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Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/18/2019

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55 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/18/2019

  1. If you make jokes/memes about “the struggle” and your bank doesnt text you with a “low balance alert” *every* time you purchase something, I dont wanna hear it.

    Ive gotta put my phone on silent when I buy shit so cashiers don’t know Im a broke boi.

  2. Weirdest date ever. I had her undressed and waa sucking her titties and had her in her panties, yet she refused to kiss me or let me smash. No smash I understand, but the no kissing was weird. Legit wouldn’t kiss me.

    She looked like a taller uglier version of my ex with smaller tits, so maybe I’m just imagining it?

  3. Tinder chick I matched with like yesterday sent me nudes on snap today and said she wants me to tie her up and fuck her.



  4. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten laid that the old fat receptionist is starting to look good.

  5. If someone had told me when I started how hard it would be to get under 10% bf I would have chosen the dark side and become a a fat powerlifter

  6. Bros I need advice. The soreness in my calves is really bad. I’ve tried stretching but it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Any suggestions?

  7. I found out today I have the same tailor as Arnold’s idol, Reg Park, which is ridiculously cool.

    He complimented my arms.

  8. Has anyone switched from bodybuilding style training to more performance based (‘functional’) training like powerlifting or Olympic lifting? What were the reasons and what programmes or resources would you recommend?

    Alternatively, if you did the opposite, care to explain? Thanks!

  9. Had a great arm session yesterday. Put all my focus on squeezing hard. Got some serious doms today. At least I hope so and I didn’t sleep on my arms wrong or something. That would be a disappointment.

  10. My knee and back are beyond fucked, I can barely do deadlifts and squats anymore. At least my bench is going up, so that’s something.

  11. I now understand the dad bod. My infant doesn’t sleep more than 2 hour spurts and my toddler has a very separate schedule. So you can’t “sleep when the baby sleeps”. They don’t always sleep at the same time. Tending to both during the day takes so much effort, I just want to sit and have a beer.

  12. The ‘skip legs’ meme really ruined a generation of lifters. So many dudes in this uni gym squat 315+ and barely bench 135 and have twig arms, its depressing to see

  13. Let´s say you have been dieting for two months, and you are really close to your goal. Then you go on a two day binge eating alot of junk and feeling like you´ve destroyed most of the progress…. How long if you get back on track will it take to get back to the look you had before binging??

  14. My grandma died a few months ago, and I guess her and my grandpa talked before she died. She wanted to leave all of her grandkids $1000, but they didn’t have that much. Yesterday though my grandpa came to my house and gave it to me, said he’d been saving for a while so he could give us all the full amount at one time. I tried to turn it down, I felt so bad taking it. But honestly, that money is such a help right now. The writing on the envelope was my grandma’s handwriting. Whole lot of emotions.

  15. Would any of you guys be interested in an AMA with Kris Gethin? I go to the same gym as him and am often there at the same time. Figure I could talk to him and ask if he would be interested!

  16. Had a wild couple of weeks. Grandpa passed away two weeks ago after a heart attack. He was 88 and lead a full life. It really didn’t click until the funeral that I’ll never see the man again. Really threw me through an emotional roller coaster.

    Same weekend he passed I went out for a Sunday Funday with my brother who I hadn’t seen in two years. Things got a bit out of hand. Got a little to drunk. I ended up back at girl’s house who I’m really good friends with and we smashed. That crazy hot sexual tension kind where it felt like all kinds of pent up emotion was coming out. We’ve now barely talked for two weeks. Really feels like the friendship is fucked now.

    No real point, just felt the need to vent a bit. Kill your lifts

  17. Got a pool party today, mid bulk so no carbs or water cause my abs will turn to ab. Drank a little skim milk and gonna have a protein bar to tide me over, i dont like this

  18. Honestly gym music can just fuck off. Im trying to get in the zone for deadlifts and cant hear my own music because these cancer beats are leaking through my headphones. If you walk into the gym and turn the speakers up then I hope you get crippling tinnitus that drives you insane.

  19. Popped back down to NC to snag an apartment for law school and visit the school again. So happy. Still hard to believe for me.

    Also NC is very different compared to Denver. Never been hit on/mired so much…and I’m small af. Can’t wait to see what life is like in 3 years. I already made many friends here just going out to bars in two nights.

    Social anxiety used to rule my life and kept me from pursuing my dreams. Taking lifting seriously had completely changed my life for the better. Thank you bbs.

  20. I think I have the worst genetics for fat storage. My legs are approaching 10% bf or less, but my whole upper body has been at the same ~15% the last 10 lbs of this cut. It’s so fucking annoying

  21. Going shooting with some buddies today and a second date with the lady tomorrow. All in all looking good. Still not sure if she wants a serious thing or what, but it’ll work out either way I’m sure.

    Man, life has changed so dramatically for me in the last week or so that some things to feel real. A week before last Thursday I went on a bar crawl, got invited to hang with a bunch of people, and now am invited to live with three girls for next year and have ~10 new friends. I also graduated undergrad the day after the bar crawl and made another friend who said his family owns a gym. Then a few days later I went on a date with my friends sister and ended up having sex for the first time.

    Before this I had very little social interaction, to be fair the last few months have been ultra busy, but I was virtually a hermit/monk.

    I’m just so happy with this boys, even just the experiences I’ve already had due to this all are amazing and the possibility for more and other new experiences is tantalizing.

    What I found out is I limit myself too much. I’ve done it my whole life, mental limiter to stop myself from making myself uncomfortable or something. Either way when I drop or lower that limiter I end up making new friends and having sex. It’s hard to drop, it comes as second nature to keep up, but damn if it isn’t one of the best things I can do. Do some introspection friends, see if you have a similar mental block. And get the fuck rid of it.

  22. Tried the dead hang from a bar at a beach party and got 67 seconds (90 sec will get you a bottle). They gave me a can of beer regardless. It was $6 to attempt. Make sure you practice before your next beach trip.

  23. “Hey man mind if I work in here?” “Oh didn’t know you wanted to, you should have said something” “ummm yeah that’s why I just asked you buddy”

  24. Anyone else feel like incline bench is crucial to their chest growth/strength? I feel like all my other movements drop if I ever stop doing it, so now I just incline bench one day a week and close grip the other.

  25. Dude in the MIB poster thread saying gear has only a 5% difference in gains after 2 months vs natural.

    He’s also a personal trainer.

    This is why personal trainers are jokes

  26. I yelled (in excitement) while watching a movie, the rundown, last night.

    My girlfriend runs from the kitchen asking what’s wrong. I was just excited that Arnold had a cameo in it.

    That’s all.

  27. I’m in the gym training legs and started out on the hip adductor. Well it’s only me and a girl in the entire gym. We make eye contact and I notice she keeps looking at me in the mirrors. As she starts using the machine next to me I got the massive urge to fart. I tried my hardest to hold it in but there was no hope. I let out AT LEAST 10 bombs in a row. Even I thought they smelled horrible. Needless to say she left the gym entirely shortly afterwards.

    Felt great though so 8/10 experience.

  28. Jeez I just got my first handjob and it was pretty underwhelming tbh. Cant complain though cus the grill is awesome and a solid 9/10

  29. Hey brahs I need some tips. I keep failing a 275 bench press. I thought I had it yesterday as it went off my chest fast, but the midway/lockout I just couldn’t get it up. I think it’s part mental and part my form might need some work (mostly getting a better arch and leg drive).

    Right now I’m looking to get bigger and thinking of doing Juggernaut method for my bench and ohp setting up my split in a PPL fashion. You guys think this is good or should I do something else? I suck when it comes to programming

  30. 12 weeks out from my first ever show.. novice men’s physique, any thoughts/criticisms welcome, will be uploading more pics closer to the show and as I practice my posing




    Where my pale bros at

  31. We ran out of regular milk, so last night I had a bowl of cereal with chocolate milk.

    The cut is going well…

  32. My butcher asked me out via text after I gave her my number to place an order the other day. She’s pretty cute but I dont want to ruin the beautiful meat-based relationship we have going on.

  33. Being hyooooge and red in the face from the sun this week sometimes feels bad because you can see some normies are totally terrified. This tiny lady at the store today messed up the cash register when I paid cash and looked like she was scared I was going to flip out and start breaking stuff.

    Lady its literally $3 and some change like its whatever I promise I wont hurt you…

  34. Been averaging 5 hours of sleep all week. Its 3pm and all I want to do is sleep but still have to lift, do cardio, go grocery shopping and meal prep. Fukk. Rest day tomorrow but will I make it? Who knows

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