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Day by day Dialogue Thread: 04/16/2019

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7 thoughts on “Day by day Dialogue Thread: 04/16/2019

  1. To all you lazy fuckers complaining about how hard eating is: use a tracker app.

    Counting macros and creating flexible meal plan is a lot more fun than having to guess every day if I had everything my body needed. + it gived you something to do every morning when taking that sweet sweet moring release.

    To kill your lifts you need to be able to kill your macros

  2. OHPressing a new weight x 5

    4,3,3,0 – Couldn’t even get the bar off my chest

    Last set I squeeze my bootyhole as hard as I can and smash out 8 reps

    Believe in the cheeks

  3. Who would have thought less time at the gym has made me better at gym. Respecting rest days, seeing a myo and stretching does good things to my body.

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