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Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/14/2019

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38 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 05/14/2019

  1. America has such a ridiculously skewed view of portion sizes. I was ordering a sub and their small sandwich is 6 inches and 900+ calories, that’s a half loaf of bread when you think about it. The junior size for kids was a 4 inch sandwich, which is probably a more reasonable amount for an adult to eat.

  2. I am pretty new to bb, and the only thing so far that is concerning me is that I suck at lateral raises. I am making progress pretty much everywhere, but I am stuck on LR. Any advice?

  3. There’s something so comical about 16 year olds kids who look like they’ve never picked up a dumbbell coming in the gym decked out in gymshark, taking 100 mirror Snapchats, and hogging machines on their phones.

  4. Streetwear fashion looks like they’re trying way too hard to look like a ninja or they straight up look like a grandpa.

  5. Well fellas it looks like I’m going on a date with my friends sister. She asked me, so I guess that’s good. This is the girl who’s husband cheated on her with my friends girlfriend. Definitely didn’t expect things to go this way, but hey I’ll see what happens.

  6. How much water weight is realistic to start holding after starting to take creatine? I don’t want to think I’m ruining my cut

  7. I texted the girl that ghosted me if she wanted to get coffee this week. What’s she gonna do? Ignore me some more? YOLO

  8. My buddy in the gym calls glute ham raises “not today’s.”

    He came up with it in prison, doing the lift apparently helped him fend off sexual predators. Helped him practice keeping that tight.

  9. Was told that I have ~~taunka (?)~~ Tonka arms this morning by a coworker. Apparently, it’s an old toy truck and it’s some sort of compliment. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. truth hurts lol

    guy posted a video of supplements he bought from fitness expo. He had like 6 diff preworkouts, few tubs of “post workouts” shitload of BCAAs, CLAs, shitload of vitamins, protein powders..

    Tribulus ofc

    some “testosterone boosters”

    and he looks like absolute DYEL, even tho as he said he works out for almost a decade. Commented that “he should’ve spent that money on some test + dbol instead”, and I got absolutely roasted lmao

    pretty sure taking test only, will actually give gains, and will do less harm to body than taking 10+ supplements every day

  11. One advantage of being constantly hangry from the cut is my students have cotton’d on to the fact that they shouldn’t try and fuck with me at the moment.


  12. Tfw you got no leads on tinder/match/bumble (all deleted). Tfw deaf n 5’4 n 190. Tfw you excited for an ifbb pro that’s local will be coaching you after he competes in the ny pro. Dat feel when you’re bored with life mang but gym is therapeutic mang.

    Dat feel dawg, dat feel. Y’all kill yo lifts

  13. I told a girl that we should go on another date and got hit with a “idk about that”. Can I get an F in the chat boys?

  14. Been cutting/recomping as a skinnyfat and am wondering if I’m lean enough now to go full bulk. Will post pictures of anyone is open to giving advice.

  15. Just calculated the cost of my first cycle including everything (bloodwork, pct, ai, fees, shipping, etc). It’s around $310 while $75 of it is shipping. You Americans should be so glad that you don’t have to pay this kind of shipping price, I’m jealous.

    Edit: I take it back, don’t pull out your bloodwork prices on me.

  16. Made a comment last week about how my pressing movements were getting stronger on this cut, guess I should’ve kept my mouth shut cuz everything dropped 10 lbs overnight

  17. So my dad use to be a NFL players so o bet he workout alot when he was younger but nowadays he probably gied to the gym like 2 or 3 days a month and he still jacked as fuck and he’s 56. How the fuck is he keeping all his gains?

  18. Starting SwoleTide GVT today for the foreseeable future. Those 10×10 squats will be the death of me.

  19. It really bums me out sometimes that my sleep is as poor and my work is as stressful as it is, because I feel like I’m leaving some major gains on the table. Last night I couldn’t sleep for a while because I was thinking about work, woke up after 5 hours thinking about work. That’s just how it goes throughout the week sometimes. Sucks because I know I’m eating enough, but my sleep is just subpar and my stress is excessive and I know that fucks with lifting.

    Oh well, no excuses – just gotta keep improving! Kill your lifts friends, had a great chest/tri session yesterday and looking forward to back and bis today. 🙂

  20. Hey boys, know what other hobby starts with a B? Barbershop.

    Now please watch my barbershop quartet sing and tell me how big I look in a suit. And if you can’t tell which one I am pls don’t tell me that.

    [Barbershop IS bodybuilding](

  21. Pretty sure I witnessed one co-worker neg another (who doesn’t lift) by telling him he had the perfect body for a powerlifter.

  22. Would taking a week off for a deload during a cut be a bad idea? My energy is in the gutter and I’m feeling kind of snapped up but I’m trying to preserve as much muscle as possible

  23. Working out on an empty stomach. Opinions? I usually just drink a cup of coffee then hit the gym. Is this not recommended or is it relatively alright?

  24. If you guys are feeling especially trashed do you take the day off or power through?

    I’m supposed to have a chest and back day today, but my upper back is toast from deadlifts on Sunday.

  25. So my dumb ass thought ‘oh so my sternum pain went after like 2 days so I’ll do weighted dips again this week’…..popped my sternum when I got off the parallel bars on my last set and it is hella painful rn. What do?

    Edit : hopefully we’ll be good for next push day on Friday

  26. I trained chest and triceps today. 42 kg bench press. First set I did 11 reps, second set I was only able to do 7, third set I did 7 again. I rested about 2 min between every set. Should I keep doing this weight until I can do 12 reps on all 3 sets? Or should I increase the weight to 45 kg next time? I don’t see how it’s possible to get 12 reps on every set unless the weight is super easy for you. I go to failure on every set, so there’s no way I can get 12 reps on all 3 sets.

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