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Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/10/2018

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43 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/10/2018

  1. 13 weeks out from my first show. I’m alittle nervous I’m not as lean as a should be at this point I’m probably around 12-13% bodyfat but my coach only has my doing cardio 3 times a week and 1500 Cals a day. I’m still loosing a pound or two a week so I’m sure he has a plan.

  2. Why do I have really prominent delt, trap and shoulder veins and top 2 abs when I’m like 21% bf? I think I literally store all my fat in my love handles.

  3. Flying for the first time tomorrow, what are some things I need to know? Also, I heard ubers and lyfts aren’t allowed at airports is that true?

  4. Every time I eat a lollipop I cut some part of my mouth with it. Which begs the question why do I keep eating them? Today it was one of those mexican ones with chill powder on it that I was eating while doing BB rows.

  5. Anyone have a recommendation for a durable gym bag? All of the reviews for a lot of them seem to imply some questionable quality/durability

  6. Playing sports with my normie friends is fucking brutal. These dudes never work out but can play basketball and football all day, and I’m over here fucking soaked in sweet and gassed

  7. Just bought 11lbs of salted caramel protein for 50 dollars. On the other hand, Cassady Campbell’s results from roids makes you wonder how many dudes are on with shit results 🤔

  8. Tried Halo top for the first time and while I wouldn’t eat it if I wasn’t cutting, damn that stuff is a game changer. The consistency is weird but still tasted pretty good

  9. 315 squat today boys, finally did it. Which is odd because i could bench 265 before i squatted 315.

    Also cashed in my natty card and bought some store brand creatine. Time to get fucking slightly bigger due to fluid retention in the muscles.

  10. Anyone else have uneven shoulders? Like if you drew a line on top of one to the other, it would be slanted lower on my right side. Do I fuck with it? Or just keep keepin on?

  11. Neck training

    5’7 170lbs. Started Jan 2018

    So I don’t train neck at the gym bc the plates are dirty. And looks funny

    So I use resistance bands at home. I am currently on the 25lb resistance band. I started at 14.5 inch April. Now I have 15.7 inch. When I have a 18 or 19 inch neck I should train neck at the gym to encourage people to actually train neck and make it mainstream

  12. I can’t line up one of the benches for my life.

    It’s always crooked. The rack is crooked against the floor but I figured there must be a straight line from the bar to the bench but no, no angle will do.

    I’m so confused at how this can happen. Doesn’t matter which direction I’m wheeling the bench from, it’s always wrong.

    The other 7 power racks work fine though.

  13. I asked about this before but didn’t get much of an answer: what is the appeal of short sleeve/sleveless hoodies? I don’t get it.

  14. People keep telling me I’ll lose a TON of muscle if I cut hard (1000cal deficit) down to 12%. I’m currently around 18% and eating 1.1g/lb body weight in protein and slashing a little volume to keep strength up. Sound like a bad idea?

  15. Today, I got a little stoned before going to the gym. As usual. What was unusual was the storm cloud of dark mental energy that hit me like a speeding train.

    One moment, I was doing incline presses, the next, I was smashed by emotions of guilt, shame & regret over some things I’d done many years ago. In that instant, I literally thought, “I should probably kill myself”. It seemed like the most logical thing in the world.

    Eventually, I was able to regain myself, and finish working out. Holy fuck, though…

  16. Ended up freeballing at work today because a combo of dryer shrinkage and leg growth made my underwear uncomfortably tight on my legs. #progress

  17. today marks the seventh day in a row with a baconator, just don’t have the appetite or patience to bulk with healthy food

  18. My chest genetics are SHIT! But my delt insertions are great. Ab genetics on point. Triceps suck ass but bis are dope. Lose some and win some I guess.

  19. I ordered 12 bags of protein from Myprotein a few days ago. 12 different flavors. Overall 26.4 pounds for 120 bucks.

    Im excited

  20. Do you guys ever wash your gym bottle? Or just kinda keep topping up the water / pre / Bcaas?. I emptied mine for the first time time in a few months. Under the lid is slimy. Smells so bad.

  21. I have been thinking about getting a calf tattoo but I am afraid surface area might just be too small for it.

  22. I do all my barbell incline presses with the smith machine – its easier on my old left shoulder injury. Am i halting progress significantly by not using a free barbell?

  23. Give me motivation BB. Department picnic and lots of pizza being ordered where I know I’m going to struggle to limit myself to two slices max. Then going to friends birthday at a thai place where I’ll try to stick to salad + soup to fill me up.

    This cut is testing me 🙁

  24. Not feeling so great today bros. I typically look forward to things, whether it’s the weekend or just the evening after I’m off work, gym time, or something. There’s nothing in my near future that I’m excited about at all, I just feel lonely and sad and want to sleep. I don’t like it.

  25. Just barely missed my 250 bench at the end of my cut :’(

    Went from 250 at 175 bw to like 245 or 247.5 at 159. My descent on bench has also gotten a lot more controlled so I’m not mad at it.

    On the bright side I’ve now got a 1.5+ bw bench I suppose.

  26. You’re never going to get rich taking advice from poor people.

    You’ll never get shredded taking advice from fat people.

    You’ll never get stronk taking advice from weak people.

  27. Got an entry level hand gripper (150lb) recently, and been using it pretty much daily for few weeks… Shit is good and after about 2 weeks of using it I can see noticeable grip progression.. 6 pl8 deadlift doesn’t slip on double overhand anymore and gripping shit feels much easier overall..

    however you progress with them quite fast, I went from like 5 reps to 15 in two weeks..

    thinking about getting 300lb one now lol

    also KK has a 550lb one and he can rep it, and hold for like 30 secs, shits insane

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