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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 06/11/2019

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41 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 06/11/2019

  1. I am so unmotivated for school, damn. I have a math test tomorrow and it’s 22.30 in the evening right now and I dont understand a single thing. I have one re-do left so I couldnt even focus because I knew I would just have to use that anyway

    So yeah I just went to bed


    Edit: I just realized I can’t count and it was only eight days. Explains why I still have it. Missed it by a fucking day.

  3. my overall chest is decent but I dont have that line that seperates the chest (inner chest)

    Could it be because im lacking inner exercises or because my bodyfat percentage is not low?

  4. Destiny 2/Forsaken whatever complete edition is on sale for $40 from $100 on PS4. Any of you other gamers think the game is worth it?

  5. Walked into the changing room to see some guy about to inject something into himself. Could have at least waited until he was somewhere relatively clean.

  6. Update on the Yoga Girl:


    Several weeks ago, I posted a story about meeting a stunning young lady after taking a yoga class in the park, and how she’d asked for a video (she got there after I’d set up my camera and was stationed behind me). Anyway, she never got back to me, so I figured she got creeped out (or her bf gave her static), and I forgot about the whole thing.

    She just emailed me, apologizing for not responding sooner. All happy good feelings.

    Sometimes, beautiful women will do things like this to weed out the desperate, weird-o, “nice guy” stalkers. Maybe she’s single now. Maybe life got busy. Who knows?

    Anyway, she’s re-established contact.

    I’m curious to see how I’ll fuck this up!

  7. Salted caramel whey with unsweetened almond milk is the only thing keeping me sane on this psmf cut. Tastes just like one of those white girl starbucks drinks. Other than getting ptsd every time I see tuna cans and chicken breasts, being super weak at the gym and forgetting the feeling of a pump, my experience with psmf has been great. It‘s crazy how fast you shed fat with it. Feels like a cheat code. Down 9 lbs in 7 days already. If it wasnt for the all out refeed day I had on sunday I would have probably lost even more weight.

  8. So apparently I have 414 testosterone and normal range is 250-1100. What levels do those that take TRT typically bring it up to? Stupid question but if it was doubled to 1k or so, would you be able to tell the difference? Do they let you get TRT with levels at 400?

  9. Fucking hate this Indian dude who keeps fucking staring at me like he’s never seen a normal guy before. I might punch this fucker in the face boys

  10. Just got a fresh haircut. I got some new shoes. About to give the beard a nice trim. New shirt I’m debuting Friday night. Nothing better than that fresh feeling.

    Oh and I’m about to eat a nice big beef burrito then hit squats/sumo DL.

  11. Just learned that you can use antiperspirant on your balls and grundle. I thought I remembered someone telling me definitely don’t do that

    This changes everything, can’t say I’m going to miss the sweet musky smell of my nut sack during the work day

  12. I’m seeing a girl who unironically thinks I’m too big, and she likes grabbing my stomach fat and love handles. First gen Chinese immigrant so they like their twinks

    [Behold, me, the mass monster](

    Not exactly helping my commitment to this bulk

    She was disappointed, yet accepting when I told her I was likely to get much fatter before I thinned down again

  13. Taking a shit is the most stressful thing at work. It’s like my body knows people can hear me so it shoots out the loudest greasiest farts while on the toilet and they just reverberate in the bowl and fill the entire bathroom with my shitty music.

  14. Lack of sleep yesterday plus crazy busy night at work means I overslept by almost 2.5hrs. No gym today. ☹

    I will count all the heavy thing I had to carry around last night though. I felt like I was strongman training.

  15. My local gym is full of people who know what they are doing, so when I see those Gym Fuckery videos I think “Nah, these guys must be putting it on for the camera”


    So I started work in the city…


    Two weeks in and I have seen

    – Full gym bros, straddling each other while doing seated side raises

    – Skinny normies trying to curl 20kg dumbbells with full swing

    – 1/4 reps galore

    – Some douche playing his dub step on speaker phone

    – One chick taking 10 minutes between lat pull down sets.


    It’s been quite a rush!

  16. Bodybuilding forums have warped my perception of the human body so severely it’s actually not even funny anymore. I was watching that new Bradley Martyn chest/tri day and as I saw him repping out those tricep pushdowns I was thinking “damn, I can’t even see his horseshoe with any definition – he must be fat as shit right now :/”

    Like, are you kidding me? Man is in better shape than I’ll ever be and looks fantastic lmfao

  17. Fuck man sometimes when I’m designing something I feel like I’m constantly pushing a layout that just isn’t going to work overall, but I keep trucking on. Pretty sure when I get to work tomorrow I’m gonna look at this brochure and start from scratch, frick.

  18. So at work I like to speak Korean sometimes with customers as they are leaving (I usually just say “have a nice day” to them, if they ask for something and I give it to them, I say “here”, but sometimes I say “I love you” because it sounds like “So long!” in English) and to embarrass the Korean girl who works with me because it’s fun and easy to do and it makes her laugh since she says I’m crazy. Really I just like it because it makes work a little more fun and puts me out of my comfort zone. Today, someone replied back!!! Made my day, I got so excited.

    Also someone who used to work there came back today and said I am getting really big. Made my day again!

  19. Graduating a med program soon, worried about not knowing what the future holds when i graduate. Where will i work/live/lift? 😰

  20. Almost week 4 of my cut and I just hit a bench PR! 185 for 5, yeah it’s weak but I’ll take any motivation I can get !

    PS I bet I have the worst chest on the entire sub

  21. Anybody here ever have Ulnar Nerve Transposition surgery for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

    Haven’t been to the gym in 4 months because of it.

    My grip strength went from around 100 to less than 50 in both hands. Couldn’t pick up 90 lbs dumbbells without my pinky and ring fingers giving out.

    Went to physical therapy but it didn’t help and now I’m getting Ulnar Nerve transposition surgery.

    Can anyone tell me what the recovery is like and how soon you were back in the gym? Did you ever recover completely

  22. Pros to cutting: every day you can tell you’re a little bit sexier

    Cons to cutting: every day you can tell you’re a little bit smaller

  23. Got a weird pain in my right elbow. I keep getting that in the gym and the heavier the weight the more I feel it though. The exercise doesn’t seem to matter. First noticed it with very narrow grip bench presses and on the same day I got it really bad while doing preacher curls. Never had it really bad again, but it does come back during the occasional exercise. Weirdly: I also get that pain when I flex my biceps. When I turn my hand inward to flex the biceps I sometimes feel it, even if there’s no weight involved. Anyone ever dealt with that? It always goes away fairly quickly tho – almost as soon as I stop the exercise / flexing – maybe 30 seconds.

  24. Fucked up at work today. First time driving this specific ambulance and it has these weird electronic brakes that I’ve never used before. So as I was backing into the station I normally ease into the brakes when my spotter tells me to stop. However when he told me to stop I applied my normal pressure to the brakes but I kept going and hit a trailer hitch, leaving a dent in the back of the Ambo. I had to get a police report done and most likely gonna get screamed at by the chief so I’m not looking forward to it. They said it happens to everyone but I still feel like a dipshit 🙃

    I guess I’ll just slam on the brakes from now on when I drive that unit. 2 hours into this shift and I already wanna go home

  25. I just met up with some former co-workers who haven’t seen me in the year since I started lifting and I got a lot of compliments and people asking me if I’ve been hitting the gym – feels good bros, first time I’ve had that confidence boost from people who aren’t family 🙂

  26. I want to satisfy my curiosity. Can someone please explain to me why it’s easier to reach a higher volume with higher set lower rep scheme?

    So, I’m trying to break through a plateau. I can do 8 chin ups per set and I wanna get that number higher. One suggested scheme to do that is to crank out higher volume. There are 2 approaches I’ve taken to cranking out higher volume: Approach 1 was me doing AMRAP every set until I reached a total rep count of 50. Approach 2 is stopping every set at 5. In the end, I seem to finish in pretty the same amount of time, but with AMRAP i’m exhausted. My muscles are fatigued as all hell. I got a massive pump going though. Meanwhile, with a pre-determined rep count that’s lower than my max rep (like 5, for example), I have no issue reaching 50 and I still feel like I got plenty more in the tank. What’s up with this!?

  27. Anyone got any tips for improving my bench? I’ve been stuck at low weight for a long ass time. 100×10. I start my push sessions with bench 4×10 benching and can’t seem to improve. Any advice?

  28. Well shit. I peed like 15 times today and my mouth is bone try so I took a blood sugar test and got a 97 (I ate 3 bananas like 3 hours ago) so what now? If I’m not diabetic what else could it be? Something fucked up with my kidneys?

  29. Have matched with about 25 girls on Tinder that I would definitely bone. What the fuck is up with the answering of one message then never responding again?

    Straight up have gotten an opening message from a girl saying “you’re gorgeous” and then she only responded once more. What do ya’ll open with?

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