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Every day Dialogue Thread: 06/16/2018

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55 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 06/16/2018

  1. I was bragging about how I managed to stay below a maintenance while also drinking last night. Turns out that’s totally not worth it when morning comes around. I’ve never been so hungover from 8 beers in my life.

    But I stuck to my cut, so that’s the important thing.

  2. The depressing thing is that the me from 4 years ago would have killed to have the physique i have today and yet i still cant appreciate it

  3. Had a really nice day with my family having a bbq and just hanging out all day. Punishment for this? Had to push my heavy legworkout untill now this evening at midnight. Nights like this make me wonder, is it really worth it?

  4. I don’t think there’s anything better than getting your chick into lifting, then realising she’s taking it seriously on her own accord. No dragging her to the gym, no complaints while there, you can see her pushing her limits and trying her best.
    Holy shit it makes me proud bros.

  5. Not sure how unpopular of an opinion this is, but there’s three sets of twins I see around often around the gym and they always dress similarly/same shoes, etc. I know a lot of dudes have twin fantasies, but the idea of two identical people wearing the exact same thing with the same mannerisms really freaks me out. There’s a bunch of Instagram accounts featuring lifting twins and it really just racks my brain.

  6. I work a side job at a bar. I’m currently very dedicated to cutting and not drinking at all. They rented a yacht which sounds fun but it will be full of booze, pizza, and the tradition from what I hear is for people to get absolutely trashed. Think I’m just going to skip even if that’s lame.

    Edit: not even sure if I can get off from my day job in time as well.

  7. I’ve started doing forearm training 2 months ago. My forearms are getting more defined and I get an absurd pump. It’s hard to move my wrist sometimes. But I haven’t get any grip strength gains yet

  8. Getting married on Friday the 22nd. Almost cut to my goal. Carbing up this week and going to look incredible for the night. So damn excited.

    Just found out the condo we rented for the honeymoon has a full gym in the basement. I’m fucking pumped.

  9. Do any of you use olympic rings in your training? Started doing pull ups, chin ups and dips on them in the past couple of weeks and I really like it.

    If you do use them, what all do you do and do you have any suggestions for someone who is just starting to get on them?

  10. I need a guide on how to use an electric trimmer on my back pls. Only idea I got is to tie the trimmer to the end of a stick and spend an hour getting 80% of the hair on my back lol

  11. I had a guy come up to me and ask me how’d you get your legs so big? He even said that his wife has jokingly told him to stop staring at my legs (one of us)

    So it’s one of two things right now:

    1.) all the high volume squats, SLDs, leg presses, DB lunges, paid off and my legs have finally gained size. Or….

    2.) he actually thinks I’m really small but sees me come in a lot so he’s trying to keep my spirits.

    I feel like it’s the second one because all the evidence points to that

  12. took 25mg sildenafil (viagra) that my friend had, with my preworkout and damn the pump was so crazy it hurt. I was doing lat pulldowns and my forearm was so pumped it got hard to do the pulldowns lol. also saw a pec vein

  13. You know it was a brutal chest day yesterday when you wake up today and roll over and think you are having a heart attack for a moment….

  14. Can someone explain like what the main difference is between cutting natty and on juice. Today my strength has dropped significantly. Diet, Cardio and Rest has been on point. Only difference I could say is that yesterdays Back Training was more intense than usual. Today I could barely bench 150 lbs for 15 Reps (I’m comfortable at around 200 lbs for 10-15 Reps). Really confused…

  15. Hello everyone,

    I am 22 years old and i decided to make a big change in my life. I have decided to start natural bodybuilding in the summer. The problem is I have never been to the gym before . But I am really determined. I am willing to work out 7 days a week for as many hours it is needed. So i want to ask you :

    Can i really do this or is it stupid?

    Any tips ?

    Also how much time until i start having some results?

    Thanks for your help.

  16. Why the fuck are my legs so fat?

    Fucking 4 pack unflexed, 6 flexed, and my fucking legs look like dogshit. On top of that they just don’t match my upperbody

    I’m literally about to severely drop my qusd/hamstring volume or just drop it all together and rely on biking and incline walking for dat calf growth.

    Hey, at least now it’s 6 upper body days. Gotta ignore the legs, right babe?

  17. Hello,

    Looking for some routine advice.

    Been powerlifting for a year and am looking to put on size. Specifically:
    I’m happy with my lower body, so programs that can focus on upper body hypertrophy and lower body strength would be ideal. l’d be able to commit 2 hours everyday. I know common suggestions are PPL, PHAT, PHUL, and GBR to list a few and would appreciate any advice regarding those, others, or modifications to those programs to reach my goal in the shortest time period. Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks!

  18. Hey guys im on a bulk and its going really well! my arms look bigger and so does my chest and my abs have gotten stronger so they actually look better then before. I am 18, 162ish and am 6 foot and some change . what do you recommend i bulk to?

    Also on a separate note how d o you guys who are bulking approach cheat meals/days, how often and how big of a cheat? how does it effect you? thanks for the advice!!!!

  19. I think I am living life right, go to work for 9 hours and then gym for 75 minutes then ate my chicken and broccoli. does this sound right to everyone else?

  20. What do you bros wear for everyday casual shoes? I’m going to buy a few pairs here soon, just curious what everyone’s rocking.

  21. Guys I’m sad. I work literally 7 days a week, between two jobs (one full time one part time), I hardly see my girl and I’ll be moving 3 hours away for a job opportunity by the end of the year, I never see my friends ever so I feel like I have no one, and the only part of my day that makes me feel alive is the 1.5 hours I get at the gym, the little bit of time I get to fish maybe once a week, and my sweet dog.

    On the bright side I hit a PR today on squats since my ACL injury and I got to see my dad for a little bit today, so I guess somethings are alright my dudes.

  22. So i decided outside of my daily compound lifts (squat, push, pull stolen from jamie lewis of chaos and pain) that id start using accessory to focus on aesthetics/weak points to bring up my shoulders and arms rather than just trying to solely get stronger, obviously i intend to get stronger at the accessory but im not just throwing it all at the big lifts anymore and assuming my smaller body parts will just grow as a consequence.

    So my question is, what the fuck can you do for rear delts that doesnt bore you to tears? I tried doing reverse flies on the fly machine the other day and its just not for me, face pulls are in that same i just want to shoot myself category. Im assuming my best bet is to go with behind the neck press, but maybe someone has something cool and preferably heavy i dont know about.

  23. God dayum, thank god for normies. At a rave in a tank top right now and people basically molest me. Love it.

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  25. Searched amazon for ZMA and saw advertisement for some test booster, the general sentiment here is that they don’t work, just inject yada yada. As we know deficiency in Vitamin D, Zinc (maybe there are others?) causes lower testosterone, I checked the ingredients for the test booster and it did include Zitamin D and Zinc (and a long list of other ingredients I won’t pretend to know what they do).

    So can someone explain to me why the circlejerk that they don’t work? Sure the Vitamin D/Zinc could be underdosed, but it must have some affect. I’m not even considering buying them but I’m just curious why people say they won’t do anything when it seems likely they will contribute – at least on some level.

  26. Going to need some advice guys

    I’ll be going to Europe to travel for a couple weeks, hitting these places: Ibiza, Barcelona, Zurich, Prague, Berlin, Munich,Amsterdam, split, budapest, Munich (Not in order).

    Any tips on which gyms to go to or alternatives since I won’t be any city for more than 4-5 days so I can’t exactly sign a month contract. I am scared of atrophy..

  27. I really want a dog, but I can’t really give one the love and time it deserves since I’m a wild land fire fighter. I’d get a girlfriend to watch him for me, but the last one kept it when we broke up, so I learned my mistake there.

    Fuck I’m lonely.

  28. Going back to home town from college. College town is surely better but home town has a legit powerhouse where I train. Can’t wait, some old school machines I love them. Also wayyy better than my shitty college gym

  29. I don’t care how big you are or how much you can lift; if you can’t re-rack your weights or observe basic gym etiquette, you might as well be the weakest, scrawniest beginner in the gym.

  30. Can you build good legs with just leg press, leg extensions, and hamstring curls? I know that seems like a r/fitness question. But I’m for real. My other lifts are fine. My bench is 260, ohp is 155, deadlift is 315 but squat never felt natural cause of ankle and knee injuries I’m guessing and I never progressed after a month.

  31. tfw mrnoexcuses was getting downvoted and all of his posts kept getting deleted and now he made another one and everybody loves it.

  32. so have any of you actually tried the Rich Piana style feeder workouts? How have they worked for you? I’m thinking about trying them but I have a few questions.

  33. Why does every weekend gotta be a holiday?

    All my dad is going to talk about how shitty I was when I was a kid… I own my own company now, got a waifu and own my house and have a jacked up truck and a home gym and make more money than he ever did…

    He only ever wants to bring up shit like the time I lit my neighbors house on fire or that fight I got into during Bible School or the time I punched the school mascot and got caught with weed…

    Wtf dad…

  34. If you had to choose between flat+incline bench or flat+weighted dips or incline+weighted dips, which combination would you go for?

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