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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 06/27/2019

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37 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 06/27/2019

  1. I never understood you guys talking about how the deeper you get into a cut that you start watching food videos on YouTube till now. I’ve been watching almost nothing but food wishes vids. I’ve “cut” but never actually *cut* before. If that makes sense so I guess I’m doing well now.

  2. I went on a run outside and couldn’t help but notice that barely any kids play outside nowadays. When I was younger, I would always be playing sports, riding my bike, shooting some hoops, or hanging out with my siblings and school friends at the park. I wonder what happened, too much social media and internet use?

  3. Dudes I sweat so much its so annoying. As soon as I go outside and its even slightly warm I start sweating like crazy I hate it

  4. Does anyone have a link to that study talking about how the **muscles you work earlier in your workout grow more than the muscles you work later** in the workout? (Ex: *Chest to Shoulders to Tris* grows shoulders more than *Chest to Tris to Shoulders*)

  5. Was going for a 365lb bench PR today and needed a spot. The only dude in the gym that looked like he even knew what the word spot meant was this older grey haired dude probably pushing 60. Just an all around unassuming quiet demeanor. Was kind of expecting him to fuck up and grab the bar while I was grinding it up. Nope. This mother fucker yelled “EAT” 3 consecutive times as I grinded out and eventually hit my PR. His neck veins were popping and face was more red than mine and as I got off the bench he said “Fuck Yeah” and gave me a fist bump. He then sank back into his shell and quietly went about his workout. Today is the day I met the gym messiah. Amen.

  6. For you guys that train 5-6 times a week and sweat. How often do you shampoo your hair? I take two showers a day and rinse with only water, but I shampoo 1x a week on Fridays. I have wavy hair.

  7. I’m about to give up trying to procure clients for in-person training. All I’m getting are guys who want “extras”.

  8. While I was eating my chicken and rice and greens today thinking about how much the process of losing fat sucks, I got to wondering, what’s a caloric defecit look like for these Olympia guys? Is it like dumb stupid low or do the supps take care of it?

  9. Any birthing hip of peace boys develop a good taper natty? Currently running PHAT with a good amount of back volume

  10. Studying for my exams tomorrow I think I’m skipping the gym and getting less sleep tonight booo :(. On the other hand imma be munching on strawberries and lettuce all night planning on still cutting and not going ham on study snacks

  11. Relying on using my dad’s car lately because mine needs to get repaired has proven to me very unreliable for times like this when I’m waiting to go to the gym that closes in an a little over 90 minutes and he isn’t home. I guess today is a rest day, which means a double session tomorrow.

  12. I work with this fuckin guy. And hes a bull, man. Hes my heighth (6’2″) but out weighs me by like 60lbs. And you wouldnt guess it, but this fuckin guy is STRONG AF. like I was working with him moving these heavy ass ladders and he can pick shit up and move like it’s no problem. All he does is work, and he has a 2nd job doing hard manual labor. I cant beleive how strong this mother fucker is. Like, I am not weak, but this guy has that old man strength and I cant touch it.

  13. Do you ever look at personal trainers and just think to yourself “jeez I can’t believe they get paid to give fitness advice, and I can’t believe people actually pay these slaps to train them?” Cause I have never ever seen an impressive *personal trainer*

    Now I know it’s not all about the look, but man I feel like carrying yourself in a healthy manner, and having an above average physique should come with the job. Maybe I’m a hater idk.

  14. A guy at the gym who regularly benches 3 plates for reps told me I had ‘textbook form, good bar path” during my +1 set. Needed that shit so badly. Feels good

  15. What would one feel if their heart were to be instantly ripped out? I imagine you’d still be alive for at least a few seconds. Can you feel fear and that feeling of your heart beat racing even though your heart is now absent?

  16. Guzman’s friends Shawley’s stage weight is 208 lean. A good 50 lbs over Guzman. When they stand side by side, they look pretty similar although it’s obvious Shawley is bigger (and a couple inches taller), but I would’ve guessed he outweighed him by 25 lbs at most.

  17. personal trainers shouldnt wear cologne. shits just unprofessional

    funnily the one i smelled today is the same as one of the trainers at my gym from 2 years ago

  18. No wonder my weak points are that, weak points. Tried to do a forearm workout, no MMC whatsoever. Tried traps workout same. I have good mmc with my calves but those just won’t grow.

  19. Oh boy here’s a tale for you guys:

    I got my motorcycle license today, super stoked so I decided to take my bike to the gym, about halfway there it starts raining, but it’s fine. Then, the heavens open, I see animals lined up two by two, a bearded man hurriedly boarding them into his canoe. I make it to the gym and change out of my now soaked gear, and the power goes out. “We need to ask everyone to leave.” Fuck. I go change back into my wet gear to leave, and as I’m walking out of the change room the power comes back on.

    Currently hitting legs, waiting for the rain to let up, though preparations are being made in the event I need to build a lean-to out of the equipment and stay the night

    Update: I was on the hamstring curl and the roof began leaking directly above me

  20. i get so triggered by use of the “CICO” acronym in reference to someones diet, as if theres any fucking other way to cut

  21. That awkward moment when you dont want to tip and the debit machine doesnt have a no option. Had to click like 4 buttons to input that 0%.

  22. I’m so excited because I can see a 4 pack in my bathroom mirror, which always made me look so much fatter than I really was when I was bulking. I haven’t had this ab visibility in years and it doesn’t look like skinny boy abs. I’m down to 180. Maybe I really will reach my lean physique by 170 minimum weight. Feeling hopeful.

  23. Hey all, I’m thinking about adding an extra grip exercise to my calisthenics routine. The main exercise I do for my grip are one arm pull-ups. I’m thinking of adding farmers walks with fat grips for extra strength and hypertrophy. What do you all think?

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