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Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/26/2019

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15 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/26/2019

  1. I just got back from Pollo Tropical and apparently a side of pulled pork costs roughly the same as two fuckin pulled pork sandwiches lol. Who the fuck sets these prices??

  2. So I have a theory: as steroids get more common in the bodybuilding community, especially test, and with some bodybuilders being a bit more open with their use than in the past, we are going to see people with insane physiques claiming that they are on “just test” when there are pinning a g of everything under the sun. And being on “just test” is going to be another joke just like being a “natty” instagram bodybuilder is now.

  3. So I had an incredibly crazy instance happen to me this past week…

    I currently have one of the top posts of all time on r/fitness ( from a progress picture that I posted there and here last year.

    To make a super long story short, I was reached out to by the Editor in Chief of Men’s Health Magazine and they ended up interviewing me for an article that just got posted this morning! From fat guy to being the center of an article on weight loss and bodybuilding? Craaaazy.

    Anyway, here’s the link (I made sure to shout this sub out). Enjoy!

  4. Has anyone tried Reign? It’s made by Monster and is their answer to Bang, so it’s got 300mg of caffeine plus bcaas and all that jazz. The cotton candy flavor is dope, y’all should look for it in stores

  5. What’s your guys’ most impressive water weight loss? I was 191 when I went to bed last night and woke up at 183 after 3 pees and 1 poo. 8lbs overnight is crazy to me

  6. Hot weather = sexy tan, crazy vascularity, fried egg nipples

    Cold weather = white walker, flat af, diamond nips

  7. Question for anyone who pairs weightlifting with mma training! Also if you think I should post this somewhere else please let me know
    Ok so basically my question is can I pair hypertrophy style training with mma training, the plan is to do a PPLPPL at 6 am then mma training at 7pm or so. Will I overstrain as long as I am eating enough? The thing is I did strength/power training for 9 weeks, lost a lil fat and got stronger but the only issue with that was the intensity was so high and I was doing it for so long that I def could feel my body getting beat up. So of course if I were to get a xompition date then I would for start to train strength/power/conditioning again but for right now could I train lower intensity and higher volume? So I can put on a lil lean mass too while I am training. I would like to weigh at least 185. Let me know g this worked for anyone or if I am in overtraining territory. I thought I would bring hypertrophy training questions to you guys because I will basically be doing a bodybuilding routine

  8. Cut has been going well. So well that I broke my dry spell for almost a year. Anyone have advice for controlling overthinking when it comes to relationships? Since it’s been a while now all I can think of is “does she actually like me or does she just feel bad for me?” Although nothing suggests that from her actions. I’m thinking I should pick up a new hobby to hopefully keep myself from sitting and overthinking. Idle minds and whatnot.

  9. I wish there was a way to see if you’re big without the ever looming body dysmorphia.

    Imagine the disappointment.

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