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Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/05/2019

Leap day motherfuckers

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34 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/05/2019

  1. I’ve realized I need some direction in my life so I’m joining the Air Force. I actually feel extremely excited that I can hopefully find work that’s meaningful and fulfilling to me. I’m missing a sense of purpose in life.

    It’s time for some life gains.

  2. Left knee making some serious poppin while going up stairs after barely getting to gym for 2 weeks from heavy work hours. Feels kind of like a grinding on the inside side of my kneecap. Taking it easy on legs (blessing in disguise? Lol) and maybe a doctor visit if it doesn’t go away soon. Anything else I should be doing? Thanks bros

  3. Alright bros I realize I have got a problem of becoming way too infatuated with girls after just a short time dating. How do I stop this shit?

  4. Double post because that earthquake in California just fucked my shit up fam. 7.1 10 miles away from me. I was trying to figure out why the blinds were swaying then I stood up and it started rocking.

    Mother Nature is off her rocker lately here in California.

  5. Brahs I’m going to go hunting for deer for the first time very soon. I’m so excited, always wanted to hunt.

  6. Regarding refeeds before a show prep. I was reading that potatoes are better than pasta because it retains less water. Then I was reading that you should eat 3-4g per pound of weight. So person weighing 180 would need 540-720 grams of carbs.

    One KG (2.2lbs) of potatoes has only 125g of carbs. So you have to eat like 10-12 pounds of potatoes? Am I missing something here? Thanks.

  7. Something I never understood about the whole body positivity movement thing was the acceptance of something you can change. Like I get it, you shouldn’t hate yourself and it’s good that people are spreading that. But exercising allows you to actually change your body which is incredible. You think you’re too skinny or too fat? You can CHANGE that. That’s just not true for so many other aspects of humans like height and learning capabilities. Idk, just something I’ve been thinking about.

  8. Was listening to Joe Rogan on the way to work, and I really got the urge to try and start my own podcast. Seems like a fun way to become knowledgeable about several different subjects and talk to some interesting people. Going to try it out and see how it goes, what do I have to lose? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. update for u guys:

    I DM’ed that girl tonight and it’s gone pretty well so far. gonna call it a night and try and get the digits tmrw and then ask her out. thanks for all ur suggestions of what to DM her. ik it sounds dumb but DM’ing a girl I don’t know very well was honestly one of my biggest fears so it feels good to get past it.

    special shoutout to u/Cazken for the help🙌🏼

  10. Started dating a new cool ass girl, she makes me worried with talking to guy friends.. I have a lot of trust issues and need reassurance a lot, hope this can work

  11. So looks like the [receptionist]( i mentioned the other day was being serious.

    She mentioned to the gym owner that I might compete next year, and today the owner said if I go through with they’ll sponsor me and put up my picture somewhere in the gym haha.

    I’m feeling good and they probably made my week. I think this is the push I needed to finally get serious about stepping on stage one day.

    PS: This is a small town so there aren’t any big guys around and I have a long way to go.

  12. Finished up my second year of Uni and started a lean bulk because I had basically stopped working out from the beginning of my first year to like January of this year. I had only been lifting seriously for like a year before that. Bummed I stopped but oh well, no better time like the present. Up ten pounds of glorious, glorious water weight and PRd with a 225 squat and a 315 dl this week, which was my last PR before I stopped lifting. Relationship gains are still thriving, hit a year and a month yesterday which was sweet. But yeah probably just gonna keep on bulking until I look like a loaf of bread, we’ll see. Also what the fuck was that earthquake, scared the shit out of me while I was eating.

  13. Might be a stupid question but if you go crazy and eat like 10,000 calories in one day does your body actually absorb all of those calories? Or does some of it just pass through? If you regularly eat 10,000 calories a day does it change how many calories you absorb?

  14. Friend is making a text based adventure game and I just helped him test it out and all I can say is ouch.

    The commands don’t always line up with what verbs you used before.

    Sometimes “equip” works, other times “use” and there are times when you have to have an item ready then interact and others where you have to interact to get a prompt to use an item.

    I also think one of the areas was a joke layout as it was essentially, turn right, turn right, turn right like 6 times in a row.

    Still, once I found a flaming broadsword I was invested again.

  15. What’s the longest y’all have gone without breaking diet protocol? At one point I went 23 weeks without breaking diet. I’m not sure if I could do it again, wasn’t even prepping for a show.

  16. Does it count as wrecking crew if I haven’t lifted and I’m going to sleep now but I’m up before them 🤔

  17. MJ’s titties in 2001 Spiderman was my first time seeing titties. It’s also the best spiderman out of all the ones currently out (not bc of titties though)

  18. Is it just me or HITT is much more enjoyable than steadily running for 30 min. That’s hell. I could probably do HITT for 45 mins if I wanted to. I dont feel tired at all

  19. Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I woke up really wanting to do squats. So gonna go do some fucking squats.

  20. anyone else here start as a bro and get interested in actual bodybuilding training because of calum? it’s crazy how many people i meet at my uni gym or any other gym with younger people that looked up to calum at some point. don’t really care about him as much now but fuck watching those golds vlogs in 2016 was mainly what motivated me to make a change in my life.

  21. Okay bros, Going to use a throwaway account for this one:

    I _Once_ had sex with another bro, decided it wasn’t my thing and just never even thought about it again.

    Well, recently I had a raging urge to try to put stuff in my butt again, so I decided to do what any adult would do and went online to buy a dildo.

    It arrived today, cost about 45€. I opened the package and I shit you now. This thing is the size of my forearm and looks absolutely ridiculous. About 8,5 inch long and at least 2 inches thick.

    I opened the package, so I cannot return it and I used another small one that came as a freebie to test that I definitely aint in to that stuff.

    So, now I got a massive buyers remorse and a massive dick in my closet, how´s everyones day been so far?

  22. When I was riding to the gym today I felt very low energy. Got 1 exercise in and I just switched on and now feel incredible

  23. I don’t know if I love or hate the gym I had to switch to. It’s dirty, has only one low quality rack (old gym had 10+ from Hammer strength😢), the other equipment mostly works but is clearly old surplus which the other gyms of this chain no longer need or want. It’s also full of wannabe gangsters, gangs of teenagers and lots of people who lift in flip flops. And i pay more.
    But it has no fancy wellness bullshit, it saves me a lot of commuting and my dyel ass suddenly is in the top 10% of the gym as almost nobody there seems to know what they are doing.

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