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Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/20/2018

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36 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/20/2018

  1. I asked this in another subreddit too but how many calories in a full whole rotisserie chicken? On the label it says 160 calories per serving WITH skin and that theres 5 servings. Thats 800 calories. No way thats accurate it must be higher. Tried Google but gives wild differences from 1000-3000. Any have a decent estimate? They all look relatively same sizeish at store.

  2. if i was ultimate bro mode before and my legs are 1/2 the size of my upper body, is squatting everyday gon fix it ? asking for a friend

  3. while cutting gotta love the definition you see coming through. hate that i have 4 weird irregular abs but atleast they’re showing now

  4. Why are dad bods becoming a thing that women are looking for on tinder?

    I have only been in this good of shape for a few months now, let me enjoy some kind of benefits from it!

    (Also still not a fan of the adoption of THICC as a pass for being overweight)

  5. Going tomorrow with a friend to buy a new guitar amp and oh boy it feels like paradise trying all new gear. I guess that its how women feel when clothes shopping. He is the one getting it but probably ill end up gassed and gettin a pedal i have been looking for a while.

    After that probably gonna do some legs and watch the world cup, damn this is being a good summer so far

  6. 6’ 183lbs, am I stupid for trying to cut? I’ve been lifting for awhile and am past the novice gains I just want my body to reflect all of the work I do in The gym. Past couple years I would lift hard on random online programs (SS, stoppani, etc) and eat like garbage..

    Now I’m finally counting macros, sticking to mainly yogurt, PB, chicken, ground turkey, eggs, oats, brown rice, and the occasional chipotle bowl. I’m training 4-5 days a week (johnnie candito 6 week program) and run a mile the other days of the week. I started about a month and a half ago and dropped 7 pounds. Lost some belly fat but still have some around my stomach and waist, I definitely don’t look aesthetic. My guess is I went from like 25% bf to 20%bf.. should I keep on pushing?

    [current “physique” or lack thereof ]( I’m obviously natty and don’t plan on changing that.

  7. Haven’t been able to lift because of a pain in my upper back / neck area. Going to see a specialist tomorrow. Lift shit up for me because I can’t

  8. I’m 5’4”.

    I peaked at 165 pounds (edit: after bulking for over 2 years from 120) in December and have cut down to 151 today. I sort of feel like I’ve lost mass without gaining much definition besides a flatter stomach. Can fellow manlets give me words of advice/encouragement here?

  9. Been killing overhead stuff trying to get me poverty arms to grow, result.. they have but elbows are achy. Anyone take anything for joint pain?

  10. I started vyvanse yesterday as prescribed by my doctor. After tracking calories religiously for over 2 years, I decided to take a little break and realized I have a really bad problem when it comes to binge eating. The past 2 days have been the longest stretch that I’ve gone without binge eating in a really long time and it feels great to finally feel back in control of my life.

  11. Cut or bulk? I started at 143ish, got up to 195, had a cut way too fast (got sick) to 170, back up to 200. Feel fat in the mirror, feel good but small in some shirts. I’m 6’3 so obv 200 is skinny as fuck. What do? I’d love to cut to abs and explode, but I also feel like I don’t need to cut. Any advice?

  12. Switched gyms to a new one for the summer. Thought there were big guys at the old one, I misjudged, thought the old guys worked hard, I again misjudged. But now I’ll be surrounded by dudes who compete, and will be able to give me a bit more advice as I ponder the idea of competing.

  13. Anyone have tips or ideas on how to eat well when staying in a hotel? Recipes using only a microwave? Been travelling for work a lot recently and can’t just keep writing off a bad diet to “being on the road for a bit”.

  14. When you make your own pre-workout, can you just measure out all of the proper ratios and mix the powders in one big tub and shake it? Or will things not get properly mixed this way? Should you instead just measure it all out each time per dose

  15. I’m on holiday in Greece, and this lady and I met up tonight to dance at a club, because she got my snapchat from like solo dancing like an hour together yesterday and we wanted to meet up today and dance again. We were just planning to be dance partners because it’s fun to know someone who can “dance”( well at least adhere to a beat) at the club and stuff. Then tonight, we have an okay time, dancing our asses off, grinding and kissing, making the club our bitch, and then like 2 hours in she gets pissed cause I’m not buying her alcohol and completely stops dancing with me and goes to another dude. I didn’t offer to buy because I wanted to see how she reacted if I said no (because I’m suspish and if she was cool she’d say “no problem”),

    Like us snapping eachother, connecting, enjoying the world through dance and expression for hou S didn’t mean any single thing to her after I said I’m not buying her shit. Now that expression “these hoes ain’t loyal” starts really making sense to me.

    I know there are a ton of well meaning, good girls out there, but this experience just made me feel really sour and now I’m paranoid that people who show “real” affection are just faking it for something. Feels gross. I’ve got lots to learn lol…. think every dude needs an experience like this

    Edit: noteworthy to add that my initial emotional reaction was damn.. maybe I should’ve bought her a drink and the night would have been a really good night. But once I let that buffer I realized that you’re basically paying for someone’s company at that point (paying for a drink is fine, but being made feeling obliged to is a different story), and though some people are completely fine with that (I.e people who go to stripclubs, escorts etc, paying for fake attention) I just can’t help but seeing through it and feeling hollow inside.


  16. This girl that I had a class with started snapping me when summer break started and was asking me stuff, when she asked me what i was doing this summer (i said i was prepping for a weightlifting comp and a powerlifting one and some other things) and then she said “wow I didn’t know you lift!” Im 3 years into “serious” weight training but im not even dyel to someone I barely know, which I’m not even mad, I just find it hilarious

  17. 2nd week into a mini cut and I’m doing a deload week cause I’ve actually never done one (I’m a dumbass) and after 13 weeks of bulking Saturday‘s workout felt like absolute balls.

    I feel like a pussy ass bitch doing 60-70% normal weight am I supposed to feel like a pussy cause I feel like a pussy

  18. My knee pops constantly. The pops arent painful, but it makes it difficult to do any really heavy leg exercises as my right knee becomes weak. Anyone have advice? I dont have good health insurance so I dont have $600 to go to a PT over this

  19. Was eating at a deficit up until two weeks ago, abs barely showing. Decided i looked to skinny and to statt bulking. Eating alot now and 6 pack is coming in and looking bigger.. wtf?

  20. Dammit I hate the nagging pains you get in life. I’ve had this shoulder pain where I can’t properly do lateral raises in one arm and it sucks….

  21. Holy shit I just finished Ubik by Phillip K. Dick, we talk about muscle confusion but that is some top tier mind confusion man.

  22. Fuck guys, my supervisor’s kid just got kidnap back in Mexico. He was trying to get him here and then he got a call asking for 60000 dollars or they’ll kill him. Hope everything goes ok for his family.

  23. been watching some of calums vids on youtube, crazy how he looks now. still pretty jacked but definitely looking mortal

  24. I can’t help but feel like Arnold would have handled social media slightly better than Jeremy Buendia. Maybe. Possibly.

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