy

  13. guis, i’ve been watching some videos on “reverse dieting” since the end of my cut is coming up. it’s been quite repetitive to see that it’s recommended to pump up your calories back up by about 500-1000 cals (for example mountain dog video), since people are usually quite depleted and tired of prep. but i did not cut for a competition or anything so i am not at a one digit bodyfat, so i am not quite food focused or that depleted either. honestly i am not even really hungry. would going up by ~100-200 cals week by week (while tracking scale weight) at the end of my cut be more optimal for me?

  14. Man I can’t wait for American summer to be over so all of these teenagers have something to do with their time, instead of them being bored and angry, posting rubbish on here. Can’t wait until it’s back to regular autism posts on here to entertain me on my commute. Tired of angsty teens pretending they are hard.

  15. damn i used to think 1000lb club was a significant milestone but a brief search here made me realize its some pussy shit :/

  16. Can’t believe I got a whole 7 weeks into my cut before remembering how much more filling potatoes are than rice

  17. I realized that I have a problem with wanting to be liked by everyone I meet. Any advice on how to counteract this?

  18. Interested to see, what’s everyone’s take on having a day where you just eat way off normal plan and consume probably twice your actual daily calories due to food choices, given they’re not a usual occurrence. (family parties, occasions, etc.). What do you guys do the following days; a little bit of extra cardio, less food, both, nothing? What do you guys do?

  19. Real talk how am I supposed to have a relationship when I’m living with my parents(NYC commuter school) in a small ass apartment where their room is separated from mine by one thin wall? I’m 19 for reference

  20. Beat way to fix imbalances? I’ve just realised my right Lat is so much smaller then my left Lat. Luckily it’s back Day today so I’ll focus on more single arm exercises

  21. So it’s not normal to have a mild lump behind your nipples? Like you press your nipple and you can’t feel anything? I thought having one lump behind every nipple is normal since that’s what I’ve always had.

  22. Is it OK to skip breakfast before workout?

    I do 3 work 1 day rest split

    I workout at around 9-10 am

    If I eat breakfast before I really feel sick and feel like vomiting when I workout.

    I eat like 1 or 2 pieces of fruit instead to get a little fuel in before workout and drink a Pre workout.

    So is it OK to skip breakfast? Or if I want more muscle growth its essential to have breakfast?

  23. Being pale is pretty shit for the most part, but being able to see the outlines of veins you wouldn’t see otherwise is kinda cool.

  24. When I was a kid in middle school, I got bored one day so I started drawing titties on paper and it gave me a boner

  25. Feels nice to really commit to a bulk for once. Usually I get scared as soon as my abs even slightly start to fade and cut until I’m back around 10% bf lol

  26. Man the difference between my physique in the morning and at night is mad, contemplate giving up bodybuilding every morning when i see my dyel self looking back in the mirror but by night i can see progress and think i look decent, i know its because carbs and water but didnt think it should make that much of a difference 😅

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