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Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/15/2019

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33 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/15/2019

  1. But for real though that jacket I can wear now looks so fucking good. Soothes my lil goth heart.

    Tonight I’m seeing Postmodern Jukebox and gonna wear something cutesy af I CONTAIN MULTITUDES.

    But for now I’m in the living room playing Phoenix Wright while my roommate is upstairs with the guy she’s seeing this is fine this is all fine and I am very cool.

  2. Where to look for if i want to have more knowledge on lifting and dieting, some stuff i can implement and change my physique. I’m speaking more of those knowledge PT’s have, the right ones


  3. Watched a Jay Cutler video where he says he does all his tricep work before his biceps. Does anyone else do this and notices a difference in pump/muscle soreness?

  4. So I’m in a happy relationship, but now also crushing pretty hard on this girl from uni I have meetings (and drinks) with every few days. Idk how to handle, couldn’t put her out of my mind for the two weeks I’ve known her untill now. She’s casually dating some girl now I’ve heard, but we’ve been having pretty intense eye fuckery until now and we got great vibes, but still love my gf a lot tho. What do?

  5. I’m not progressing with my physique because i’m not keeping up with 4000 cals every single day, it’s draining, i’m losing ideas what to eat and it’s mentally taxing(not crying btw stfu) and because of it every week i stay short on about 1000-2000 average.

    Monday -400

    Tuesday -1000

    Wednesday -400

    Rest is up to T! What to do when this shit happen? What junk to eat to fill it up?

  6. can wide grip bench lead to elbow/shoulder impingement? i always get a slight elbow pain when i go wide and my shoulder does this painful pop/crack that radiates down to my elbow before bed

  7. Well today was a helluva a day! Took two bikini competitors to NPC Mid Atlantic Cup Championships and brought home:
    1st True Novice

    1st Novice

    1st Open B

    1st Open D

    Overall Novice

    Overall Open Bikini

    Best Presentation

    I’ve never had a more exciting and heart breaking experience as a coach than watching my girls battle for the overall. [Super proud today!](

  8. I pretend I’m a powerlifter but then I did a set of 275 for 25 on squat after a new PR. Thanks to my powerlifting conditioning and asthma i was choking for a good 20 minutes.

  9. So I can’t swallow pills because of a choking incident I had when I was a child (my throat just closes up out of fear whenever I try), so is it safe/effective to just open up the capsule and poor the pre workout powder into water and just take it that way? Probably a dumb question…

  10. Today is the two year anniversary of my first gym membership. I hit a 300 lb bench today. I am so smug rn ngl

  11. Dear Right Arm,

    Go fuck yourself, you scrawny nerd.

    Sincerely, your thiccer, better-inserted and more defined twin brother, Lefty

  12. We have one rack in my gym and this pansy was using it to squat 25’s and then he would proceed to do yoga on a mat, all in the rack.

  13. Relax your shoulders. Straighten your neck. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Be the best version of you that’s possible. Fuck the doubters.

  14. Someone tell me classic wow will suck and I can’t relive my teenage years so I don’t install it and waste another decade of my life

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