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Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/09/2019

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41 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/09/2019

  1. Lidl upped their boneless skinless chicken breasts $.40/lb AND discontinued their large 99 cent jars of salsa… bad day today.

  2. What is all of your favorite books to read i need suggestions, I read everything but I especially like books on philosophy

  3. Does anyone have experience making money online? As in a legit business like dropshipping or affiliate marketing, none of that “make 1500k a day passively” crap, I’m looking to work on it on a daily basis.

    Wages are absolute shit in my country and I’m tired of depending on employers. I’d be content with making as little as 1k a month, which is double the minimum wage around here.

  4. Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of interviews with Arnold and hearing him talk about completely destroying the muscle and working it until you’re muscles are dead. Though over-training can be harmful to you (although it’s a severe example, rhabdomyolysis for instance) and obviously everyone wants to avoid injury. So how do you find the balance? I don’t want to let that fear stop me from reaching my potential.

  5. Got a pair of fully wireless earbuds and:
    A. They are amazing for working out, B. I realized pretty much half of my gym uses them, so i feel like part of a special group (for people who overpay for headphones)

  6. So this fat lady at work claims to have been on “every diet there is” and still hasn’t lost weight. She even goes as far as discouraging other people from dieting because it’s hopeless. Anyway, she got stomach shrinking surgery (whatever it’s called) a couple months ago for $5000, claiming it’s the only real way to lose fat. 6 months later and she looks exactly the same.

  7. Is it weird if i feel like i have trouble bringing the bar all the way down to my chest on bench? I’m 6’4 and have long chimpanzee arms, so that full ROM kind of puts some strain on my frail shoulders. Still getting a full stretch on my chest though.

  8. Reason #472 tinder in nyc sucks: half these girls come here for a week/couple of days and by the time you match with them they’re leaving or already gone.

  9. how many of you guys know/speak to employees/other regulars at your gym?

    id assume the majority on this sub are harcore regulars at your gym but i intentionally never speak to anyone personally

  10. My mom on steroids-

    “You cant do steroids! Your uncle did them in college and he got so big that his heart couldn’t keep up and now he has heart problems!”

    I love my mom, but my uncle taking some “steroid” in the 60s that she doesn’t know which one or how much or any specifics, and then he got too big for his heart is pretty funny.

    Like, what if he did though? What if he just got fucking unbelievably jacked and his body got SO BIG his heart physically COULD NOT pump that much blood. Lol.

  11. Thought I was light at 190lbs 6’1.5-2, but apparently it’s like the very high end of healthy BMI. Kinda surprised.

    I’m thinking hit 200pounds lean in a year or so and then start experimenting with juice. Probably not though since I’m still too young. But it’s in the back of my mind.

  12. I hope this doesn’t get buried but I was a super frequented of this sub years ago and I’ve drifted off because I herniated a disk and have been in chronic pain since. I’m off the bicycle and on a stupid low TRT dose and am a shell of my Formerly active competing self.

    I started an in-home program from a chiropractor a few weeks ago and I’ve experienced less pain than I’ve had in literal fucking years and I could almost cry with happiness and I’m barely even 30 fucking years old.

    Keep me in your thoughts and share any experiences if you’d like. Just wanted to say if you have nagging injuries, there’s hope. Sometimes I actually dream about deadlifting because of how much I loved it. (1rm went from 550 to can’t put my shoes on without wincing).

  13. Anyone else get super cranky on their cuts? I’m usually pretty laid-back but I swear I was about to bite someone’s head off on the train today. I feel pretty guilty for getting so annoyed.

  14. I know IIFYM is the thing now but I’ve eaten basically Paleo for the last two weeks and fucking hell man, huge difference. Same macros, but the difference in definition is serious, I’m not a believer

  15. Quick question for the bros: How much size do you guys lose in your arms on a cut?

    About to take the plunge into my first real cut ever, going from 205 at 15-17%bf to hopefully 10-12%. Just got my arms past the 16” mark though and afraid to go back to noodle status. But my face is a straight up circle at this point so I gotta do it no matter what.

  16. [/u/AV-98](/user/AV-98)

    Recently in the DD you said you were gonna shoot a homemade porno. If you do it I have a request. You gotta wear that fucking dress you linked.

  17. This is really hard for me to admit like really really but I’ve been such a bad boy lately that probably needs to be punished.. I keep thinking to myself wtf would you do to me if you found me alone in the gym benching (an impressive near record breaking) 205 pounds for 7?

  18. Anyone else step out of the gym and think “well what now? I’ve got 20 hours to kill until I come back.” And get a little sad?

  19. When I lift, I feel like I become slightly mentally handicapped, forming sentences and not being awkward becomes so much harder.

  20. I’ve been in and out of this sub for the past 7 years. It’s become incredibly homo in the last couple of months. I’m not sure if it’s a meme or not. I don’t care. Gaybros <3

  21. Pretty excited for the next month and a half of my cut. Hired a newbie coach (won Summer Shredding past two years) to help me make adjustments as needed and i feel he is already paying off. Not only will it help keep me accountable, but he sent me an amortization schedule for my deficit goals and he wants me to check in every Sunday to adjust calories as needed. Not competing or anything, just want to get lean as fuck and figured paying $10 a month isnt a bad investment at all. Should be fun

  22. Anyone care to weigh in on Stephanie Buttermores mood, in her recent IG post she seems to be really taking a hit mentally with her “All In” approach. I don’t get it and I figured it would do a number on her emotionally. Seems unfortunately like it has.

  23. I’ve been lifting consistently and reading the DD almost everyday but I’ve just mostly lurking the last few months. I had a rough May (15 migraines) and some digestive issues in June so I decide to end my bulk early (I wanted to bulk all year) and clean up my diet.

  24. Whats everyone’s preferably rest time? I aim for 90-120 seconds but the articles I’ve read vary from article to article

  25. I’m already planning my first cheat day bois. Think I’m gonna have a whole tub of ice cream (1.5-2k cals) then just fill the rest with egg whites and maybe some healthy fats if there’s no trace fats in the ice cream… will still be near my maintenance. Keep in mind this is in like 2 weeks

  26. People who travel abroad. Which country has a big fitness/lifting culture?

    Asking this because I’m taking a trip to Japan over the weekend (Tokyo and Shibuya), and I heard people were pretty DYEL/skinny over there. Apparently, they see muscles as “gay”. Pretty strange, but I guess their beauty standards are a bit different. Probably not a lot of overweight people over there but rather skinnyfat and skinny with abs. What I might be hearing might be misconceptions about their perception of muscles honestly, since western media like Marvel movies (muscles are seen as ideal) is pretty big globally.

  27. People always say teenagers can build muscle fast because of hormones and testerone. If that’s the case, then why is my physique so shit after almost 2 years of working out? I’m an 18 year old male and in january 2019, my bench was 40 kg for 4 reps. Now my bench is 50 kg for 5 reps. Fucking terrible. And my lats have plateaued. I’ve been stuck on 40-45 kg lat pulldown for god knows how long. Maybe 1 year or more. Idk, maybe I’m undertraining my back. But I train them twice a week, so it doesn’t make sense. My legs are still progressing linearly though. I think maybe I have low T.

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