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Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/22/2018

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44 thoughts on “Each day Dialogue Thread: 05/22/2018

  1. Finished work this morning and killed arm day. Got the keys to my apartment and started moving stuff in. Currently cooking some chicken and rice fuck yeah

    Also, two grilled chicken patties from DQ is $10 what the fuck

  2. Yesterday I saw a bodybuilder in the gym wearing a shirt that said “I don’t care what you think” in big letters. I think it’s pretty common for some bodybuilders to have this mentality and I’m just curious why that is, especially since it seems like we do care what others think since we spend so much time on our appearance.

  3. I love a cute girl in a sundress. Especially when she’s walking and the fabric briefly wraps around her butt cheeks with each step

    goddamn, I need to get laid

  4. Decided to start running before work. Waking up at 4.00 AM is tough but getting in some cardio really helps with the weights, plus i have extremly tight hips and legs, so i’ve had big problems in the deadlifts and squat department, really helps loosen me up and makes it easier to go ass the the grass!

  5. Everything wrong with your life can be solved by getting a nice and juicy chest pump.

    It really can’t but it’ll make you feel better.

  6. FUCK I am nervous boys last step to getting my new work van legal. Sitting here and this chick is hacking up a fuckin lung and not covering her mouth, I just went outside to play on my phone.

  7. Was just told I am “too into myself” because I “talk about the gym a lot”

    Sorrrrrry it’s my main hobby and something I really like, god forbid the conversation isn’t about you all day lol, Christ, people these days man.

    Edit – I am not crossfit speaking to this girl. Apparently, you guys think I am just sitting around all day telling her my 1RMs. This is a girl that used to talk to me daily until I told her I wasn’t going to enter a relationship with her, and we stopped talking for a few months, and then she hit me up again a couple days ago. She knows exactly how I am, and she has even requested I send videos of workouts to her before lol, her telling me I am too into myself for talking about the gym is a bit of a joke to me.

  8. I think one of my favorite nicknames is Flexible Gumby

    So simple, so elegant, it conveys all the information about me that matters

  9. Hi 🙂 Want to mix casein/collagen/creatine for everyday use, but don’t really understand how to store single portions. I mean:

    * Using little plastic bags ([like this]( looks like a solution, but it’s quite messy (a lot of stuff stays in a bag).
    * There’re some water soluble bags, but I don’t want to eat plastic bags in any form.
    * Also tried pillboxes, but can store only 2-5 portions.
    * The ideal solution looks like some sort of washable capsules (like [Kinder Surprise]( but with vertical loading), but it looks too complex.

    So, if you had the same problem and solved it – share your solution. Or, just need any advice 🙂

  10. Discovered a new seasoning recently at the supermarket called “Complete Seasoning.” No idea what’s in it, but it makes everything delicious and it has zero calories.

  11. Anyone ever blended up pills to make them a power? I have some BCAA pills but they’re fucking massive and swallowing them is like trying to fit king kongs dick down my throat.

  12. Absolutely exhausted from work but I’m gonna probably hit some deadlifts for 5×5 because DL’ing is all I really feel like right now… and looking for a base set Blastoise card

  13. How to fix Resting Murder Face?

    One co-worker admitted she and others were terrified of me b/c I rarely talked and had said face. Once they got to know me they claimed that I was “normal” which made my autismo ass all fuzzy on the inside but also hurt because I wanna be a fuckin freak baby

    Its worse at the gym when I’m exerting myself and I just want to convey to my gym crushes that my face is actually quite sittable

  14. my roommate is cooking and asked if he could borrow some of my chicken juice

    … he was referring to the chicken stock

  15. Enlightened ice cream is sooo much better then halo top imo. Brownies and cookie dough will save your life, legit as good as ben & jerrys and 400 cal 28g protein.

  16. I pushed a little too hard on the linear leg press today and I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head. It’s a bit better but still there, any idea what it could be?

  17. Might be getting arrested because my identity was stolen by a scam artist family friend. The bank doesn’t believe me. I need $12k in the next 36 hours or I’m going to get arrested for fraud. Have a phone interview tomorrow that I won’t have time to prepare for because I’ll be trying to come up with $12k. Fun stuff.

  18. I had plans to go to the Olympia and my wife has a wedding she has to be in and my buddy just bailed. Is it weird to go by yourself?

  19. Made some great eye contact doing hip thrusts today.

    Just kidding, it was uneventful, and I had a great workout.

  20. I teach elementary school, and I was playing with some of my kids at recess today just throwing a ball and I decide to heave the ball as far as I could. Goes a good distance and I hear some kids say, “WOW Mr. The_Spaceman’s on steroids!!”. Thanks little homie, I appreciate the compliment.

  21. 30 years old, 5’11, 210lbs, >%25 BF

    Fasting through ramadan (think IF, but a dry fasting for 15-16 hours).

    I’m training 3-4 days a week following Greyskull Phark’s since 8 months.

    Trying to lose fat, better to do 20 mins of either swimming OR powerwalking right before braking the fast? (Fasted cardio burns fat yes), while at least maintaining my hard-earned muscle mass.

  22. Hottie gym crush was looking at my periodically. We started holding eyes for like 1/2 sec. it would be so much better to keep holding and get a smile…I’ve been like this my whole life as I’m sure a lot of you have. But as i get older it makes me feel like damn dude your 27 and STILL do that shit.

    Well it happened while I was on stair master so the adrenaline shots really helped me out. Silver lining

  23. It really blows when a cute grill you see on a regular basis talks to you for the first time at the gym, but then 2 weeks go by and she hasn’t returned.


  24. Yo the new Inglorious Basterds video game looks sick.

    Seriously though what the fuck was that BF5 trailer lol.

  25. How long do you guys spend at the gym on average? I find my workouts usually taking 1-1.5 hours.

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