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Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/02/2018

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48 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 07/02/2018

  1. Was supposed to start with Goob today but got invited to go on vacation with my extremely wealthy cousins. We went to an all you can eat sushi place where you pay $30 and can literally order as much as you want of anything on the menu and can put in multiple orders. We were there for four hours. I probably consumed easily over 10k calories in sashimi, fried rice, and a disgusting amount of green tea ice cream.

    Tomorrow’s post binge diet is as follows:

    Breakfast- water

    Lunch-Bronkaid and a pot of coffee

    Dinner- air

    Dessert – menthol cigarette

    Do you guys think this is sustainable for the week???

  2. Y’all ever think about if you could somehow train a gorilla to train like a bodybuilder? Like theyre already strong asf and low key aesthetic af so just imagine a gorilla that’s actually lifting weights, know what im saying? Also how strong are they? How much does a gorilla deadlift or bench? I dont think science will ever be able to answer this but i can day dream.

  3. God there’s always this gang of Indian people at my gym that do nothing but curls in jeans and a polo and stare at other people, the stereotype really is true lol.

  4. Do muscles get increased stamina separately? My triceps gets tired much faster than my biceps or chest.

  5. This girl has really been fucking with my head i like her a lot but she told me she just wants to be friends. We still talk all the time and its all I can fucking think about idk how to get over it.

  6. Fitbit: “it’s time to start winding down for bed”

    15 minutes later

    Fitbit: “go get 2,500 more steps to meet your goal!”


  7. snagged some cheap Myprotein whey again.. Im lucky I keep getting it on discounts whenever I need it, also $1 shipping because of 4th july. Basically 11lbs, or 200servings for 48$ (add code: 4july). Trying chocolate mint this time.

    edit: if anyone decides to get some use [this link]( bb you get 30% more and I get $10 on next purchase. thanks! (or code: CHIG-R3 )

  8. My only internship opportunity this summer is for an unpaid position with a very new start up. My only hope is to do well enough that they offer me some equity or something since my internship involves implementing a new feature for the product. Honestly feels like I’m getting the short end of the stick but I need experience…

  9. I had on cheat day today, aka arrive on starubck, to order big fraccupino. This lady of serve drink, i believe is quiet hot, large breast, ass small however tight, as if regard of “check”

    She has ask me on name, i am said name “sexy, men”, as i desire on her to say, here, is ur drink, “sexy men”. However person of serve drink on me, is men, of whom i am familiar with on gym, as I am on 1 time enter shower while this men is wash, his nude, wet body, and he has yell “fuck on u bro, etc…, u is “faggot?” Etc…

    In this case this men is to assume as i am flirt on him, i believe on him think i am gay men, he has look on me of hate, i am remove drink and have left this coffeeshop

  10. Any bros here do IIFYM? I have a question. I was doing iifym a while ago and making great progress. Leaning the fuck out. Stopped cause I didn’t have time to prep my stuff when work had me doing 12-16hr days. Now I’m back on a regular schedule. No crazy long hrs.

    Can I simply hop back on to the macros I have set up on MFP? I think I’m pretty much back to the weight I was before I did IIFYM.

    I remember I had diff macros my first two weeks then we changed them to my current macros. Do I have to do that again?

  11. hmm thinking of tapering down the tren so that I can lie to myself and cruise for shorter time period before blasting again. I’m almost as lean as I’d like to be and I can’t wait to begin a long npp bulk

  12. Are there any “short term” preworkouts? I don’t have a ton of free time after work. I basically lift then go to bed. It might be silly but I’m afraid of staying up late due to preworkout

  13. Might be some conformation bias, but it seems like most of the guys at my gym who are of decent size and could possible compete keep their body hair nearly shaved off. I understand if it around a competition and you remove it or you have an overly hairy chest and/or back. But I don’t get why you remove your leg, arm, and pit hair all the time. The only people I know who do that are either twinks or twunks.

  14. Have you seen Rampage staring the Rock? I’m having a difficult time believing that it was based on a true story.

  15. Tired as fuck all day today. Been laying in bed for an hour and a half so far, and my alarm goes off in 5hrs 45mins to get up for leg day. Tomorrow’s gonna be interesting.

  16. the nba is so gay imagine if julio jones, aj green, lesean mccoy, le’veon bell all just said fuck it I want rings and signed with the patriots.

    why did the nba raise the salary cap? fuck

  17. did anyone teach you how to shower? shit like start at your head and work your way down, wash your face before your ass, when you’re done squeegee the water off with your hands to dry faster? and no i dont know why i posted this

  18. Sent my girlfriend a picture of myself doing a lat spread and she replies: why do you never send me a picture of your calves? I have seen your back lots of times.

    It was good knowing everyone.

  19. When a girl used to ask me for a hot video I used to just send them my hand jerking it without sound to avoid the funny noise but two days ago a girl asked for one and i wanted to do something better than my meat being beaten to death.

    What I did was get a dm light to make me look like I’m cut even though I’m not, get in front of my full body mirror just after a shower with some sexy ass music and I started drying my hair with a towel letting it hang as to cover my dick but not as much. Got pretty good results.

    Do you guys have any other go to nudes? I don’t know what else to do and she’s asking for another one

  20. Ok so I’m just trying to figure out if my body is fucked up or not.

    All of my visible veins are blue. Like not some light tint or something, but like truly out here lookin’ like like I have a colored map of the nile river running all over my body kind of blue. I feel like whenever I see a bodybuilder, or really anyone for that matter, who’s at all vascular, you just see their veins bulging but not a different color.

    This shit looks like I’m 60% blue Powerade instead of water. I can’t be the only one.

  21. Ugh. I was looking for this specific colour of Nike Romaleos 3 for weightlifting and couldn’t find it anywhere (Europe). Finally found it on eBay (uk version) and the seller looks trustworthy(99.7% positive reviews). I can’t seem to find it anywhere else. Do you think I should go for it? Size should be fine but I’ve never bought shoes from eBay

  22. if the guar gum in low cal ice cream is what kills me it’s worth it

    The amount of bro science people spout about food ingredients makes me laugh inside sometimes. I looked it up and I can’t find anything that says guar gum is bad for you even on the crazy heath nut sites. If anything it’s good for you since it acts like soluble fiber.

  23. Ugh this new girl makes me so happy.

    We were lying on the couch watching a movie, me on my back, her next to me with her head on my chest/shoulder, and I move to hold her hand that’s on the center of my chest and she tells me my pec and bicep are too big for her to see, and I need to untrain them

  24. My gym smelled of KFC for some reason, never been a fan of it but shit was testing my restraint to stay on a diet.

  25. My sleep schedule is so fucked right now. I’ve been staring at my ceiling for 4 hours and have to be up in less than 3. Tomorrow’s gonna blow.

  26. >The effect on the sexual drive was relatively strong in some women. This resulted in special problems, particularly in training camps where the “official” male partners of these women were not present.
    >The increase of libido was so severe and unbearable for some women that they requested cessation of the hormone treatment and release from participation in elite sports. In November 1990 Höppner publicly admitted this in the German weekly magazine *Stern,* when he described a case of a young woman “who had noticed as a side effect that she was sexually over-stimulated by these pills” and was finally allowed to stop medication.


    lmao dat dere Tbol

  27. How many calories ( i know it depends from body to body, overall ) should i burn into one cardio session to actually call it “cardio” ?

  28. My high school crush is coming to my place in 20 minutes. This is the last time i’ll see her forever (we’re both moving away). We kissed last week, so I already know I’ve sealed the deal, but send good vibes this way anyway. Kill ur lifts

  29. For fucks sake, I keep feeling like I’m starting to get over her and then I have a long dream about her where we get together or I meet her new boyfriend (she doesn’t have one) or whatever and it’s fucking with me so badly.

    Why can’t my subconscious just let her go? She likes another dude. It’s over. She doesn’t want me anymore. Please just accept it and move on. There’s other amazing women out there, that will probably make me a lot happier than she could. So let’s stop feeling like constantly getting punched in the stomach, shall we? She wasn’t even that great. She had a weirdly shaped mouth that made kissing a lot weirder than with other girls. She’s too anxious and gets caught up in stupid shit. She’s got no set life goal and she started spending most of her free time smoking weed. I’ll find some other happy, active, funny girl that I can make jokes with, catch feelings for and fuck. Life’s not over cause she rejected me. Just an opportunity to meet lots of new girls I wouldn’t otherwise have, and find someone more suited for me. And she doesn’t have feelings anymore for me. I’m not gonna beg someone to get with me. it’s over. Fuckkkkkk

  30. Alright bro’s, tonight i really lost my cool. Girlfriend was out all night while I was bouncing at a nearby bar, her plans were to come visit me the whole night. Well she ghosts on me the entire night, never visits me, then when I ask her about it at 145am, she says ‘Well sorry I cant come tonight, but you can come over later.’ I call her a few times when we close & she keeps hanging up on my calls sending me to voicemail. Texting her repeatedly and no response. Then 30 minutes later she texts me ‘Home babe! About to shower’. So we get done cleaning the bar around this time and I head over to her apartment. Well surprise surprise, shes not there. She lied about being home.

    So I call her repeatedly & blow her phone up asking where she is. No response. Finally she accidentally picks up the phone & I hear her talking to a guy for about a minute before she realizes shes talking to me & hangs up. So I start freaking out. I wait in front of her apt for her to get back, and about 30 minutes later she shows up. She was like ‘WTF, why are you upset, fuck off’. So I completely lost my cool & straight up ripped her car door off. Now I’m having to pay for the damages. GG

  31. When your gym is supposed to open at 4 but its 5 and they havent unlocked the goddamn doors yet. Sittin here waiting for 15 min fml

  32. Damn broz I am 20 now, its kind of weird to know im never gonna be a teenager again.

    Onwards to better things ! Started my birthday right with a nice bench pr

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