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Every day Dialogue Thread: 06/23/2019

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42 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 06/23/2019

  1. Anyone got any recommendations on a PWO snack? I lift after work and usually have a quest bar while I’m driving home but they’re expensive.

  2. Idk if it’s lighting or not but I can see my 2 ab veins at certain times of the day, but it’s harder to see during other parts of the day. My take is to keep grinding! Also want the veins to climb I’m assuming unless that depends on genetics.

  3. Kenny KO putting 20lbs of muscle in just one week. Science is awesome but watching that video gave me anxiety.

  4. Started working with a local coach who is also a mutual friend of mine. He has changed up my diet by increase protein to 200+ (for satiety) and encouraged me to get majority of my protein through real foods.

    I am dyslexic when it comes to cooking, previously I’d simply buy 6 lbs of frozen chicken tenderloins and throw it in the slow cooker with either salsa or G Hughes sugar free BBQ and let it cook for 8 hours on low. In addition to this I’d just throw a bunch of rice in the rice cooker and then separate it all out into meal prep containers. I learned all this through this sub.

    Now he has me eating eggs, and ground beef (90/10) 7 days a week.

    Guys I don’t give a shit about taste, how do you guys cook ground beef ? I just threw it on the pan on low heat and just started stirring and poking until it all turned brown.

    Do you guys put the leftovers in the fridge or freeze it ? I have to eat it 7 days a week so I was thinking I’d leave it in the fridge for 3-4 days and then start storing it in the freezer. Does this sound right ?

    Thanks in advance guys.

  5. How do you guys deal with the extra soreness that comes from being on a cut? I can handle the hunger but damn if this isn’t the most sore I’ve ever been.

    Also, today is the first wedding anniversary of mine since my wife left me. Divorced and alone does not feel dope at all.

  6. I may not have the mechanical advantage or well-rounded physique of a 5’8″ manlet but at least I can reach the top shelf for things at work, right? Right?! *Sobbing*

  7. If i only have 4 consecutive days to workout, what routine/structure would you recommend for someone natural that does not compete? Just wanting to look my best.

  8. Watching Undisputed 2 and can’t stop thinking about how great Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White look. Like no homo but they have some great physiques.

  9. Got home from working the Xcaliber Cup at like 3:30am. Slept a few hours, handled client check-ins, and got the hubby on a plane for a work trip. Barely made it to the gym in time to lift and cardio before close. This week of prep is going to be rough. Pray for me bros.

  10. I spend a lot of time at work pushing little kids on the swing because if you do it right you get a lat pump

    Whatever it takes goddammit

  11. Any suggestions for exercises/workouts for grip strength for my deadlift? I try to keep it at double overhand grip just for evenness when I am working my back, but I get forced to go mixed grip 2 sets into a workout.


    I wouldn’t be annoyed by this but I’m not talking about pulling 4 plates. Usually all I get up to is 295.

  12. Really wish my dad would let me go full trainer on him and be brutal and keep him in check because he actually has zero will power and is like 225lbs. He lost 25lbs to go on a trip last year but I can tell by pictures from that time that he’s gained it back. It sucks because some people have a harder time keeping consistent on their diet, and I can understand that, but I have no issue with it and I’m more than willing to be consistent with keeping others in line to help them, but he doesn’t want it.

  13. So I was doing research (for science of course) and found this pornstar(idk?) that I was thought was pretty hot, then found out she’s trans (m2f). Is this homo? and are traps gay?

    [this is her]( 1 pic is 100% SFW, the other is probably not (but it’s not a nude, she’s just in underwear)

    Disclaimer: I’m not tryna disrespect anyone that’s trans by asking the 2 questions I did, but I’m curious what y’all think about the questions, given the pictures I saw of her.

  14. Just finishing up last of my classes and God bless the next generation of kids… I have to write essays that agree with the insane logic of my leftist teachers or fear of getting bad grades by stating my true opinion. How shit some of these colleges have turned into.

  15. I wanted to answer the “what do you look for in a good gym” question from /r/fitness, but the thread got locked. Posting my answer here instead.

    Multiple squat racks, like 12, minimum. Multiple stand alone pull up bars (both standard and neutral grip). A crapton of movable benches. All of the Hammer Strength row machines. This isn’t necessarily realistic unless you’re in a uni gym, but a man can dream, lol.

  16. Update on today’s travel adventures. Flight to Dallas took 45 minutes longer than scheduled because of routing around storms, finally got some food though. Had planned to hit the gym when I got where I’m going. That was until my connecting flight was delayed 45 minutes and as I type this I’ve been sitting on the runway for almost an hour waiting to take off. Today is just not my fucking day

  17. Anyone here leave a high paying corporate job to do something related to fitness full time? Thinking about it, but might try a hybrid approach at first so I can make sure I can retire comfortably. I’m also a pretty good test taker and have a background in advanced anatomy and physiology so I think grabbing a cert should be pretty easy.

  18. Caught a small cold, slightly sore throat and a little dizzy. I usually just ride it out but I need to train and want to perform well. What can I do?

  19. For those running nSuns 5 day. How good is Monday! Getting a sick shoulder, chest, arm and back pump all at once! Today is a good day.

  20. Hello, gym noob with noob question.

    Been going 3x per week, mon, wed, fri, as per renaiscance periodisation full body program. Each session is 8 exercises for about 2 hours with long (2-5 min) rests.

    Making very solid gains fast, but it doesnt train traps, abs, calves, neck or forearms.

    I want to start integrating the muscles into my workout. I was thinking of either adding in a saturday where i train said group, or adding two on tue+thu.

    Is this reasonable? Could two extra days potentially be too much for my nervous system to recover from? Is one day not enough? Should i just reshuffle my entire workout to include it?

  21. How many of you guys are able to disregard the taste of food and see it purely as energy/fuel? I used to have a coworker that did it and would eat basically the same thing every day. I’m eternally jealous, I just couldn’t do it. But I wish I could some days. It would make life so easy.

  22. Hey bros any idea how much fat I’d need to lose to see abs? Also if you were in my shoes how hard should I cut calories under maintenance?

    Any tips on what kind of program should I run while I’m cutting?

    Edit: 180lbs 5’9

  23. Anyone have experience with CBD in reducing stress levels/anxiety? Is it just placebo or are there actual results?

  24. Made it through the whole weekend without binging. Sunday at 8pm throw on Lord of War and pig out on half a bag of chips with sour cream. And yet I call myself a fitness enthusiast.

  25. Why tf do I cry at the slightest wind blowing? Even if it’s not outside and I just walk fast or some shit my eyes get teary. Anybody else here same?

  26. Hey guys what are some high calorie office friendly snacks I can eat, i already take a protein bar to work but that only fills me up for a little while and I’m looking for something to munch on during work

  27. Had a really good day working a full day and chilling with the fam. Still hit chest and arms. On the other hand, my romantic life is a fucking disaster lmao. Hope yall had a good one

  28. Out of college, in my early 20s. What the hell can I do on Friday and Saturday nights besides drink and go out? It’s all my friends do, and I fucking hate these days wasted on hangovers.

  29. Just in my train coming back home from two days of party, super wasted. Met again a toooon of people i had like…1 year aprox without seeying and was fantastic. Lot of fun, and so much compliments about my psique, felt good to have some extra validation in the hard work i putted in this shit in this lonely/depresed months.

    Smaaaaaash ur lifts bois. Omw to have some sleep, and them back in trying in leaving humanity behind.

    Love yall

  30. Best way to approach my boss changing my schedule? Went from a Sunday-Thursday 2-10 pm, to a tuesday-saturday 2-10 pm. Really do not want to keep the new schedule. Any ideas?

  31. Been in a rough place the last 2 weeks dealing with an injury right after another only allows me to hit legs. Finally out of it and did legs late tonight no preworkout or anything and am gonna take this injury as a gift to really focus on and bring up my legs. We’re all gonna make it.

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