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Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/06/2018

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61 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 07/06/2018

  1. Went to Hershey park today, had a great time.

    Went on a tram thing around the park, before getting on jokingly asked the 40% body fat chick if there was any loops, she stares and then says ” yeah 50 of them and 75 drops” I say ha ha okay pal. The fat shit walks back over to me and then goes “it reaches 75 miles per hour and has 100 drops” I am past the joke and say ha ha. She then goes over to the other 40% behemoth of a woman and says ” we got an ass over here, the star spangled banner (I was wearing a flag cut off” I was laughing me ass off thinking these fat fucks.

  2. That tightness in my glute/ham I mentioned a week ago got worse after taking 2 rest days, downright hip pain.

    Hurts to walk, feels like it cramps up. Went in and deadlifted today and now the pain is gone (well, back down to a 1 or 2, kinda feels like a mild DOMS now). Looks like i can never take a rest day again if i want to walk pain free.

  3. A woman came up to me and asked how to stretch her traps, is this making it? Do I look like I know what I’m doing now? Jokes on her 15 seconds prior I had just pulled my neck as I didn’t stretch my traps right..

  4. I just had a wonderful smoke session with my main gym buddy/work buddy/close friend. Went to see the new Purge movie, came back to her place and had a few drinks with another friend and a smoke. Enjoy life, folks. It’s worth living, there are so many great and interesting people to meet. Surely annihilate your lifts, but enjoy life while you’re doing it.

  5. Found the only gym in the area with my cousins and taught them how to lift and use the equipment.

    Kill your lifts for me boiz, i only got into a mild confrontation with mine

  6. I’ve been getting laid so much in my dreams recently guys, just thought I’d brag about it.

    It’s mostly with my exes and I wake up feeling suicidal but doesn’t matter had sex.

  7. What do you guys do on your off time from lifting? I need new hobbies & getting to know all of you would be cool. I play guitar, DJ among other things in music, & draw, & recreationally play random sports.

  8. Lol this girl sent me a snap saying she missed me and I sent one back jokingly saying “I don’t miss you” and now she’s mad, guess I really fucked that one up

  9. Two of my friends got into a car accident last night. They were a couple. He didnt make it, she had to get surgery on her legs but is doing fine in the hospital. I held up throughout the day but broke down in between squat sets. Life hits you fast bros dont take a single day for granted.

  10. Coach wants me to lose 7 pounds before I start bulking. Back to the sad life of carb cycling and cardio for me.

    Thank you to everyone who’s been voting! I made the cutoff for top 10! The next round ends July 11th and is top 5. I know this has to be getting annoying but I don’t stand a chance without the community here. So, if you don’t mind, please take a moment to vote every day. Please and thank you!

  11. A supplement company that marketed their whey as “boosting calf growth 800%” could gain so much popularity and become a Fortune 500 company overnight.

    They could call their product “Calf-ien”

  12. Boys about to break uo with my gf of 3 years tm. Told her to meet me at a pizza place to talk. Whats the best way to go about this ; especially the part where i get up and leave without absolutely killign her. Pretty sure she kjow its coming

  13. How can I lose the most amount of bf possible in a month? I’d put myself at roughly 18% right now and I’d be happy around 13%-14%. Is that at all realistic? I will do literally anything.

  14. What the FUCK my left bicep is laughably weaker than my right. It’s getting tired 6 reps in to dB curls while my right barely feels it

    And before anyone makes the joke, I jerk it with my left

  15. I had been out for ~3 weeks because of fucking staph. I got back to the gym this tuesday and been doing half of my routines.

    Did acro yoga wednesday and one of the people commented that I was the most muscular person she’s ever based. but I’m shit with compliments so I just said “oh, haha.”

  16. I’m not very big, so when I do get called a “big guy” I never have the presence of mind in that moment to say “for you.”

  17. TFW it feels like your knee is all better after having it healed for weeks on end from a knee sprain, you most likely sprained it again…

    Oh well. At least I have date tomorrow with a 41 year old single mom…

  18. Lurked for a while, finally made an account.

    I used to lift pretty frequently in high school, then I became a skinny fat fuck in uni. After dating two girls and having both of them cheat on me this past year, I’ve rediscovered my passion for bodybuilding.

    I will shamelessly admit that both of the dudes had fuckin sick physiques and that IS a motivating factor

  19. Dude at my gym is doing dumbell flies laying on the cable row machine. There are open benches in the dumbell area.

  20. This leanbulk is basically my cutting diet but with added cheeseburgers like everyday. RIP my heart.

  21. I want to grow out my hair and have a glorious mane

    I wish I could also grow a full beard because then I’d look like a golden lion

  22. For bros who have gone on vacation for 2+ weeks (2.5 in my case), how bad did your strength drop after you came back to lifting?

    Also I’m going to be staying on my grandpa’s ranch so I think I can make some ghetto weights out of his tools. I can definitely find a way to do pullups/chinups and dips, might have to get creative to train OHP and arms

  23. Such a long shot, but does anyone have a gify with sound of Jeremy Cornyn saying ‘were back and ready to do it all over again’ that drunk me can download and upload to my insta story? Thanks lads x

  24. Thick thighs may save lives but they cost me a fucklot of money in jeans. Blew out the last pair I could wear that didn’t fit like yoga pants today at work.
    I went to a looser fit and down a waist size so it’s not all bad

  25. I don’t know how to even start this.

    I’m at the gym in my favorite rack doing deadlifts. PL girl shows up that I know and she ask to work in. We’re both warming up. Around our top sets this guy just starts hanging around our area. Slightly creepily looking at her cause well she’s attractive. While I’m doing my set he comes up to her and just starts asking questions regarding the deadlift. I assumed that was the to be it.

    Nope. He comes out with that he doesn’t deadlift as “it’s bad for his back” and that he’s a “bodybuilder” and lifts for “aesthetics not strength” now I know her bf. He’s competed in a couple of shows and is going to try to make the jump to open. She straight up tells him “you don’t look like a bodybuilder if I’m being honest” which he didn’t at all.

    5’9 high 20’s bf% percentage if I had to guess his weight I’d put it at 265+ he says he looks that way cause it’s his “off season” so she ask how many shows he’s done. Zero shows. So she tells him “you’re not a bodybuilder. You’re just a guy that lifts weights” guy looks angry that he’s just being killed by this girl. Tells her “I know what I am so you don’t have to be a cunt about it.” So that’s when I step in and tell him to walk away before this gets worse.

    Due to all that bullshit. She hit a 10lb deadlift pr.

  26. Good leg workout today. Squatting 8+ reps always kicks my ass, but in a good way.

    It is scorching hot today in LA, as a couple other posters have noted. I try not to complain because I hate the cold winter days where the sun goes down at 4:30, but this feels like Vegas heat. Whenever I think about ending my maintenance phase and easing into a bulk, I remember how much the heat destroys my appetite.

    Thank you, u/AssBlaster_69 for reminding me of the benefits of maintenance:

    >Eating at maintenance right now and I look fucking great. All of the fullness and none of the bloat.

    Then again, maybe I’m just really good at staying the same.

  27. After doing more research into my road trip, some of the places would be 100+ degrees even at night so fuck that. Might still fly over to LA and just be a beach bum for a while though

  28. Not sure if I should be happy about the small stretch marks I’m getting on my upper bicep. Help me out bros

  29. With everyone talking about the weather in LA. I’ve come to realize. A lot of you guys are in LA. 562 bros. Where y’all at?

  30. Not bodybuilding related but I’ve had a cold for 3 weeks now when should it go away?

    I haven’t had it all the time it goes away sometimes then comes back after a few hours

  31. I wish there was a way to see yourself just walking down the street, but you don’t know it’s you, so you can have an unbiased opinion of how shitty you look.

  32. So it finally happened to me. Second time seeing a girl, she said I have no calfs… At least I know she’s honest

  33. Should I carry on cutting? I’ve been cutting for 13 weeks now and I’ve lost 10kg so far ( started at 82.9kg and I’m now 72.8kg). The cut made me realise how little muscle I actually have.

    Oh I’m 6ft btw for reference

    Cutting progress 07/07/18

  34. Went to a festival yesterday. Random dude said “this guy is surely on roids”. Does creatine categorize under roids?

  35. dreamed that i have a girlfriend, woke up and realized it was a dream and started crying

    and why is my left pec sore but right isnt


  36. Fuck, my mom replaced the allergy pills with Benadryl, took a double dose of Benadryl now just about to go on a 3 hour hill walk.

  37. I just had a dream I saw a racoon vomit a snake that had eaten a squirrel and the squirrel was still alive. The racoon started to follow me and bit me.

    Wew lad

  38. Holiday last week. Heat stroke for two days when I got back. Felt borderline well enough for two light gym days. Now come down with full blown AIDS. Out the gym for two weeks. Was excited to get started on my personally curated “Weak Point Workout” to finally build those shoulders and guns. At least my John Meadows approved Gatorade arrived two days early so I can replenish what I lost through awful night sweats last night… Pray for me chaps.

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