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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/14/2018

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50 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 05/14/2018

  1. Anybody here balance weightlifting and a sport like BJJ? Looking to get into it but dont want to lose all mah gainz only being able to lift 1-2x a week

  2. Any recommendations for resistance bands? I’m trying to get some extra arms volume at work and I’m thinking this may be the way to go

  3. The hardest thing I have to do is forget the numbers I’m lifting and focusing on getting good quality work in. Only once I admit my smallness can I begin to get big

  4. Ive got sweet vascularity in my arms and shoulders and a few veins popping on my hips/front pelvis but of course I can lose the 1/4 – 1/2” layer of fat on my abs and the fucking love handles. I know “targeting” areas for fat loss doesn’t work and I carry my weight where I carry it but if I spent more time concentrating on my obliques, would it pull the love handles in a bit and make my pelvis more narrow (basically the inverse of opening up the chest and back with flys and lat work?) I’m at 15% BF according to bio impedance. I could cut lower but I’m not looking to be ripped rn, trying to build back up after years of laziness. However, it’d be nice to make my waist a bit narrower.

  5. Trainer at my gym (who’s also a bodybuilder) approached me while doing squats and fist bumped me and congratulated on my form and depth. He says it’s rare to see someone squat ass to grass with a straight back. Riding this high all day bbs. (P.S I workout at a commercial gym)

  6. *Guy sqauts then does leg extentions*

    I squatted for years and then never truly saw gains until I did leg extensions, really focusing on the muscle.

    *Guy does leg extensions then squats*

    I did leg extensions for years thinking that the mind muscle connection would really grow my quads but it wasn’t until I did the heavy compound movement that I really saw growth.

    My broscience explanation for this phenomenon: every time you do a new exercise, you unleash some noob gains that you didn’t know you had.


  7. “Is it even worth taking protein after leg day? Doesnt it just go to the muscle you just trained?”
    Actual question from my roommate

  8. Today’s workout was punctuated by short interdimential phase shifts. Still got ‘er done.

    “It doesn’t happen in a day. You *make* it happen- every day”

  9. Fuckkkkk
    Forgot to pay for my summer classes and I got dropped. All the classes are booked. Every Wednesday they drop people who haven’t payed, so after tomorrow I find out if I’m absolutely fucked or not

  10. Barely got any sleep this week because of finals and I’m def sleep deprived, would a few nights of ~10-12 hours of sleep balance out the 4-6 hours I’ve had the past nights this week?

    I get super depressed when I get no sleep so I just wanna fix that as quick as possible

  11. Just left the gym with an awesome chest and shoulder pump. The only thing that would have made it better would be a back pump to go along with it.

  12. Wife agreed to let me put up a large print of Arnold in his crucifix pose in our house. And not like even hidden. In our office, where people have to walk through…a lot. So I’ve got that going for me.

  13. Hitting volume bench day on the tail end of an especially shitty cold was rough. Decided to push through though so I’m happy. Anything to escape dat dere runners physique

  14. Im going to try this routine on bulk , I want to focus on my legs and arms.
    1- Squat-chest-back
    Thoughts ?

  15. I need some academic advice bros. Majoring in Business Management. Was planning on taking 3 classes this summer to get into my program and I was planning on using the unsubsidized stafford loan for it. I’ll use the subsidize for the Fall and because I’m a University benefited employee, I’ll get 9 semester hours of free tuition per semester but that doesn’t kick in until Spring 2019. Right now, I’m in about 5k student debt. I’m about 70% done with my degree and being 32, I want to finish school asap. I’m talking to somebody who works at KSU as well and she said for me to wait to get TAP but I don’t have time like that.

    I may not be even close to uDddddjohn debt but still. Should I just keep chugging along? I’d only have about 20k debt at most when I’m done, maybe even much less once TAP kicks in.

    I’m also worried that I may not get a good job out of school. Since I work at University, I could just get a managing job here and keep using TAP to get a free MBA or even another Bachelor’s that kicks ass.

    What do you guys think?

  16. I think im allergic to pollen. Symptoms arent bad at all really, just a slight annoyance.

    Last summer I tried to take antihistamine (tried like 3 different ones) for this shit, but I don’t remember it helping at all.

    I was thinking about not taking antihistamine at all this summer, just to experiment. Bad/good idea? Will I die?

  17. So I’ve been getting a bit of acne and oily hair, and decided to do some research.

    Apparently, skin is at its “best” condition when androgen levels are low and estrogen is high. The opposite happens when androgens are high and estrogen is low

    Holy shit bros I’m starting to experience natty puberty roids

  18. I didn’t know I would have to drop more than 20lbs to see abs. Went from 210 to 186 and fat is pretty much gone everywhere else except stomach. Fuck me I just wanted abs but I’m so tired of dieting now. I’ll prolly have to get to 160 to c them and I don’t wanna be that thin at almost 6’2

  19. My creatine says it has 100g protein per 100g, and my protein powder says it has 2g carbs per serving on the front, and 3,1g carbs per serving on the back, and their website says 2,4g

    What the fuck

    How is that legal

  20. Thinking ofstarting to go to the gym twice a day. The second workout will be all low weight high rep pump work with added cardio. Sound like a good idea as an enhanced lifter? Cardio mostly to protect lipids.

  21. Tfw you see a guy built to squat and he’s a fucking half repper. Your short femurs are wasted on you.

  22. The nitro cold brew from Starbucks has been my go-to Starbz drink. Better get the juiciest pump in the gym today.

  23. Between life and work I took the last 4 days off the gym.

    Shoulders feel great now but that mental funk/anxiety springs it head really fast when I am not working out.

  24. I want nothing more than to get off my university’s meal plan. I just wanna prep my own goddamn chicken and rice. 30 days til graduation.

  25. What do you think of the following routine and the frequency? A=Back/chest B= Legs/triceps C=Shoulders/biceps D= Deadlift + some accessories

    Mon-A Tues-B Wed-D Thu-C Fri-Rest Sat-A Sun-B Wed-D Thu-Rest ETC.

  26. How do I not be so hard on myself. Jesus I’ve lost like 60 pounds in the last year but all I do is critique myself and put myself down. Annoying as fuck and I know it isn’t even rational.

  27. Ran into some shoulder pain on my pushing movements, along with a slight chest imbalance. Switching to db movements for a while, is there anything else I can do to speed recovery?

  28. Y’all got some favorite YouTubers? I’m not a fan of the 20 minute vlogs and stuff but I do like Cook and Cbum, and watch Jeff just cuz all the science is interesting but I’m looking more for guys who just talk to you like Eric Bugenhagen.

    Appreciate it.

  29. Birthday squats today, decided I wanted to try 315 for 28. Didn’t get it on one go but did 315×20 and 315×8 with a 1 minute break.

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