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Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/26/2017

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54 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/26/2017

  1. After a looong family visit and ramadan I can finally say that I am 100% back. Well not 100% yet cause i was struggling with lightweights after so long

  2. Anybody here doing Battle for the Eagle in Oregon in October?

    Also, the guy we’ve been trying to befriend in the gym walked in and then I think saw us and left today? I’m pretty sure? He must be uncomfortable with how much we stare at him, which is an unfortunate thing to have an aversion to when you’re looking better by the day

  3. Wow. Ok. So the gym which was previously closed for power maintenance and had four of us parked waiting to get in… was a LOT busier than I expected. Especially for a Monday night at 10 PM. What I hadn’t counted on was that none of the media systems had been powered up. No crappyGymStereo or crappyGymTV. Just silence and the clanking of weights. It was… just too beautiful. I didn’t put my headphones on at all.

    Oh yeah the actual shoulder training was great too. 17 degrees out with a breeze afterwards.

    10/10 would do this night again.

  4. Actually feel excited for leg day since I took out the squat and stiff-leg deadlift. Gonna have some fun with

    * hack squat
    * leg press
    * 45 degree back raises
    * leg curls

    This is only for a few months in order to bring up my thighs slightly to match my glutes

  5. Guys remember how a few weeks ago I mentioned seeing a really old post (like 2015 or 2016) about some bruh possibly making shirts with the Reddit alien doing different poses and shit? I finally found his username and I am talking with him in a PM right now to hopefully convince him to just do it

    BTW he linked the drawing (alien doing most muscular) and it’s **fucking glorious!!** He won’t let me share it yet but he might post it in this thread. So hyped lads

    Lmao I’m gonna ask for a freak beast shirt


  6. Spent two hours at the gym on back/arms day, pulled a new deadlift PR of 465 lbs at 160 body weight, got a huge arm pump. Perfect day.

  7. Gf’s mom won DV lottery, best case scenario she’s moving next year to USA (we’ve got 1 more year at uni), or worse, in October.

    They haven’t decided whether they will go or not but they seem pretty set to do so.

    I legit feel like breaking down and cry

    Life fucking sucks.

  8. No one talks about video games ever it seems. I haven’t played in a while but the recent steam sale makes me wanna game again. Anyone get anything good??

  9. Well today is the day my fiancée and I pack our house into a couple of shipping boxes to prepare to move across the country next Monday. Work has run me into the ground lately but I’m still finding time to gym and food prep (at work lately). Huge thanks to Goob for helping keep me sane and focused on making progress during this bombshell of a month.

  10. What do you all think about those “showing my physique in non-optimal lighting without flexing to keep it real” posts that are usually accompanied by a senior thesis statement of a caption? [Example 1]( and [Example 2](

    It’s like, I get the message, and it is important for people to realize that these people in the fitness industry don’t look like that 24/7. On the other hand, I see these so frequently that it’s practically a cliche at this point. Not only that, the funny thing is usually these people (and I don’t just mean the examples I used) will immediately go back to posting nothing but pics and videos of them at their best lol.

  11. I think its time to throw in the towel for squatting, my left knee always feels inflamed after a squatting session. 5 years ago I had surgery because I tore my meniscus when I was playing rugby and it hasn’t felt anywhere near normal since. My range of motion is horrible and it hurts at the bottom of the squat, has anyone had a similar experience?

  12. Sup bros. Been lurking for 8 months, lifting for 6, first time ever posting here. Starting with a little introduction:
    Age: 21 Height 6’4 (194 cm) Weight 205 (93 kg) Autismo: 8.5/10

    Biggest lifts/working sets: Incline db 75 x 6, squat 265 x 5 (at age 18, have a banged up knee atm.), dl 265 x 12 (with said knee).

    Full excuse to skiping legday: Hyperextended knee, partially tore calf, hamstring and meniscus. Treatment ongoing (9 months and counting).

    Real reason I am writing here tho, is that reading DD and how everybody keeps killing their lifts and reaching their goals always gets me hyped up!!! Goals I’ve set for myself are
    short term: Post on DD to eventually start posting on mandatory pose Wednesday, deal with my autismo (to get grills), get to a point where I don’t have to hide my legs.
    long term: Do a Bb show, find consistency in life

    Best of luck y’all.

  13. Two months into cut, around 14 pounds lost. Looking in the mirror, im glad i didnt set a weight goal or a time frame. Im gonna cut till im fucking lean af. Cut hasnt been extremely hard, i lowkey love finding healthier alternatives to all my favorite foods. Gotta keep this spirit up, cause still have a long road ahead.

  14. Leave work with a bit of a stomach ache but shake it off. Get to the gym and it returns so i try to relieve myself. Little did I know I’d spend the next 10 mins having the runs…right before my squat workout. Considered calling it off but I stared the devil in the eyes and did my 7 sets of 5 with no issues. Someone was looking out for me :3

  15. Get to go get yelled at by the dentist today for not flossing. Also I have a French test for the class I take at work. I thought school was over?

  16. I have always been a believer that consistency in the gym is the number 1 factor for a lot of people to really start getting some gains. Two dudes at my gym have caused me to reconsider.

    These 2 guys show up pretty much every day I’m here during the week, so about 5 days. Their routine doesn’t seem to be very optimized, they are doing some weird stuff but whatever they’re here right?! Well the problem is that I haven’t once seen them sweat or even breathe heavy while lifting, absolutely zero intensity. They come get their workout in for about an hour, arms crossed or in their pockets between sets.

    I’m just so confused. If you wake up at 5 every day to come workout, I would think I would be a bit discouraged if I looked exactly the same as a year ago.

    I’m not sure why but I get irrationally angry at their lack of progress every morning when I see them. I want to go and BibleThump them and ask Wtf their goals are and why they have zero intensity when they lift.

    TL;DR Always believed consistency to be the deciding factor in gains for noob, but two dudes are making me reconsider that intensity is the number 1 factor.

  17. Hello, would like to ask if ya’ll have any tips for bent over dumbbell rows. I just tried it not too long ago and my rear delts were sore af the next day instead of LATS.

  18. FUCK!! 5 am and still can’t sleep fucking toxic family members fucking wanna do something crazy and just go to jail and away from here

  19. To everyone who doesn’t squat to depth but still brag about their squat PR, you’re a bitch

    Your downvotes are proving my point lel

  20. Me and the girl have been made redundant. While it’s great for me because the pay off makes doing my masters a hell of a lot easier, she has to deal with the stress of finding a job that matched her old one.

    I may be facing her moving away at least 3 hours to get a job 2 months after we moved in together.

    What’s worse is that I can’t show how devastated I am because it is ten times more stressful for her.

    Bro’s I’m fucking devastated.

  21. Randomly met an rbb bro here in Berlin, his calves were bigger than mine. Proceeded to superset calves with calves to no avail. Why even live

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  23. Prep Day: 9

    Weight: 269.2

    Daily macros: 375P 250C 60F

    Daily cardio: 250 cal fasted

    Today’s workout: Back/hams


    250 test/150eq EOD
    Clen 100mcg

    Daily ramblings:

    Good session yesterday, strength is still there, hit 245 3 x 5 seated OHP pretty easily. Then just did a bunch of density sets on the delts.

    Woke up this morning wanted to lift something heavy when it was quite. so hit the rackpulls Dallas McCarver style, got up to 645 against double red bands for a top triple them some volume at 500lb w/bands before hitting cardio. Think I’ll make this a staple again. Strength work am when it’s quite and volume PM to show off the pump.

  24. Just hit a 3 plate deadlift. Still baby weight for most people here I guess, but I’m very happy with it. I didn’t deadlift at all for 2 months or so so I really didn’t expect to hit a PR.

  25. What’s everyone ratio of Bench to Dumbell bench? I feel like mine is fucked, I can get 37.5kgs for a nice 6 reps but 5 reps of 80kg bench just fucks me

  26. Just found out that one of the courses required for graduating next year isn’t available until after the exams, and you have to have the course completed or you won’t be allowed to take the exam.
    I’d really like for one fucking course to not delay my studies by a year, thanks.

  27. Cut day 10ish?

    Hit legs today with my trainer for a change. Got my ass handed to me. Quad pump like crazy. Although I’m at the point where my legs look cellulite-y AF. So hopefully that will go away shortly… nothing like seeing yourself under unaesthetic lighting to throw you off your game.

    I would describe my current feelings as angroused or horngry.

    Have to hit cardio and do some posing practice this afternoon.

    Just truckin’ through the week.

  28. Just heard 2 guys at work talking about how “3 eggs a day is the optimal, safe intake for men according to current science.”

    I think I need to introduce them to Goob

  29. Bros I came here for help, but first answer this question, is it true that you can lose weight if instead of rice and potatoes you eat the same amount of carbs/calories of chocolate, while still eating the same protein ? Let’s say one diet is chicken/rice the other one is chicken/chocolate, both are the same amount of calories and macros. Would one be more effective than the other in terms of losing weight only ? And if not how do I convince this guy at my gym that it doesn’t matter. I already told him about calorie and macro concept but he still thinks that eating sweets makes you fat. I know it’s better to leave it, but it’s a friendly banter.

  30. I have started training and so also my bulk at 72kg right now am at 81 kg and aprox 17-18% bodyfat.. should i cut ?

  31. Yeah boiiiii, 3 plate squat. Now to 4 plates. Wanna hit 4 plates before my 17th birthday at the end of this year. Probs won’t but imma try.

  32. What are your opinions on what makes someone look ‘big’? I’ve been searching out fit chicks that are my height and weight and I’m finding that they all look much bigger and more muscular than I do despite similar composition. Is it the genetic lottery? Better/different gear? Distribution of fat and lean mass? Crippling body dysmorphia?

  33. What techniques do you guys to suppress cravings at night , during the day its easy with busy , uni work caffeine etc but struggles at night

  34. Did anyone else start off anorexia-like skinny and still look like shit some time ever, but still 2x as big as when you started?

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