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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 06/28/2018

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42 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 06/28/2018

  1. Do weekend warriors at the gym who do all the classic gym memes actually never go on the internet? Do they not learn or understand what they are doing is laughable.
    1) Slamming 135lb deadlifts and screaming at every rep
    2) Wearing every piece of lifting gear all workout, everyday (belt, pl shoes, arm sleeves, wrist wraps)
    3) Standing directly in front of the dumbbell rack so close that no one can grab weights
    4) Droping cable machines from the top on every set
    5) Quarter reps of less than body weight squats while wearing knee wraps

    Does anyone ever say anything? , or do we keep allowing them to live out the memes?

  2. I’ve been bulking ever since I started working out. Was 125lb holocaust survivor.

    Now 192 and I want to cut. At my current weight, I don’t have much vascularity. I have veins but only 2 in particular pop out when I get a pump. Both on my right bicep area.

    When you cut for the first time do you see a large increase in vascularity? I would imagine yes since you’re lowering your body fat and all your shit is popping out more

  3. I have no clue what the fuck i wanna do with my life & I’m 24 now. I have a good job but i wanna do something like social work. Feels like I’m wasting money paying for my classes.

  4. Just smashed 2k cals from junk, just a nice snack i like having. Doesnt really count tho, the bulk continues.

  5. Finally time for a rest day so I’m gonna have a couple beers and go see Jurassic World with the gril. Life is good.

  6. God bless my dad for giving me his 8-pack genetics but damn it I’m also cursed with all of my fat being in my lower abs

  7. Status update. Haven’t been able to lift in 3 weeks because of my back/neck pain. X-ray was negative and insurance won’t authorize an MRI until after I do 3 weeks of physical therapy. That is all. Lift for me because I can’t

  8. Don’t know how many of you boi’s go on /r/steroids but have been reading their daily discussion type threads.

    Ours usually compromises of autists asking how to approach a girl, theirs is stories, photos and videos of threesomes and random tinder girls.

    I’m not saying steroids cures autism but…steroids cures autism.

  9. A conversation that happened with my family today:

    Be me, eating a small bag of trail mix before heading to the gym.

    Mom: “I don’t know how you can eat so much before exercising”

    Me: “This is just a yummy snack, it doesn’t even count”

    Sis: “He doesn’t exercise, he just lifts weights”


    Sis: “Like you don’t run on the treadmill or anything”

    Guys, I don’t even exercise. What am I doing here?

  10. What are your favorite unusual or atypical lifts or workout movements?

    -Refrain from mentioning similar incline or decline variations, or simple super sets of 2 typical workouts. My goal is to see what kind of different movements people do to target muscles in a different way from the usual variations of lifts just to see if I can throw something in my mix.

  11. I’m at a coffee shop right now and I just saw a woman apply in person for a job there for her son… Who was not with her.

  12. I hate ugly ass chicks that lift that think because they lift it increases their below average looks.. that’s all

  13. What programs do you all suggest for someone who’s past the beginner gains. I did mostly some powerlifting type routines and I wanna mix it up now.

  14. There’s at least *eight bars* at this gym including three free ones but this fat couple is doing standing shoulder presses on the **one fucking squat rack**

  15. Any cpas here? My class for auditing is nearly straight up reading the book and I refuse to believe studying for the cpa will be equally as boring

  16. The coming of NBA free agency is stressing me out. I just need to get to Sunday. The day of legs and truth. Will the Lakers form a super team? Will I get a gnarly quad pump? Coming this Sunday!

  17. Any experience here with LGD 4033 just picked up some been doing some research around on past posts on reddit and the internet just want to possibly get some more

  18. Anyone ever pull/strain a stomach muscle? Don’t even know how I did it. Felt fine in gym then BAM 24 hours later – hurts to stand up. Been 5 days now. How long is this going to last?

  19. Ronnie Coleman just followed me on ig, I no it’s just to promote his video, which imo they should have started doing months ago. Hes only following 165 people for 2.5m followers.. have I made it?

  20. I’ve been training close to 4 years now been on a couple bulks and cuts I’m 153 5’6” around 11-12% bf I know what I’m doing I just am in the military so when my schedule isn’t too crazy or I’m on leave is when I’d plan for it

  21. Man, it seems like my life will never take off. Feels like I’m drowning all the time and can’t escape my inevitable death at some point.

    Might as well clen and tren hard.

  22. Here’s a thought, what gives with how small a buffalo/bbq wing is? We’ve all seen rotisserie chicken, their wings aren’t that small? Is a BBQ wing a baby chicken arm? Savage.

  23. So you’re not supposed to wear felt cowboy hats in the summer, but what about for a funeral? I don’t want to wear a white straw cowboy hat to a funeral, but can you wear a black felt one in the summer for formal occasions?

  24. Do you guys feel like creatine is absorbed better being drank over a time period rather than drinking it all at once and and drinking 8 cups of water over the rest of the day?

  25. To those of you who eat ground turkey, have you ever tried the “Italian Seasoned” version? If not, fucking don’t. The regular version was out of stock, so I got these buy 1 get 1 free and unfortunately, pasta sauce falls short of masking its terrible flavor.

  26. “It will make your skin tingle, and you will want to strangle your grandma!”

    I will miss you big bodybuilder who opened my eyes to pwo many years ago.

  27. Idk they seem a lot more mild and my friends suggest them too made some good progress over the years and wanted to see what I could do on them on a lean bulk

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