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Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/12/2018

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50 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 06/12/2018

  1. Reddit while drinking 🙁

    Posted yesterday about dating while I was out out with some friends at the bar and only re-read it when I got home and realized how entitled it sounded and how much of a rant it was and deleted it.

    Definitely not what i was trying to say.

    I just am not sure what to do anymore. Little luck on dating sites/apps with plenty of ghosting but a few first days that I thought went well only to never get a second date.

    What is the best way to communicate that you are looking for long term/ short term? (pretty much anything at the moment), but I feel like being open for either kind of relationship seems to exclude the other.  

    Not really sure what my question is but what I have been doing is apparently not working.

  2. Having an end date for your cut is so much better than “oh I can cheat today it’ll only add an extra day to the cut”. 9 more weeks 🙁

  3. If you ever feel like experiencing death while living, try high rep front squats into hanging leg raises.

    Motherfucker someone end my life

  4. I was at planet fitness and had my airpods in, while i was resting some 5’4 guy in a carebear t shirt way to small for his body walked up to me and said to stop using my headphones because they were frying my brain like a microwave.

    I suck at talking obviously so I am extremely confused and I just say “uhhhhh ok thanks” then he responded “your killing yourself slowly man when you die don’t blame me” Then i just put my airpod back in and continue lifting.

  5. In America for the first time ever for a week. Anything I should check out that would be a big difference from Canada? Any preworkout or good deals I should try and check out?

    Basically on MSU campus.

  6. What are u guys opinions on PPL vs Arnold Split? Which one do you prefer?

    Seriously considering switching from PPL to Arnold Split. Makes supersetting things a lot easier- whenever I superset I get a thicc pump

  7. DAE do some serious self-reflection at the gym when staring into the mirror??

    I probably look extra autistic when doing so but man there’s something about staring into that DYEL abyss

  8. Is fat free cream cheese disgusting or something? All I wanna do is make some protein cheesecake from a recipe I found online, and literally no stores I’ve tried carry the shit. Either this is a red flag that fat free cream cheese is just as bad as it sounds, or the universe is telling me to go full-fat.

  9. So according to the front page of reddit, one gallon of gasoline is about 31,000,000 calories.

    In a completely unrelated note, stay tuned for my new up and coming ultimate winter bulk diet programme that will well and truly allow me to leave humanity behind once and for all

  10. Just came back after a year or so away from here and the gym.
    Good news: “Noob” Gainz!
    Bad News: DOM Painz!
    Other News: WTF, who are all you people!?

  11. Told the front desk QT at the gym she had the brightest and most sincere smile. Compliments boys, it’s all about compliments.

    If you all need tips on how to speak to these alien women I’m here for you.

    Being 6’4 and handsome helps though.

  12. How do you all who cut stay consistent with a social life/dating/etc?

    I spent the last year in Seoul, SK. I’m a 29 year old single jazz musician. I went on a fuckton of dates. I eventually had a rotation going, in addition to social/musical things with friends. It was the best year of my life.

    I have no issues hitting the gym. It’s the nutrition on weekends that gets me. I’m sure not all of you are staying home every night. I made good gains and learned a lot in the last year; not just with lifting, but life in general. However, I need to actually fucking cut 😅

    I just moved to Japan and will be here a while. I’m trying to dial my shit in beyond Sunday-Friday. I meal prep all my shit during the week however, it seems when the weekend hits, I have to go out, do something, and meet people.

    Thoughts? Protips?

    Today is chest/back for me. Kill it everyone!

    TLDR: Staying consistent with nutrition (weekends) while maintaining a social life abroad.

  13. Going to the gym after getting a haircut is honestly the best feeling ever. The pump combined with your newly shortened hair makes you feel bigger than ever. Sometimes I consider growing my hair out really long, then cutting a little bit off each day so that everyday I feel like I’m getting massive.

  14. When I was younger I’d always sweat for no apparent reason. I thought it was cuz I was a plump 205 at 5’10. Now I’m sitting at a slightly less fat 180 & still sweat while sitting. Did it when I hit 150 too. Anyone can help understand this? Am I just a moist towel or something?

  15. Not sure if I should take a break from cutting or if I should just go balls to the wall for another month. Down almost 30lbs in three months and my diet has not been consistent, way too many re-feeds. Mentally I’m finished, but I can almost see all my abs while sitting at ~15% bf.

  16. Way my macros are set up I have 44 grams of protein left for the day, 121 carbs, 522 calories over all left, what should I do?

  17. Do you guys ever feel like you need a mini break? There’s nothing I love more than working out, but the last ten days, the workouts have just been so shit. I’m just burned out. Is that weird?

  18. People with bad elbows help me out. I have bad elbows. One set of skullcrushers and they ache for a week. What can I do to train triceps besides Pushdown?

  19. I’m trying to pick a sport bike and I can’t decide if I want naked or one with full fairing. For you bros who have ridden both, how is the wind protection at higher speeds with the full fairing?

  20. Forcing myself to snap out of this depression.. today was the first day I felt alright and the past few days I’ve been miserable. Finally went to the gym today and it made me feel better. Appetite is shit. I just ended a bulk and I was going to maintain for a while but I’ve already lost some weight from not eating so I’m considering just cutting. But scared of losing gains.

    Anyone actually notice more muscle loss if you jump right into a cut from a bulk vs maintaining for a few weeks?

    And any current song recommendations for rough times? I’ve been listening to Reborn and Cudi Montage from the new Cudi/Kanye album and they help

  21. Anyone else’s vascularity really asymmetrical? I swear my right arm and left delt look like 8% bf and my left arm and right delt looks like 20% even though they’re the same size.

  22. Back home between graduating from college and employment. Working 9-10 hour days doing carpentry to pass the time and then spending about two hours in the gym for my lift + cardio. Have legit zero friends left here so guess I’m just gonna be grinding out these next couple months. Taking photos for some modeling agencies this weekend, so hopefully that goes somewhere. Wish me luck.

  23. Just picked up 2.75lbs of cooked rotisserie chicken legs and thighs for 5 bucks at Costco, not too shabby

  24. i got depressed for like a week and ate only 1500 calories a day when i should be eating 3500 to bulk

    im good now but should i try to continue at 3500 or try to add any more to make up for the past week?

    also if im at 500 surplus, do you think being at a -1500 deficit for a week literally ate away 3 weeks of bulking?

  25. Do people still read blogs? I was thinking of writing a fitness blog once a week. It will keep me busy on the commute to work and I can share a little of my insights on certain topics

  26. Been cutting on low/moderate carbs for a few weeks now and I half binged on rice cakes before I worked out today. Expected a crazy pump but it’s below average. Wtf body

  27. Spoke to the gym management about getting heavier dumbbells, since the current max is 110lbs dumbbells. Management thought about it and said that since most people at the gym can’t even use the 100’s, they will not be adding anything over 110lbs. Goddamn it.

    I’ll have to stick with the 110’s until I can do all of my sets for each exercise and then I’ll just buy the new dumbbells myself.

  28. You guys have any tips for studying? I’m switching majors for this fall and plan on actually caring about grades and classes, but all throughout high school I coasted because I could and didn’t even develop study habits. I’m trying to use this summer to get those habits but I’m not sure how.

  29. There is a person over on r/fitness discussion BMI. Now this person says that BMI is a bad way to judge fitness, and I agree that for an athlete it is, but this person is 5’3” and 200lbs. But it’s okay because according to them, they can still run an 8 min mile. I’m on mobile so I don’t know how to link, but here is the comment.

    “I’m 5 foot 3 which would put a “healthy” weight at 107-135 pounds. I didn’t say I didn’t need to lose weight, I was simply saying that I agreed that BMI isn’t an accurate measure of fitness or body fat and there are other metrics that a person can use to gauge their own health.

    I also said I was a reasonably fit person. Not that I’m super jacked. I can move weight around, I can run a 8 minute mile and I can do most body weight things I decide I want to do.

    I can bike, run, rock climb, swim, lift weights, snowboard, hike etc. What of those things indicates I’m morbidly obese? Need to lose weight sure, been doing it for a couple of years now. Where I want to be, no that’s why it’s a journey and I choose to use other metrics to gauge progress.”

    So yeah, apparently people think like that

  30. I need a new pair of swim trunks this summer and I’m looking for something for big thigh boys with a 4″ to 5.5″ inseam. Anyone have suggestions?

    Ones I’m aware of: Chubbies has some 4″ stretch ones but expensive and not many patterns. Bear Bottom has some 5.5″ non-stretch.

  31. Shoutouts to the bro watching a CSGO stream without headphones in the middle of the gym

    I’m not mad, I don’t hate, I have hespec for you

  32. Goddammit I love Meadows and the way he programs his stuff so I’d like to support him but $200 for a program? Who buys those?

  33. Diet is in check at last. Start focusing on lifts. Asian powerlifter dude said I was leaning forward on squats and my back is rising too fast. Video confirms. What do?

    On the bright side, despite my bad form, my knees haven’t hurt for like a week.

  34. Did 21 sets of chest day, just a bunch of different exercises for 3 sets. Seems like I did way more work though

  35. I’m usually a morning workout kinda guy. That being said the best feeling in the world has to be late night legs. Throw on a hoodie and sweats. Go heavy and low reps. Get that sweat on. Your stringer soaked. You leave the gym. Take a shower. Feel so clean. Pass out naked. Wake up and see the veins bulging on your legs

  36. you mans needs to start reading books.

    Brahs, there are so many great stories out there that have been popular across multiple generations, y’all are missing out. I think it’s been a positive addition to my life instead of spending too much time on reddit/TV/games.

  37. Well first time using a coach that fucked me in prep now I’m 10 weeks out and switching it up. If they start out as shit don’t expect them to change anytime soon. New coach has been in contact with me more in the last day then my last coach ever was

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