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Every day Dialogue Thread: 04/20/2019

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32 thoughts on “Every day Dialogue Thread: 04/20/2019

  1. Going bbq’ing with a few friends and have a techno festival tomorrow. Cut’s going well and have barely lost any strength yet. Down 7lbs in 4 weeks. Gonna not meticulously track macros these two days and back on the grind on monday. Have fun bbs.

  2. Wish the gym mirror and my phone camera would have a conversation and decide if I’m big or not. Shits fucking with my dismorphia

  3. Some dude today hoarded every cable attachment and was cycling through them doing various tricep exercises. I went to grab one he had just put back in the box, instead of telling me he just lunged at it and held onto it like Gollum and the ring. Someone else must’ve done the same thing cos I got a very sympathetic look from another gym goer. The fuqq

  4. I’m thinking about switching to a 4 day program. I’ve been doing a 3 day PPL for 1.5 years now, only hitting every muscle group once a week (fuckarounditis). Which 4 day program is best for muscle building? GZCLP, nSuns or PHUL? Right now I’m interested in PHUL but I’ve read people’s opinions about it and most seem to think it’s a bad program for progression.

  5. My friend thinks cuz this girl has made eye contact with him a couple times in the gym and hasn’t said anything, she’s playing hard to get?? Lol

    Happy 420 btw

  6. Every time I ride the exercise bike the feeling of my legs going up and down makes my dick hard. I’m glad they face a corner at my gym.

  7. Interviewed for a part time out of school care job at a ritzy local catholic primary school. They also had some sixth graders (12 yo) ask me some interview questions and show me around.

    Few days later get an email that basically said “we decided on someone more qualified, but you were a child favourite so we created another position for you”

    Nepotism strikes again. I may be a giant autistic dickhead, but at least kids think I’m cool

  8. Just saw the juiciest dude in the gym locker. Slutty thing was only wearing a towel, couldn’t stop myself from catching a glance.

    What have you done to me r/bb

  9. My work pants are tight around my right calf but not as much my left. Is the pant leg bigger or is my calf smaller?

  10. How many calories does gin has? Goddamn it bois I’m on a cut and the bar was slow tonight so I had a few gin and tonics, hope they don’t add up too much.

  11. Anyone else gonna smoke one for Avicii today?

    Also who else was really high when they found out he died?

    Have an awesome day people and stay safe!

  12. Carbed up last night and hit shoulders today – wearing a tank for the first time in my new gym (home from Uni). Girl I’ve been catching eye contact with the past few days was definitely mirin. Didn’t speak to her though obviously, wouldn’t want her to think I’m straight or anything.

  13. If you are not one rep away from puking, are you even training legs?

    Edit: just threw up in the gym toilette

  14. So I read that 300mg caffeine has a thermic effect of around 50 calories. Meaning to make weight for my PL meet I don’t have to cut, I just have to consume around 40 grams of caffeine by next weekend.

  15. Flew back from California on Thursday morning after spending time with my boyfriend. Jet lag ain’t too bad and having some great gym sessions recently. Boyfriend cooks ridiculously tasty meals too 👌🏻

  16. Been on prep 7 full weeks now. Down to 191lbs from 210 (I’m a fatty, those first 10lbs were bound to melt off with just a slight deficit and some cardio anyways) and coach is finally giving me my first actual cheat meal tomorrow for Easter. I’ve gotten a couple refeeds on weekends since we’re carb cycling but they’ve been clean so far. He told me not to go to crazy with the cheat meal so I think I’m just gonna go for a burger, fries and my first beer in a few months. Open to other suggestions if you gays and girls have any

  17. “You are just cultivating mass brottha” things i tell my phat butt as i sololy finish a “serves 8” chocolate cake.

  18. Girl I’m casually seeing cooked lasagna last night and we sexed 4 times. Felt like it deserves a mention somewhere.

  19. I’ve recently torn my acl mcl meniscus lcl and calf in a rugby injury. Should I still train one leg and what type of volume should i be doing for upper body

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