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Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/15/2017

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68 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/15/2017

  1. Ok bros so a few months back I posted about a tough break up (I dumped my ex because of cheating) and about my Med school interviews. You guys were so supportive I just wanted to thank you all, just got my first offer and it’s from UNSW. Basically a dream come true, thanks bros smash your lifts

  2. The motor on the AC unit at my house burnt out. The landlord has to give the go ahead before we can get it fixed. His mom just died and he’s hundreds of miles away handling that. It’s supposed to be mid 80’s tomorrow and 90 on Wednesday.

    And on top of it all, now my girlfriend is being shitty to me like it’s somehow my fault???

  3. Going to Germany in a week. Gonna be two weeks of little access to gym gear and non-existent food tracking. I hope that I can at least make it to the gym a couple of mornings while over there.

    I also hope to drink my weight in beer.

  4. A woman came up to me in the gym and told me she watches me and loves how hard I workout. Also nailed my first weighted pull-ups and my coach put Lucky Charms in my meal plan. Oh, and u/zhululu and I decided to tie the knot this year. ?

  5. Attempted to OHP 175lbs for 1+ this morning, and . . . nothing. No movement. Complete and utter failure of that attempt.

    I blame it on a somewhat successful cut and coming off a 12hr night shift.

  6. I’m not from west coast and I don’t know of any theatres around me showing gen iron 2. Where can I watch it?

  7. Holy shit. It only took 700ml of water to flush my urine from basically dark brown to clear.

    Kidney function through the roof yo.

  8. Accidentally slammed my car door against my index finger on my right hand. Actually broke the finger and had the nail popped out of the nail bed, had a long and fun trip to ER. Pretty much impossible to grip things in my right hand without being awkward or painful. Looks like it’s legs for a while

  9. I walk up to a bench just emptied. Headphones in and some big dude comes by and says they got it. With headphones in I’m like “sorry just starting man” and then he speaks up and a find hrs been waiting for it nearby. Then I’m like “oh you’re waiting, my bad bro and move on” and the big guy nods and is like “respect, brother.”

    Communication is nice

  10. There’s this huge guy at my gym, and we always give each other the bro nod. It’s the only thing that makes me feel like I’ve made it. So today I was finally brave enough to ask him about his routine in passing.

    He definitely told me about his current cut routine/diet and then goes “oh, and tren… obviously.” Instantly in love.

  11. Just found out I didn’t get into the school I applied to transfer to.
    Didn’t expect anything but still feelsbadman

  12. My entire leg day is just squats, 185 6 sets 20 reps. I like it, but it fucks with my right hip on high volume deadlift day. Might just stop doing high rep deads since it seems I benefit more from heavy lifting anyway.

  13. I have a ton of work to do because of finals and I don’t have the time to meal prep. At the same time, I’m tired of hovering around the same weight so I’m not gonna let this shit get in the way of my bulk… so this is my third day in a row eating a whole pepperoni Little Caesars Pizza… AMA

  14. Mfw girlfriend’s whole family says I look like I lost weight but I’m 10lbs heavier IDK HOW TO FEEL FAM

  15. Hair salon TAKE 2 tomorrow. Hopefully they don’t mess up my cut again. They are the only well reviewed salon near me but I had been growing out the top of my head for like 6+ months and they FREAKING trimmed the sides WAY too high. I even had a picture with the style I wanted from every angle! It’s been about 8 weeks since then as I’ve been trying to grow out the sides again and kinda delaying for fear of another bad haircut but my fade is fugly/nonexistent now.


    Also I don’t know if it’s because of all the recent posts about exams and shit. But I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I forgot to work on a major project that was due today and also missed a final exam to boot. (I graduated like 7 years ago)


    Oh yeh, in just the past week two random bros gave me the nod. I dunno what’s happening but it feels great coming from gorgeous, muscular men.

  16. On my suicide cut. I hate everything but lifting. I will see my abs before winter. Changed from a bro split to a PPLx2 and today was my first workout and I must say I’m impressed! Side note, got some pre-Kaged preworkout from on a promo deal a few months ago and that shit is ?. No, literally ?. It has capsaicin extract in it and I didn’t realize it until I took some and did cardio and soaked my shoes in sweat. I seriously sweat worse than Dennis Wolf trying out for acting roles.

  17. So I’m looking into buying a 100 year old house. I like the place, but no one has lived there in a few years. The owners somewhat maintain the place, but didn’t mention why no one lives there. This is the opening of a horror movie. This place is fucking haunted isn’t it?

  18. What do you do on a cut and your lifts stall for 3+weeks? I know gaining strength/muscle on a cut isn’t the usual unless your on roids, but do I deload the weight or keep getting the same weight for the same amount of reps?

  19. [My entire upper body is a weak point lmao kill me now](

    God I really need to get some upper body gains from this upcoming bulk. Tfw thick thighs & glutes but DYEL upper body.

    EDIT: To show just how out of proportion I really am, my (high bar) squat and deadlift are done beltless. Imagine how unsymmetrical I would be if I shot up instantly to 275×9 and 315×9 using a belt. 🙁

  20. My best friend didn’t tell me he was going to propose to his now fiancé. We’ve been friends for 10 years. I got a job that hasn’t allowed me to hangout since January, and I feel like he’s taking that personally. The feels suck.

  21. First day stepping in the scale and seeing 200.00. fuck it feels good. Shoulda took a picture before shitting

  22. I posted the other day about finding a 25 dollar a month gym after 45 a month, and as it turns out the 25 one sucked, it had some nice equipment but they didn’t keep any care of that place. Found a newly reopened gym not that’s 5 fucking minutes away for 15 bucks that has more equipment and is also 24 hours. Praise be to brodin, bestowing such gainz.

  23. Running n_suns 5 day

    Anyone else having no trouble progressing bench on the 1+ day but having trouble hitting the 4 rep top sets on volume day?

  24. So ever since Damn. came out I can’t stop myself from listening to it while I’m in the gym. Do I have a problem? Is this what addiction feels like? Send help

  25. I really want to see a bodybuilder with a HGH gut cut in half, I want to see what kind of monstrosities have brewed in their stomachs

  26. I saw a recipe for a simple post-workout meal that included egg whites and cream of rice and some sugar free syrup. Anyone have any experience with something this basic? Looking for a more detailed recipe breakdown I suppose.

  27. Which one of you did this?

    So I’m getting out of the shower today. And keep in mind my uni gym has 4 sets of 5 showers. And this dude comes up. And keep in mind my uni gym is completely empty right now. And right as I’m taking my towel down from the curtain bar this dude tosses his towel up. There is a bench in front of all the showers, so he is in front of shower 2 but putting his stuff up on shower 4, what I just used. I pack my stuff up and he packs shower 4 with his shampoo and whathaveyou. Dude just has a strong urge to use the shower I just used.

  28. I hate the whole pressure to love your mom thing around this holiday. My mom is shitty at best. Gambling addiction, drug addiction, can’t hold a job, probably didn’t even raise me for 75 percent of the time I’ve been alive. I try not to judge because shit happens but fuck off with that shit. Seriously.

  29. if ya’ll have shoulder problems you can’t seem to fix, look into calisthenics/movement (idoportal) stuff. fixed me better in a couple of weeks than all the physios/chiros/specialists could in years. you gonna look like a pretentious idiot/crossfitter even but if youre a cripple/never did gymnastics/capoeira or any of that stuff it might help you become a better bodybuilder in the long term

  30. I’m the same way. I stopped training for three years around 2009 and even though I ate like shit I lost almost 60lbs. Bulking is rough for me too, I don’t get the vomit urge like you mentioned anymore but the acid reflux can be a drag.

  31. FYI supplement hunt is doing their usual Muscle Tech whey 10lbs for $59 shipped in the US. Not sure about other country’s. Wasn’t my favorite whey but after a bag of it I’m starting to like it and cant beat the price

  32. Looks like at 10 weeks into my cut a summer cold has hit. Oh well guess it’s my bodies way of telling me I need that deload week at maintenance I had been thinking about!

  33. Holy fuck, suicide cut day 4/40, I hate my life, I hate lifting, I hate cardio, I hate that I hate everything, I like the veins tho

  34. hey bros, have you ever dealt with swelling of the tendon sheath for your thumb?? alternatively dubbed “mommy thumb”, and is it safe to bench press or should i avoid making it swell further?

  35. It’s been over a month since I last had a good week at the gym (going 5-7 times). I’ve been working like 70 hours a week, but that’s no excuse because I still find time to get obnoxiously lit too often. I put two weeks in at the job that I hate, and I’m going to the gym right now even though it’s late as hell and I worked 15 hours today.

    Today is a perfect day to get back on track

  36. Man I went fucking berserk on this Fugbrah4 (the signature dude) on the HHH sub cause he annoys the shit out of me. I keep seeing him on subs and he’s always spouting nonsense and reaps ton of downvotes but still thinks he’s “spreading positivity”. Is there a way to block people on reddit?


  37. Struggling to curb cravings in my off season. Went through all of prep without any and now I want to eat everything

  38. anyone turn into a complete asshole when they haven’t eaten for 4 hours? hunger makes me crazy grumpy

  39. Endured my shift (by the last two hours it was becoming a mental struggle). Got to the gym. Took the ephedrine & cold coffee. 12 AM. Have to be up in 6 hours…. ehhh. Started to get the warming while on the eliptical but my headphones decided to not play nice and it was an instant buzz killer. I did alright through the work out but I feel it would have been 70% better with adequate tunes.
    Back home and they paired ok with computer so more investigation will have to occur today.

  40. Who’s the idiot who decided that it was worth spending the money on advertising space for an ad saying “don’t use your devices during dinner”? Is that some national problem that needs to be brought to light?

    I guarantee it’s some group of 90 year olds who think everyone under the age of 60 is on their phone nonstop.

  41. Do you have to do anything specific before getting your testosterone checked? I know if you get your blood sugar checked you’re supposed to fast the night before or something, but I’m just wondering if I made a doctor appointment and during the appointment I said, “Can you draw blood and test my testosterone?” if that’s something they could just do, or if I would have to prepare in advance or something.

  42. So i started taking measurements for the first time on this cut. In the last 3 weeks i lost about 4 pounds, my legs stayed the same, my waist dropped 1cm and my arms 1.5cm. I do look a lot leaner but those numbers are still pretty discouraging. In what way do your measurements change when on a cut?

  43. Up from a 125kg bench to 127.5kg today. Tried 130kg, but that bar was going nowhere. Maybe next time. Can’t wait till I finally hit 3pl8 bench

  44. Yo bros, commented early in the dd about my calc 2 final. Didnt absolutely crushed it, but imma pass it for sure. Feelsgoodman.

    Taking a good ol’ siesta and murdering chest so i can test Mr hyde pwo.

  45. How does my body know exactly when I’m doing heavy lifts later that day and produce all the worst farts I can muster.

    Back and shoulders day- “meh”

    Chest and arms – “good for you”

    Deadlifts and squat days – **”Start the bellows, stoke the fires, add more coal, sound the horns!”**

  46. Left headphones at home. Back up pair are out of charge. Apparently all the USBs are taken at reception. Hmmmm.

  47. I just noticed how small my calves really are, when I saw them from a side profile.

    I’m gonna hit superset them with the last 2 exercises of every workout now until I don’t want to kill myself.

  48. I’m in the gym, waiting to hear back about a job interview I went to yesterday. Not sure if the nerves are gonna fuck my workout up, or make it better.

  49. The cut is going strong when you take a powernap and dream about burgers and pizza.

    Now that I’m awake let me celebrate these ricecakes.

  50. So mom wants me to switch to baby cream powders because i told her they contain whey as well. Apparently whey is bad whilst those baby powders are natural or smth

  51. I should propose to my GF based solely on the fact she didn’t toss me to the curb during this prep.

    Also 3 days til show day ?

    Gonna get wrecked, can’t wait.

  52. Yesterday at work I found out some of my coworkers buy their eggs for.. $4 for 6. NOT 6 dozen, but 6 eggs. They’re organic and free range eggs, but considering I get mine for about 50c a dozen I could never justify paying that much for just eggs.

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